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    Chapter 197: Guest from the Yulin clan (3)

    At the same time, at Guardian building right next to the Lord’s residence in Lord’s Palace. Great Guardian Marakim was talking with Left Guardian Lee Hameng in the office located on the fourth floor of the building.

    “…So, that’s how it happened.”

    “If that is true, then Crown Prince is… the one we’ve been waiting for.”

    Marakim answered to Hameng’s story. If Yeowun had learned the Sword Force of the Sky Demon and also learned Twenty Four Demon Sword, then he was the real successor of Sword Demon that guardians had been waiting for.

    ‘What’s going on?’

    But Great Guardian didn’t seem all that excited so Lee Hameng thought something was off. Great Guardian always had a mask on and didn’t speak much, but this wasn’t what Hameng expected.

    “Great Guardian. Is there any problem?”

    “…No. There is something more serious.”

    Marakim then changed the subject.

    “What is that?”

    “Blade God Six Martial clan.”

    Lee Hameng frowned. This was a problem for the entire Demonic Cult. They allied with Yulin clan to deal with this, so it wasn’t something for them to talk about.

    “Don’t you see any oddity in this?”

    “Are you talking about the name?”

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    Lee Hameng too felt strange about the name. But that was too much to think that the clan had a direct connection to the Blade Got himself. And it had been 500 years since the Blade God appeared.

    “IT wasn’t revealed at the Great Meeting, but there was a warrior from their clan who cut Elder Hang’s arm off and took Submeng’s eye.”


    Lee Hameng became surprised. If that was true, the warrior was more powerful then they can imagine. Marakim shook his head and spoke.

    “There wasn’t just one.”


    “There were three.”

    Lord and his warriors from the cult clashed against warriors from Blade God Six Martial clan. IT was kept as a secret, but these clan hid on the way and ambushed the cult instead.

    “They outnumbered us and ambushed, but we were also one of the strongest from our cult.”

    The Cult reacted quickly and began to fight and soon, three powerful warriors from Blade God Six Martial clan appeared. They massacred through Squad Leaders and Masters of the cult easily, making Elders to fight against them. First, one elder tried to fight one of another warrior, but they couldn’t fight alone so two elders joined.

    “They were warriors who used Sword, Staff, and Claw.”

    Superior master level warriors fought together to deal with them, but these enemies had much different martial art.

    “Their martial art had severe burden on the body.”

    Three warriors had special muscles in their bodies that were developed to use the unique martial art.

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    “After 7th Elder Kong Sunong died, and Hang Soyu’s arm were cut off, situation turned.”

    Two elders combined were almost equal, but the balance tipped off to the warriors and Elders who were left alone became injured. And when it got out of control, the Lord and Great Guardian also joined in the fight. Great Guardian fought against a warrior who used a sword alone, and learned something while fighting him.

    “I didn’t know when I saw ones that used claw or staff, but I realized when I fought the one who used the sword. Their martial arts are derived from one root.”

    “You mean..”

    Marakim got up and took off his shirt. On his body, there were scars of sword marks that were left like if it stormed around Marakim. But these were like slashed attacks that would be made from a blade.


    The tracing was very similar to the Blade God’s blade skill that Chun Yeowun had used. Marakim quickly jumped back by using his Wind God walking skill, but he still was injured. Marakim spoke.

    “If that man could have used this formation with a blade, I would have ended up like the First Elder.”

    At dinner hour, every clan leaders had gathered at the Hall of Feast with clean, formal clothing to greet the guest. The hall was filled with music, and there were many tables each filled with cuisines and liquors. On the stage where top leaders from both sides were allocated, a long table was left. Yeowun didn’t look comfortable, however.

    ‘I don’t like this seat.’

    He was sitting very close to the Lord. He was now a Crown Prince, number 2 rank within the cult. At least the Lord was in his own, so Yeowun did not look him across the table. The guests have not arrived yet so everyone waited. And soon, guards that stood at the gate shouted.

    “Guests have arrived!”

    And the gate to the hall was opened and guests from Yulin clan entered. The first forty people had black clothes with orange sashes. They were from the Flower Mountain clan. One in the front was a large man with a long beard, the leader of Flower Mountain clan, and one of seventeen leaders of forces of justice, Poong Chungwun.

    ‘They are different.’

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    Yeowun had seen forces of justice for first time, if not counting criminals that he saw in the academy. If Cultists were mostly cold and aggressive, these men walked straight and seemed to value honor. And those who walked behind had white clothes with blue swirls. They were from Moyong Family.


    The one who had a short beard was Moyong Kang, the leader of the Myong family and another leader of 17 leaders. They looked a bit arrogant compared to the Flower Mountain clan. And to the back of them, there was a woman wearing teal-colored lavish cloth and grey veil over her head. But she didn’t look like she was from the Moyong family.

    ‘Who’s that?’

    Guards that stood beside her too had different clothes. Moyong Kang glanced around and whispered to her and she nodded and walked past the group and members from Flower Mountain clan and got up to the front. She then bowed and spoke to the Lord, Chun Yujong.

    “On behalf of the Yulin clan, I thank you for your hospitality, Lord of the Demonic Cult.”

    With her words, all members from Yulin clan all bowed. They were allies but they couldn’t do more than this to Demonic Cult, who were their long foe. Chun Yujong then stayed on his seat and spoke.

    “I welcome valuable guests from Yulin clan to our castle.”

    It was a greeting, but the Lord didn’t even show the slightest formal gesture, so people from the Yulin clan became uncomfortable. But they soon heard why Chun Yujong did that.

    “I thought Forces of Justice honor and respect. Was it a false rumor?”

    “Why are you saying that?”

    “How can a person representing the entire Yulin clan hide her face in front of her host?”

    “Oh! My apologies. I have made a mistake from being anxious about meeting with you.”

    The woman then quickly pulled up the veil over her face. Everyone became astonished.

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