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    Chapter 199: Guest from the Yulin clan (5)

    “Hahaha! Strategist Jegal is famous for being Flower of the Yulin clan. I see that it was true.”

    “I’m embarrassed.”

    “Jegal is is our pride. Hahaha.”

    Jegal Sohi, was of course, the one who drew the most attention. Her beauty was enough to gain attention from all men of all ages and groups. But not all of them were only interested in her beauty. There was one who was looking at the situation carefully. The eye then seemed uncomfortable.

    ‘Elders are not enough.’

    He then saw one man, drinking the liquor, uninterested in Jegal Sohi.

    ‘He should do.’

    The man then clicked her glass at the small porcelain bottle that contained liquor. It was a noisy party so no one paid attention to him, but one the sound of glass rang, Jegal Sohi’s eye turned dumbfounded and looked around. Then she got up and walked up to Chun Yeowun.

    “Hmmm? What is this?”

    Unlike other elders, Huan Yi and Yin Moha who were sitting by Chun Yeowun and talking, became surprised. Jegal Sohi then spoke to Yin Moha who was sitting right side of Yeowun.

    “Elder Yin Moha. Would you excuse me for a second?”

    She was asking Yin Moha to move aside. It surprised people around, as it was very rude to ask such a thing but Yin Moha moved away without any word. Yin Moha did not want to create any hassle with members of the Yulin clan, and from Jegal Sohi’s reddened face, she looked a bit drunk.

    ‘Is she not controlling the alcohol through internal energy?’

    Yeowun became surprised. Everyone from both Demonic Cult and kept their soberness by controlling internal energy, but Jegal Sohi seemed she was drunk. With Jegal Sohi, the flower of tonight’s party sitting down next to Yeowun, everyone’s attention gathered.


    Chun Yeowun became uncomfortable as unwanted attention drew at them. He didn’t mention it, but he wished she would move to other seats and talk with the other elders. But Jegal Sohi’s next action drew even more attention and jealousy over men.

    “Crown Prince~~~~ sir… you are really… handsome.”


    Jegal Sohi began trying to flirt with Yeowun. Her confident and well-mannered self had disappeared. With her acting in such way, Moyong Yu was first to become angered.

    ‘W-what? What is she doing?!’

    Jegal Sohi was in a relationship with Yeon Buso, the eldest son of the Yulin clan’s leader, but Moyong Yu was also secretly in love with her, so he became dumbfounded.

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    “Don’t you like meeeee?”

    Jegal Sohi tried to grab Yeowun’s wrist with her beautiful hands and Yeowun thought she was drunk and tried to avoid. But Jegal Sohi got closer by pushing herself right next to Yeowun. Yeowun became frustrated at being flirted by a woman for first time in his life.

    ‘Ugh, this is frustrating.’

    Yeowun was able to see that she was flirting. But this was a party to congratulate the alliance and with both of them on different groups, he couldn’t understand this.

    ‘Something’s wrong.’

    Yeowun then looked at Jegal Sohi’s face. Chun Yeowun then became weird, not stopping her anymore and the man who was watching, thought this was the chance.

    ‘Let’s get him now!’

    He then rang the glass two times. Jegal Sohi, then suddenly took the chopstick on the table and thrust toward Yeowun’s chest.


    Leaders from Yulin clan became shocked at sudden move. It was an ambush, but Chun Yeowun wasn’t someone to be attacked as such.


    He snapped on her wrist to make her drop the chopstick. But Jegal Sohi pulled up internal energy and thrusted on Yeowun’s stomach. Yeowun backed up to dodge, but Jegal Sohi jumped up to him and continued on the attack. And with such an attack, Yeowun had to attack back.


    And what Yeowun did next, shocked everyone in the hall. Yeowun reached out with his right hand and grabbed her pretty face with his hand.


    He grabbed so hard that she grabbed on Yeowun’s wrist and moaned in pain. She was the one who attacked first, but it seemed like it was too much.

    “C-crown Prince!”

    Poong Chungwun was shocked and did not know what to do. Everyone here saw Jegal Sohi attacked the Prince first.

    “How dare she attack our Crown Prince! What is the point of this!?”


    Huan Yi shouted angrily and leaders of Yulin clan frowned. It was now two groups siding against each other.

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    ‘There we go!’

    The man thought it was now just short of a shout, to turn this feast into chaos.


    That’s when Jegal Sohi trembled in Yeowun’s hand as she writhed. She then fell silent and energyless.

    “What are you doing, Crown Prince!”

    Ja Kinkeng shouted with shock. Jegal Sohi had done something she should have not, but it was necessary to ask her why she did it first.

    ‘Hehehe… it’s going well.’

    The man smiled. The situation was going in more worse. He didn’t need to even scream. It was then.


    Jegal Sohi got up with a moan. Yeowun let go of her with his grab and she dropped to the ground and shook her head. She then looked up and asked with a confused look.

    “W-what is going on here? Did I drink too much?”

    Jegal Sohi didn’t seem to know what she just had done. The man who was watching became shocked.

    ‘W-what? Why is the hypnosis went off?’

    He then heard the telepathic message.

    [Move to the second plan.]

    [Y-yes, Brother.]

    The man then tapped on glass three times. With the sound, Moyong Yu who were helping Jegal Sohi to stand with a concerned look, suddenly turned weird and charged at Chun Yeowun.

    “How dare you attack Miss Jegal! DIE!”

    There was no need to have this happen twice. Huan Yi and Yin Moha blocked him quickly and pinned him down on the groun.d

    “The young girl has made us look like fools, I see.”

    “Aaaaargh! Let me go! Let me…!”

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    Yin Moha snapped on Moyong Yu’s neck and make him pass out.

    ‘Dammit. This is a failure.’

    He had to make a problem, but Moyong Yu was easily overpowered so the man grimaced. He had to move onto the third plan.

    ‘There’s no choice.’

    [Brother. We should move to the third plan…]

    It was when he was sending a telepathic message that someone jumped up to him and grabbed his neck. It was Chun Yeowun.

    “C-Crown Prince?! What are you doing!”


    Everyone was shocked by Chun Yeowun’s sudden action. The man that Yeowun grabbed by the neck and pushed up was one of the guards that guarded Jegal Sohi.

    “Argh! W-why are you doing this?!”

    The guard looked down at Chun Yeowun with a painful look and Yeowun spoke coldly.

    “Do you think I wouldn’t find you?”

    He felt his heart sink. How did he know that he was behind everything? But he had to lie.

    “Kek… I-I don’t know what you are talking about.”

    “Don’t even try to lie.”


    The clench became stronger and the man felt like his neck bone will break even with slightest of more power. He became painful as Yeowun asked with a heavy voice.

    “What is your third plan?”


    The guard’s eyes turned wide with shock.

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