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    Chapter 198: Guest from the Yulin clan (4)

    It was beauty beyond imagination that was like a flower on a cliff. Her smooth silky skin and soft line over her beautiful eyes were astounding. Almost every man in the hall looked at her, mesmerized by her beauty. One of the guards who stood by her then clapped once. Men came back to their senses and looked away embarrassingly. It looked like some of the ones from the Yulin clan were proud of her beauty. Yeowun, however, looked weirdly. He didn’t know who these people were as he wasn’t familiar with members of Yulin, but most clan leaders or elders knew who this woman was. The mole under her left eyes proved who she was. Lord Chun Yujong praised of her beauty.

    “I heard Leader of Yulin has two treasures. It is good to see one of them, Strategist Jegal, most beautiful woman of Forces of Justice.”

    “Thank you for the compliment, Lord Chun.”

    She was one of ‘Three Beauties’ of the Jianghu and the Second Strategist of Yulin, Jegal Sohi. She was the lover of the first son of the Yulin clan, Yeon Buso, and was famous for being a talented strategist. But she was most known for her beauty.

    ‘This is the most beautiful woman in the Jianghu!’

    Moyong Yu, son of Moyong Kang and heir of the family became proud. And others from Moyong family also seemed similarly proud.

    ‘Foolish cultists… look at them lusting over a beautiful woman.’

    Unlike members of Flower Mountain clan who valued on holding back their emotion, the Moyong family members had been looking down upon the Demonic Cult. This showed on their faces.

    ‘I don’t like their faces.’

    ‘I heard Moyongs are arrogant… so, it’s true.’

    It was a party to celebrate the alliance, but clan leaders shook their heads at the sight of the Moyong family. This party was actually could be more dangerous than it was currently. These were two groups who were at war against each other four hundreds of years. There was no way they will befriend each other easily.

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    ‘I will punish all those who might harm the alliance.’

    The Lord warned to all clan leaders before the party started. Even those in the Yulin clan, two leaders warned their members.

    ‘Small argument might lead to a fight, so be wary.’

    They will try hard to stay away from any potential problem that might cause harm to the alliance, but it wasn’t sure what might happen when they start drinking. Jegal Sohi bowed to greet.

    “Second Strategist of Yulin. Jegal Sohi, sends her deepest apologies. Please excuse my rudeness.”

    Chun Yujong then got up from his seat and bowed at her and people of Yulin clan.

    “Your leader has sent a very important person here. I thank you for your hospitality. Welcome to Demonic Cult.”

    With the Lord gbowing, every cultist in the hall bowed. Poong Chungwun then laughed and bowed at Chun Yujong.

    “Thank you, Lord Chun. We are very hungry, so why don’t we start eating? I wouldn’t want these great foods to go lukewarm.”

    Poong Chungwun, eldest leader in the Yulin clan’s group, spoke jokingly and the atmosphere lightened.

    “You are right, Elder Poong. Let’s begin the feast.”

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    “Yes, my Lord!”

    Beautiful servants who was standing by the yard got in and began guiding leaders of Yulin clans to their seats. Warriors then found open seats on round table placed on the hall. And when everyone sat down, musicians began to play music again. It was beginning of the feast.

    On the stage, leaders began to introduce themselves against each other.

    “I am 11th Elder Huan Yi. Huhuhu…”

    Starting with lowest ranking elder Huan Yi, all elders introduced their ranks and name. And when almost every elders finished their instroductuion, people from Yulin clan became curious about young man who was still standing down.

    ‘Hmm… I heard about all of others that introduced. But who is that young man?’

    Poong CHungwun had lived for long time in Yulin, that he knew most members from Demonic Cult and forces of Evil, but he never heard of young man at the Cult’s leadership. That’s when the young man stood up last and bowed.

    “I am Crown Prince and 12th Elder, Chun Yeowun. Greetings, guests from Yulin clan.”

    ‘Crown Prince!’

    Every leader from the Yulin clan was shocked. They heard that there were no Crown Prince yet, but there it was. And the man said he is also 12th Elder.

    ‘He is also an Elder at the same time? Oh, by the way… I don’t see Baek Oh the Poison man, and Mu Jinwon the Dual Demon Sword.’

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    Baek Oh and Mu Jinwon was infamous among forces of Justice. Poong Chungwun, who had shared the same generation with them became confused. There were no need for member of Yulin clan to know death of these two elders, so they weren’t notified.

    ‘So, he’s Crown Prince of the Demonic Cult?’

    Moyong Yu looked at Yeowun. This meant that Chun Yeowun was the enemy that Moyong Yu will face in the future, as they were same generation.

    ‘…He looks strong.’

    He couldn’t even guess at how powerful Yeowun might be. He too was at super master level, and was called talented, but Chun Yeowun was whole another level. Demonic Cult was known for giving ranks depending on the power, so if Yeowun was also an elder, then it proved he was a powerful warrior.

    ‘It reminds me of him.’

    Seeing Yeowun, reminded him of the monster in the Forces of Justice, Yeon Buso. Yeon Buso had graduated White Academy, academy that trained warriors, faster than anyone and is now being told that he will be future of the Yulin clan.

    ‘Dammit. I should focus on training myself.’

    Moyong Yu realized of his current state. And Moyong Kang grinned as he looked at his son being hurt on his pride. He realized that his son had been motivated by Crown Prince, who can become the future enemy.

    ‘It’s good that I brought him here.’

    But he also knew that it was quite dangerous. He couldn’t even see how powerful this Crown Prince was.

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    ‘So, this is the Demonic Cult.’

    Demonic Cult was known for choosing the heir to the throne depending on the power, so it was understandable why Crown Prince was that much of a monster. After introducing with each other, the Lord congratulated the alliance and the feast began. The feast then soon turned into a drinking party and began to become noisy.

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