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    Chapter 3: Machine descended to my body (2)

    The boy’s name was Chun Yeowun.

    He was the member of the Chun family, the highest-ranked family in the Demonic Cult. The Chun family was related to the great Lord himself, and everyone considered them to be extremely powerful. However, contrary to people’s speculations, they were just a part of the six main families that maintained the Demonic Cult.

    Chun Yeon was the son of a female slave who worked at the Lord’s chamber and was not from the six families. Although he was the child of a slave, he was still part of the Chun family and he had the right to the throne. Nonetheless, he was not even close to having a chance at taking the throne.

    Then what made him fall encounter danger? The reason was with his mother, Lady Hwa. The Lord who did not like any of the six women from the six families fell in love with a mere slave. This made the other wives angry and spiteful. Moreover, their fury didn’t just end there.

    Chun Yeowun encountered multiple life threats throughout the fifteen years of his life. He had no chance of succeeding the throne, but he was still wanted for his life due to the anger of the other wives. Since seven days ago, the assassination attempts increased greatly. It was because it was now time for him to join the Demonic Academy and that would test his right to succeed and earn the title to be the Lord’s heir.

    If he joined the academy, he would learn martial arts and grow in power to have his own force. And the academy prohibited most outside entries, which would ensure his safety.

    That’s why the assassination attempts happened so often.

    “D-did you save my life, God?”

    Chun Yeowun asked the voice in his head while he laid flat on the ground. The Nano Machine answered.

    [If it is about the enemy who tried to kill you, no. But if you are talking about Master’s wound after going into self-healing mode, yes.]

    “W-what is a self-healing?”

    Yeowun couldn’t understand most of the words that the Nano Machine used. Nano Machine realized that they couldn’t communicate like this.

    [Sending basic information to Master’s brain…]


    Nano Machine understood that it needed to find the right words for its master to understand.

    [Searching for the right words for the era and culture.]

    Nano Machine began searching through words and terms so that Chun Yeowun could understand. After a while, Nano Machine finished selecting the words to communicate.

    [Master, I am not the Evil God that you speak of.]

    Chun Yeowun became surprised at the sudden change of tone, although it still sounded mechanical.

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    “What? Then who are you?”

    [I am trying to send you the basic information and manual about me to your brain. Will you accept?]

    Nano Machine thought it would be easy to send the information instead of talking about it and Chun Yeowun nodded without knowing what it was actually. Then, a video flashed in his brain at once.

    His eyes shook rapidly as he looked through multiple video images and soon he felt dizzy. He bent over and kneeled down to the ground to vomit.


    [It is a natural reaction after receiving information through your brain. You will not feel dizzy the second time around.]

    Chun Yeowun recovered from the dizziness and got up.

    “What is going on?”

    It was hard to believe. He had not seen or been taught anything, but he now knew about the machine created with highly-advanced technology installed in his brain.

    “Nano Machine?”

    [Yes, Master.]

    “Is it true that thousands of machines are now embedded in my body?”

    [That is correct. 6 billion, 482 million, and 40 thousand nanomachines have now been placed into your body.]

    Chun Yeowun didn’t feel good about having something weird in his body, but he now realized what he was dealing with was not a human nor a god, but a machine.

    He felt relaxed by the fact and asked, “If I want, can you get out of my body?”

    [As you saw through the information that was sent, I am programmed to only be extracted outside the body in case you die.]

    Therefore, the machine was bound stay until Yeowun died. He couldn’t understand why this had happened.

    “Who put you into my…”

    That’s when someone knocked on the door to his room.

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    “Prince. Doctor Baek is here.”

    It was Jang’s voice. Yeowun wasn’t sure about how he should explain the fact that he was talking with a machine, so he stuttered, “S-stay quiet for a while.”

    [I can read your thoughts to communicate, Master.]

    “I get it. Just be quiet.”

    [Going into silent mode.]

    Yeowun got back on the bed and laid down with the blanket over his body. The door opened and a middle-aged man, Jang, and an old man with long white hair came in.

    “The Prince seems to be asleep so we will… huh? Prince!”

    Jang found Yeowun looking at him from the bed and quickly ran up to him.

    “Are you okay Pr- ugh!”

    He then placed his hand over his nose because of the terrible stench coming from the Prince.

    “What’s going on?”

    Yeowun forgot what happened to his body because he had been talking to the Nano Machine. The black ooze that came out of his body was too terrible to smell.


    Doctor Baek then walked up with an interested look on his face. He was the designated doctor for the Lord of the Demonic Cult, and was nicknamed Demon Doctor in the cult.

    “Prince Chun, we know each other, don’t we?”

    “Of course, Doctor.”

    There wasn’t anyone in the cult that didn’t know about the doctor. Also, Yeowun had met him when his mother was sick.

    “Give me your hand. Let me feel your pulse.”


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    His hand was sticky from the ooze so it was embarrassing to show it to him. The doctor said it was okay he reached out so that Yeowun could give him his hand. The doctor checked his pulse for a while and opened his eyes in astonishment.

    “This is very interesting.”

    “What is it? Doctor Baek, did something happen to the Prince?”

    Jang asked with a frown, but the doctor shook his head and smiled, “No. This is very good actually.”

    “What are you talking about?”

    “The entire body has been cleansed of any dirty substances and his energy flow has been activated. Did he consume a special kind of medicine or something?”

    Yeowun was confused.

    “You now have the perfect body to train in martial arts.”


    Yeowun then understood what the doctor said and became shocked. The black ooze that came out from his body was actually the dirty substances stuck inside his body. What was better was that his energy was now flowing, so he could now learn how to use his internal energy.

    ‘Hey, Nano Machine. Did you do this?’


    [Deactivating silence mode?]


    [Deactivated. Yes, Master. The nanomachines have extracted the unnecessary substances from your body and have reshaped the blood, muscles, and joints to best fit your body shape.]


    Yeowun assumed that it was probably because of the Nano Machine, but it was even more shocking to hear it from the Nano Machine itself.

    ‘Are you really not a Ma Sin (Evil God)?’

    [I am a machine, not Ma Sin, Master.]

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    The Nano Machine answered with its mechanical voice.

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