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    Chapter 201: Hidden Purpose (2)

    Chapter 201: Hidden Purpose (2)

    Leaders then hesitated. They too had saw Jegal Sohi and Moyong Yu acting strangely, so they already thought this was someone else’s trap.

    ‘I know but…’

    But the fight had already started so they couldn’t ease down, as they were worried that someone in other side might attack if they let down their guard. Poong Chungwun, then asked.

    “Crown Prince. What do you propose that we do?”

    “We will follow your order, Crown Prince.”

    Sama Yi then spoke as he watched leaders of Yulin clan suspiciously. Yeowun then pointed at the hall where people were fighting and spoke.

    “I want elders and guests from Yulin clan to stop those who are not under an illusion to refrain from fighting.”

    “And those who are under illusion?”

    “I will take care of them.”

    And Yeowun immediately jumped out at the hall to the people. Poong Chungwun hesitated for a moment but jumped down and other leaders from Yulin clan then followed. Elders from Demonic Cult then moved down also when Lord Chun Yujong waved to allow their action. The Lord’s eye narrowed.

    ‘Who dare attack my Cult’s palace?’

    His frustration was serious.

    “Stop! Stop the fight now!”

    “This is enemy’s trap! Our alliance will fall if we fight here!”

    Leaders from both sides jumped down and shouted, and those who were not hypnotized began to stop slowly. Yeowun was moving quickly between them.

    ‘Nano, I can’t find all of them. Let me know who’s being hypnotized.’

    [Yes, master. Activating augmented reality on the sight.]

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    Yeowun then saw white lines drawing over his eye and heard Nano’s voice.

    [Targeting hypnotized entities.]

    Yeowun saw small red circles being drawn over multiple people.

    ‘Nano, shock the target immediately when I lay my hands over them.’

    [Yes, master.]

    Nano then bolted out against targets. With the Step of Wind God skill, he moved like lightning through crowds and snatched through target’s head.


    “Wake up.”

    Yeowun’s hand that grabbed the head sparked in electricity.


    Warrior from Flower Mountain clan screamed and dropped. Yeowun then moved over to the next target.

    “Huh? Aaaartgh!’


    He then grabbed two who were fighting and shocked them. They fell down to the ground and Yeowun moved.


    Chun Yeowun quickly ran through each target and put them to sleep.

    ‘I-it’s amazing!’

    Jegal Sohi was still dizzy from just being awake, so she was watching over at the stage and was astounded. She was also experienced warrior, but she couldn’t follow Yeowun’s movement with her naked eyes.

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    ‘So, he’s the Crown Prince of the Cult…’

    Yeowun was taking care of those who were hypnotized by alone. Those who Yeowun placed his hands passed out for slight moment and woke up, dumbfoundedly.

    ‘D-dammit! What is that?!’

    The guard, who were creating more chaos through crowds became shocked. The plan was failing very quickly already. Hypnosis was hard to put in effect, but once it did, then it was hard for it to come off unless the caster stopped it by himself.

    ‘This is impossible! He’s breaking hypnosis in every touch!’

    With leaders from both group taking care of the situation, it seemed the situation was going to solve very quickly.

    ‘Ugh, there’s no way.’

    He realized his plan had failed and the Hypnotizer, had only one choice to make.

    ‘There is no way to run from here.’

    He decided to kill himself. There were best warriors from Demonic Cult in this hall, and it was middle of the Cult’s castle, where thousands of cultists lived. There was no way to run away from middle of the castle itself. And he was going to kill himself once his plan succeeds, and had planted poison ball on his molar teeth.


    He let out a long breath and was about to bit on the poison ball, when someone grabbed his neck.


    It was Chun Yeowun. Yeowun already had taken care of every hypnotized warriors and found the Hypnotizer right away.

    ‘How did he find me?!’

    Hypnotizer’s eye grew large. He figured he would become suspicious as other guard was already captured, but this was too fast.

    ‘Ugh, this fool, I will teach him a lesson!’

    He was angry that Yeowun had made all of his three plans to fail. He then threw his fist against Yeowun’s chest.

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    But his fist couldn’t even come close to Yeowun’s chest as it was grabbed by Yeowun. He tried to pull it away, but it didn’t even budge as the energy difference was too great.

    ‘H-how can he have so much power at that age?!’

    Yeowun then looked up coldly at the man who was hanging by his hand, and twisted the fist that he grabbed.

    “You think you can mess around in the middle of the Cult and be fine?”


    But this wasn’t over.

    “W-wait, what are you… AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!”

    Yeowun then pulled the twisted hand of the Hypnotizer and with the sound of muscle and flesh being ripped, his entire arm was pulled off from his body. The pain was beyond the level one can bare.


    “H-he pulled the arm!”

    Warriors from forces of justice became pale at the cruel sight. They thought such sight was surely fitting the name of Demonic Cult. Yeowun then asked coldly to the hypnotizer who was in pain as he grabbed on the shoulder with his remaining left hand.

    “What are you?”

    “W…wah…. Yo-you think… you can…”

    There was no way to get away anyway. The Hypnotizer then tried to bit on the poison ball, but before he can chew it down, his mouth was forced open from powerful energy.


    “Your type always try to kill yourself if something doesn’t turn out right.”

    Yeowun flicked his finger, and the molar teeth that had poison ball wrapped around was pulled out.

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    Hypnotizer’s eye turned into fear as he saw the teeth with poison ball floating in the air in front of his eyes. He didn’t even dream that such monster existed within the Cult. And Yeowun’s last word had made him shocked.

    “I have to take care of ‘master’ of yours, so I’ll see you later.”

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