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    Chapter 202: Hidden Purpose (3)

    Chapter 202: Hidden Purpose (3)

    The Library of the Demonic Academy was a place where warriors guarded the place on every corner even late at night. But the place around the building was very quiet, with bodies scattered all over the place. All warriors who stood guard were killed and most of the bodies were piled up at the entrance, and had one stab in their neck that killed them. Those who had traces of a fight were those who guarded the inside of the library, but they were killed by the force qi, that their bodies were in bad shape.

    “Are they still in there?”

    “They will come out soon.”

    There were two middle-aged men standing at the underground floor. They were super master level warriors who guarded the fifth floor of the library. They had come out of the library when they heard commotion downstairs and found bodies of guards. They then came down to the underground treasure vault, and found warriors who stood guard here were also killed.

    “they busted through the metal door… who dares to even try such a thing?”

    The middle-aged man with mustache shook his head. The metal door that sealed underground treasure vault was destroyed, and busting in activated the trap, and sealed the entrance with huge blue pearl stone wall. The intruder was now being locked inside the vault.

    “This thick blue pearl stone would keep even the strongest warrior inside.”

    “I don’t like this at all. I hope Chief arrives soon.”

    Another warrior who guarded the fifth floor with them had gone to the main building of Demonic Cult to bring Chief Lee Hameng. It was about time for him to arrive. That’s when they heard the sound of a shock from beyond the blue pearl stone.

    “It’s starting.”

    “They are coming out.”

    Two of them became tense. The blue pearl stone that sealed off the vault was almost three times thicker than the pedestal that was placed on each floor. It was hard for even the strongest force qi to breakthrough. But it still didn’t feel relieved. That’s when they heard a loud sound and trembling that came through. It seems the one behind the wall was now striking hard as he can.

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    “But the blue pearl stone will withstand..”

    The man couldn’t finish talking as another loud sound came through. And much heavier tremors shook the floor and two warriors became shocked. There were cracks on the blue pearl stone.

    “N-no way!”

    “The wall won’t stand!”

    And at that moment, the wall exploded and blue pearl stone was scattered out and unleashed upon them. And for Lee Hameng, he was now almost near the library with 20 other instructors.

    “What’s this sound?”

    Lee Hameng heard the explosive sound and jumped out faster toward the library.

    ‘What is going on?’

    He frowned as he saw piles bodies at the entrance. Dust clouds were being kicked out from within the entrance and Lee Hamenmg saw someone coming out through the dust cloud. It was a middle-aged man with hairs slicked back with snake-like eyes, and a man looking to be in his early thirty.


    Lee Hameng became shocked. He realized these two men were guards that stood guard around the golden carriage on today’s parade.

    ‘Guard from the Yulin clan? No, he is…’

    Lee Hameng focused on the middle-aged man. The energy being aroused from the man wasn’t that of mere guard warrior. The man then scoffed at Lee Hameng and spoke to the man stood next to him.

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    “I was disappointed by weaklings, but we finally meet someone worthy.”

    “But master, he’s not the end.”

    “I know.”

    Twenty other instructors arrived behind Hameng and became shocked to find the scene.

    “W-what is this?!”

    “An intruder?”

    It was the first time that Demonic Academy had faced such terrible incident. It was the first time to have an intruder, and also had guards who guarded the library to be killed. Super master warriors who guarded the fifth floor and went to fetch instructors shouted angrily.

    “You came out from the vault?! What did you do to them!”

    The other two guards said that they will guard the wall at the underground vault. If these two were out here…

    “I don’t know. Look at that pile. Maybe they’re there.”

    “You dare!”

    The middle-aged man smirked and the warrior pulled out his sword and tried to charge, but Lee Hameng stopped him.


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    “Stop for a second.”

    Lee Hameng then shouted.

    “I don’t know who you are. Did you attack here for the underground vault?”

    The younger man had a satchel behind his back that had something in it. If they were out from the underground vault, then it was sure that they took the remains of Sword Demon. The older man answered.

    “As you can see, yes.”

    Lee Hameng then pulled out his Flame Sword and ordered instructors.

    “Stop them. Do not let them get away. Kill them if you can.”

    “Yes, Chief!”

    They didn’t need to keep these intruders alive. Lee Hameng couldn’t bear to have remains of Sword Demon to be taken outside. With the order, all warriors from Demonic Academy pulled out their sword and charged. The older man scoffed and spoke to the younger man.

    “I’ll take care of them and catch up to you, so go ahead. You know the way, right?”

    “Yes, master.”

    The man then jumped out and gestured if he whistled, and strange piercing sound pierced through all warriors that charged at him. It was as if it was a dolphin’s supersonic sound. Instructors plugged their ears in pain, but the energy wielded sound made their ears to bleed.


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    “Nnngh! My ears!”

    Instructors pulled up their internal energy to fight back, but this sound even made them dizzy.


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