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    Chapter 200: Hidden Purpose (1)

    When Jegal Sohi got closer, Chun Yeowun was able to see her hypnotized eyes. Her eyes had no focus and was not looking at him directly even when she was flirting with him. So, Yeowun asked Nano, ‘Nano, is she doing this because she’s drunk?’

    [Analyzing facial muscles of the entity.]

    Yeowun’s eyes began to shake and white light particles began to scan Jegal Sohi’s face. Nano’s voice then returned.

    [Her eye movement shows irregularities. The entity is presumed to be in a hypnotized state.]


    [Sending related information to your brain.]

    Yeowun felt his brain stinging while he received information about hypnosis. Hypnosis was an act to impact the target’s brain artificially, so that person could be manipulated against their own will.

    ‘She’s being controlled.’

    Based off the information that Nano sent, hypnosis was the effect of a repeated act that stimulated human senses. Then there should be something that signaled for her to be controlled.

    ‘Is there a way to break her hypnosis?’

    [The person who hypnotized her can stop it. She can also be forced to be awakened by shocking her brain.]


    Yeowun then grabbed Jegal Sohi’s face and shocked her. This was to break her from her hypnosis.

    ‘If she was fine and suddenly turned, then someone must have hypnotized her.’

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    It wasn’t easy to find the culprit since everyone was looking at Chun Yeowun with shocked expressions. Yeowun then thought in the short moment, ‘If someone does such a thing in front of everyone at the castle’s palace, then the culprit might not be the only one. Then…’

    Yeowun then ordered Nano to sense any telepathic messages being transferred. Nano labeled this as Telepathic Message Tapping Mode. Yeowun’s guess proved to be true.

    [Let’s move onto the third plan…]

    ‘Found you.’

    Yeowun bolted out the moment he heard the telepathic message and grabbed the guard who was standing at the far end of the stage.

    “What is the third plan?”

    The guard became so shocked that he couldn’t even hide the his shock on his face.

    ‘H-how did he know?!’

    There was no way for their plan to be spilled. It was impossible to know that there were even numbers in the plans unless Yeowun overheard telepathic message, but that was impossible. If that was possible, then something should have been planned to prevent it.


    ‘Dammit! He’s grabbing my neck so hard so I can’t send telepathic messages!’

    He had to send a telepathic message to his partner to move onto the third plan, but his neck was tightened so he could barely moan. It was then.

    “You should stop there, Crown Prince of the Demonic Cult. My clan member made a grave mistake, but threatening the life of a mere guard is too much.”

    Moyong Kang went up to Yeowun and persuaded him. He was actually the type to use force rather than talk, but he was in the middle of the Demonic Cult’s home, so he held back. But Yeowun did not let go of his hand and spoke.

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    “Is he really from the Yulin clan?”

    “What are you talking ab…”

    “Strategist Jegal. Is he the guard that you recognize?”

    Moyong Kang became dumbfounded and tried to object, but Yeowun turned and asked Jegal Sohi who was barely getting up. She still seemed dizzy and confused, but she turned to the guard who was in pain and asked with shock.

    “W-wait… who is that man?”

    She didn’t recognize the guard that she brought here. Leaders from both sides frowned. And when everyone was in shock, Yeowun heard someone else’s telepathic message.

    [We have no choice. We have to move onto the third plan while our master finds the remains of the Sword Demon. I will help you once I rile up the crowd.]


    Yeowun turned to the direction where the telepathic message came from, and another guard who was at the hall down the stage raised his both hands and clapped two times. And with that, people in the hall began to change. Clan leaders from the weaker clans and the weaker warriors in the Yulin Clan suddenly became dumbfounded and began attacking each other.

    “Dirty Cultist dogs! DIE!”


    They had no weapons, but they still fought with their bare hands. The feast had turned into a battlefield between the Forces of Justice and the Demonic Clan. Yeowun frowned.

    ‘Since when did all these people became hypnotized? Wait… was that clap…?’

    Hypnosis was created by some kind of stimulation and Yeowun remembered people being mesmerized by Jegal Sohi’s beauty a while ago. He then remembered one of the guard clapping.

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    ‘Was that clap the reason for the hypnosis? But is it possible to hypnotize this many people in that short moment?’

    It seemed like there was something that helped stimulate people so they could be hypnotized. Within the crowd, the guard that forced people into hypnosis shouted.

    “Dirty Cultists are attacking us! The Alliance is the trap! Strike back!”

    It was a fight started by those who were hypnotized, but this shout was enough to make other clan leaders and warriors from Forces of Justice become confused.



    The hypnotized ones attacked everyone they could see, so fight began to grow. With that, all leaders from both sides were now glaring at each other, ready to attack at any moment.


    The guard that Yeowun was grabbing by the neck cackled even through his pain.

    “You are annoying me.”


    Yeowun then struck his rib, and the ribcage shattered with the guard screaming in pain. Yeowun then sealed his blood point so he couldn’t move and shouted at the leaders who were ready to jump at each other.

    “Stop! They are hypnotized!”

    “Hypno… what?”

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    They didn’t know what hypnosis was. Yeowun thought to find better words to use, and he remembered the word ‘illusion.’

    “They are under illusions! Just like how Strategist Jegal was affected just now! This is a trap for our alliance to be broken!”

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