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    Chapter 26: Eye for an eye (1)

    Mukeum was taken out by instructor for further treatment. Yeowun called out to the instructor since there was another wounded student, but the instructor was busy tending to Mukeum. Yeowun then picked Jahyun up and followed the instructor out.

    “Where did he go?”

    The instructor was already on his way to the main building. Yeowun quickly used his running skill to catch up to him. The instructor, however, seemed to be expecting Yeowun.

    “Instructor. The 80th cadet is also hurt.”

    “I know.”


    “I knew someone would get him and follow me.”

    The instructor just said that he purposely left Jahyun back there. Yeowun then asked, “Did you make me come after you?”

    “Well, you are not stupid.”

    It was a yes.

    “What is the reason for that, sir?”

    “Reason? Nothing special. Your group especially made it seem like the entire test was already doomed.”

    Something was weird about what the instructor was saying.

    “Well, I just wanted to tell you that. Give him to me.”

    The instructor hoisted Jahyun over his shoulder and told Yeowun to return.

    “You know a cadet can’t be outside the dorms at night, right?”

    “…Understood, sir.”

    Chun Yeowun turned to go back but the instructor spoke to him from behind.

    “Well, there’s more than one way to skin a cat.”

    Then the instructor went into the building with two cadets over his shoulders. Yeowun then thought about what the instructor had said to him. As he entered the room, he realized something.

    ‘What said… especially. So other groups had the same thing happen to them?’

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    He then realized what the instructor meant. Unlike Mukeum, Chun Yeowun did not know what was happening nor did he understand the intent behind letting them know about the test three days prior.

    ‘Attacking the group leader will makes be easy to deal with. If the other groups experienced the same attack, they would’ve all realized this.’

    Chun Yeowun then came to a conclusion about what happened.

    ‘So this was why the four groups were destined to fight each other.’

    Everything had been intentional from the beginning to condone covert attacks.

    ‘No wonder it was weird that it was so simple.’

    This was the academy of the Demonic Cult, not the academy of some justice-oriented clan. Pushing for noble teamwork was weird, and this was the reason behind it all. Chun Yeowun then realized the truth.

    ‘So, they want us to act like true cultists. Good. Then I don’t need to be tied down to the rules.’

    Yeowun casually walked into the room. After hearing the instructor’s words, members of the 8th group were all depressed. Yeowun sighed, “How long are you going to sulk for after losing our leader?”

    “W-what are you talking about!”

    One of the cadets that followed Mukeum shouted back. All the students then turned to Yeowun.

    “We should be busy choosing a new leader and thinking of a new strategy for tomorrow’s test. We shouldn’t just sit around and do nothing.”

    Nobody could find the words to respond. Yeowun was right. They felt stupid for thinking they had already lost after losing their leader. One of the students asked, “Then who will be our leader?”

    They all knew about the formations, but only the leader had the experience of leading the entire group. In addition, the leader’s responsibility for the eighteen students other than Mukeum and Jahyun was something that none of the students wanted to take. Hu Bong got up and proposed, “Why don’t you think we have a leader? My master, Chun Yeowun, is here to lead you.”

    The students were flabbergasted. They thought they didn’t have a leader at first, but they realized that maybe Yeowun could take the place. Silence fell and one of the students raised his hand.

    “I, 38th cadet Lee Chan, agree to the idea.”

    “M-me too!”

    It was the start. And soon, most of them agreed to elect Chun Yeowun as the leader. The six cadets who followed Mukeum had to agree because of everyone else, and Chun Yeowun asked the group to confirm their decision.

    “Is everyone on the same page with me being the new leader?”

    They answered yes and Chun Yeowun shared what he thought when he was being trained. They then spent the night coming up with a new plan.

    At midnight, when everyone was asleep, someone left the 8th group’s dorm and walked somewhere silently. He had covered his face with black clothes.

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    ‘Nano, night vision mode.’

    [Activating night vision on the user’s sight.]

    It was Chun Yeowun. Why was he walking around when everyone else was asleep?

    Chun Yeowun then stopped at the entrance of one room. It was the 7th group room. There was an opening to the door of the room, and Yeowun looked over it.

    ‘Is there someone that’s not asleep here?’

    [Scanning the interior of the room.]

    Yeowun’s eyes swept across the room and the light ran from left to right.

    [All twenty entities inside the room are all asleep.]

    Nano’s voice confirmed that the people inside were sleeping. Yeowun carefully opened the door and walked in.

    ‘Finally, everyone’s asleep.’

    Yeowun had been out throughout the night, checking on the students of other rooms to see if they were asleep.

    ‘Nano, is the one who attacked Mukeum in this room?’

    Yeowun knew Nano memorized everything he saw.

    [No match in this room.]

    The 7th group did not have the attacker either. But Yeowun did not leave the room.

    ‘I see. Well, it doesn’t matter.’

    Yeowun then began walking over to the bed and began pressing every student’s blood point. And when he was done working on all the students except the last bed, he walked over to the group leader. And when he got near the bed, the leader’s eyes flashed open.


    Unlike the other students, the leader slept lightly and he was strong, so he had woken up from the sound.

    “YOU- nngh….”

    However, his blood point was pressed on before he could react. Chun Yeowun was shocked but he was able to quickly put him down. He sighed with relief and took out the long needle from his pocket.

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    ‘Well, I know you didn’t do this, but I’m sorry.’

    Yeowun then poked the needle in 7th group leader Ko King’s thigh, foot, and a few muscle points. When he woke up, he wouldn’t be able to walk for a few days.

    ‘We’re done here. Let’s move onto the next.’

    Chun Yeowun’s target wasn’t just one room. It wasn’t for revenge, but he was going to find the attacker and get payback. He also was going to act on the second test’s hidden goal, so Yeowun then moved to the fifth room.

    Unlike the 7th and 8th where entire group consisted of boys, the fifth group had two girl cadets; one of them was the leader, Chun Wonryou. Chun Yeowun then realized she was upstairs and gave up.

    ‘Then… the culprit must be in the sixth group.’

    If it was to hurt Mukeum, then it must have been one of the leaders. Yeowun then thought the leader of the 6th group might be the guilty party and walked to the sixth room. Nano scanned the room.

    [A total of 16 students are all asleep.]


    Chun Yeowun frowned. The sixth group had a total of twenty students and three of them were girls. If there were only sixteen inside, then it meant that one person was missing. Yeowun then walked in and checked on each student. He couldn’t find the leader.


    Yeowun scanned everyone, but none of them matched the attacker. It was suspicious that the leader was missing. Yeowun then shook his head and looked at other students.

    ‘…Well, there are more ways to skin a cat, right?’

    He then grinned and began pressing the blood points of all the students.

    And this was what happened until Chun Yeowun was up on stage for the lottery. Lee Hameng was truly astonished. If Chun Yeowun was the leader, it meant that Chun Mukeum was injured by someone here.

    ‘They understood my test then. I guess this year’s academy is a success.’

    Hameng then asked the leaders, “Are you all done?”

    All the leaders shouted, “Mado!”

    “Good. I know you all have prepared fair and square for this test. Good luck.”

    ‘Fair and square?’

    All the leaders seemed to feel uncomfortable. As the leaders stepped down and gave the paper they pulled out to the instructors, one student was glaring at the other leaders. It was leader of the sixth group, 108th cadet Ha Ilming. Chun Yeowun then ordered Nano.

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    ‘Nano, scan him.’

    Wherever Ha Ilming went, half of his group was limping with pale faces. Yeowun felt satisfied knowing that he had achieved his goal.

    [Scan complete. Entity Ha Ilming matches the attacker profile.]

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