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    Chapter 31: Secret books of the Academy library (3)

    ‘Nano, can you trace the sword marks through augmented reality in 3D mode?’

    Chun Yeowun, who now had gotten used to Nano’s ability, ordered Nano with ease.


    White lines appeared in Yeowun’s vision and the augmented reality was shown. Nano’s voice soon followed. The augmented reality had created a detailed 3D image of the swords and they created each mark.


    He didn’t realize it when he just glossed over it, but the marks had various depths and angles on the stone. Was this done on purpose to hide something else?

    ‘Maybe it erased someone’s realization of the truth?’

    Yeowun felt a chill down his spine. If the person who left the poem in the stone was founding father Chun Ma, then it was easy to guess who left the original sword marks. And if those were left by Chun Ma also, it was likely that the sword marks represented the trace of Chun Ma’s founding of the truth.

    ‘Nano, can you figure out who left which trace? Can you track the trace that was left first and then erase the rest of it?’


    Yeowun then saw countless sword marks being removed and was just left with a few sword marks. His eyes shook. It wasn’t due to Nano’s ability, but Yeowun’s surprise.

    ‘It- it’s a sword skill.’

    Yeowun then realized it wasn’t just a regular trace. It was the trace of a sword skill created from various movements. There were certain patterns and movements to leaving the sword marks.

    ‘I can see that it is from a sword skill, but this is not enough.’

    Yeowun didn’t have the experience to analyze it properly, but Yeowun had the Nano Machine, or the technology of the future.

    ‘Nano, can you retrace these marks and find out what moves the person made to create this?’

    [Positive. However, I require the density of the blue pearl stone to accurately portray the degree of strength required to leave the marks.]

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    ‘You don’t want me to destroy it, do you?’

    Yeowun frowned. He couldn’t dare to damage the stone when even the strongest warrior couldn’t do it. Besides, the guard was still sitting in front of the stone.

    [I can analyze it if you place your palm on the surface.]

    Yeowun nodded and placed his hand on the stone. He then felt a tingling feeling going through his palm.

    [Completed. Since the density of diamond is 10, blue pearl stone has a density of 7.]

    It was astonishing that the stone had such density.

    ‘It’s that hard?’

    Yeowun then thought the one who left the marks on this stone must have been really powerful. He then came to one thought.

    ‘Wait… who made the marks on top it then?’

    Nano’s voice then resounded in his ears..

    [Recreating movement that created the sword trace.]

    A vague human avatar materialized itself in front of Yeowun and began going through the motions. Many movements from the sword skill were unleashed instantaneously. It was extremely quick. Yeowun thought the marks had been left through many movements since there were so many marks, but it was only the result of one combination.


    Yeowun was shocked. He had only learned the dagger skill and Butterfly Blade Dance, but he knew that the movement he witnessed just now was at an even higher level.

    ‘It’s impossible.’

    Yeowun thought of countering it with the Butterfly Blade Dance, but he couldn’t find a way to counter it effectively. It was that powerful.

    ‘N…Nano. Is this from one formation?’

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    [It is analyzed to be all interconnected. In the standard of martial arts that Master knows of, yes.]

    Yeowun then felt his heart pounding and his legs shaking. The movement was perfect. He then swallowed his throat and asked, ‘Is there any other formation?’

    [After careful analysis, it was found to be only one formation.]

    Yeowun asked this because his Butterfly Blade Dance was created with twenty-four basic movements. Three movements were connected to each other to create a single formation. The last formation of the skill was the ultimate formation that consisted of eight basic movements and even Submeng needed half a year to learn it. Yeowun was able to learn it easily with the help from Nano, but even he felt the muscle strain from the last formation.

    ‘Twenty-four movements in one formation… it is simply perfect. What if there is more than one?’

    Even if it was perfect with just one, there was no way a sword skill would be comprised of one formation. Yeowun then thought there might be more than one of this stone.

    ‘Nano, save the sword move that I just saw.’


    He wanted to learn the movements, but he didn’t have much time left. He didn’t expect much from the library, but this was an amazing find.

    ‘I almost missed the treasure because of the trace. Whoever it is, he did it intentionally. Well, it also only allowed me to get it, so maybe I should thank him.’

    The sword skill would have been found if it wasn’t for the sword marks. Nano spoke to him.

    [After analyzing the sword mark left over the original, it was found to be created with forty-five basic sword movements.]


    Yeowun almost gasped out loud in shock. He just thought it was left to hide the original mark, but it wasn’t.

    [And it was left over time.]

    ‘It wasn’t made all at once?’

    It was created by one person, but was left over time. That confused Yeowun.

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    ‘All this was from a sword skill? Then why…?’

    Yeowun then issued another order to Nano. He now had forgotten about scanning books completely.

    ‘Nano. Simulate the forty-five sword skill movements.’

    [Understood. Activating…]

    And just like before, a human-shaped figure appeared in front of him and quickly began going through the motions.


    As the sword skill was unleashed one by one, Yeowun’s expression turned into that of shock. From the first to the tenth, to the twentieth, and to the thirtieth, Yeowun couldn’t hide his astonishment.

    ‘It can’t be… it’s getting closer to perfection!’

    It was already astounding by the twentieth move, but by the time it passed the fortieth attack, it was close to perfect. At the last forty-fifth movement, Yeowun’s face was drenched with sweat.



    Yeowun then came back to his senses.

    ‘Oh, I’m sweating.’

    He wiped the sweat off of his face. It was so shocking that he was now so thirsty from it. He then ordered, ‘Nano, can you apply the two sword skills to the avatars and let them fight?’

    [Activating battle mode.]

    Two avatars appeared in front of him. They looked at each other and they each began using their different sword skills. The battle instantly ended, and the outcome was beyond belief. Yeowun mumbled with disbelief, “It’s… countered…”

    The latter forty-fifth sword skill easily countered the former that Yeowun considered to be perfect and chopped the opponent avatar’s neck.

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