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    Chapter 196: Guest from the Yulin clan (2)

    And after about two hours, Huan Yi returned to the mansion. But there was another elder, Yin MOha and Sama Yi who came to congratulate Yeowun on becoming the heir.

    “Congratulations, Prince, on becoming the heir to the throne.”


    Yeowun’s members became dumbfounded. They couldn’t hear anything from Yeowun yet as Yeowun had to jump into Guard Jang’s room when they got here.

    “Huh? You didn’t know yet?”

    Huan Yi asked back and members all shouted.

    “Prince! Why didn’t you tell us earlier!”

    “Master is the heir now!”

    Mun Ku looked happy and Hu Bong almost became teary. Ko Wanghur and Sama Chak also got excited.

    “M-master! Congratulations! Oh, I mean Crown Prince. Do we have to call you that now?”

    “Sama Chak! Of course we have to address him like that! Hahahaha!”

    Members became frantic and Yeowun shook his head as he smiled and spoke to them.

    “…Just call me master as you always did.”

    Everyone was glad. Their master had now become the heir and official Crown Prince of the Demonic Cult. They thought this might take some time, but it was done much quicker than imagined.

    “Master, we should open a feast!”

    Hu Bong shouted and Huan Yi smiled.

    “Yes, that is a good idea but we should postpone it.”

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    “Because Crown Prince and I need to go to the Hall of Feast at Lord’s palace by dinner time. We have a dinner party with guests from Yulin clan.”

    “What do you mean?”

    Yeowun asked back confusingly. It seemed this was related to what had been decided in the Great Hall meeting.

    “Oh, yes. I guess I have to tell you about what we talked about in the Great Hall.”

    “…Are we allying with Yulin clan?”

    Yeowun asked and Huan Yi nodded.

    “Yes, the alliance is now officially in effect.”

    “Alliance with the forces of justice?!”

    Yeowun’s members all became surprised at the unexpected news. This kind of decision required more than 70% of Elder and clan leaders’ approval as Yulin clan was still an enemy of the cult.

    “Then this means…”

    With war that waged over hundreds of years, the hatred within each clan of the cult was not light. But even then, more than 70% of clan leaders agreed with the alliance, meaning there was something more grave that was happening.

    “Why did it come to this?”

    “We have no other way but to ally with them.”

    “So, there’s something happening out there?”

    “Yes, my prince. Anhuy castle and Jurkang castle had fallen.”

    Anhuy was owned by the Yulin clan, and Jurkang was controlled by the Demonic Cult. Losing these two places were not something to be considered lightly.

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    “Are we against forces of Evil?”

    “No. We are against someone entirely new. A mere clan.”

    “A clan?”

    Yeowun became surprised. Demonic Cult was a group comprised of many clans, but a mere clan fighting against forces at such size seemed like it was impossible.

    “What kind of clan can do that?”

    “They call themselves Blade God Six Martial clan.”

    “Blade God Six Martial Clan?”

    Yeowun did not heard of the name, but frowned at the familiar name. The name of the clan reminded him of Blade God, with some of the most powerful warriors back 500 years ago.

    ‘Is it a coincidence?’

    Yeowun thought while Huan Yi continued.

    “There was nine forces of Demonic Cult at Jurkang castle, and there were fifteen clans from forces of justice in Anhui castle.”

    The number of Demonic Cult’s forces within Jurkang castle were powerful, but Anhuy castle was under the jurisdiction of the Namkung Clan, having Namkung Shon, one of seventeen leaders of the Forces of Justice as its leader that no one thought it was possible to attack the place. These two castles were where borders of three forces met so there were a lot of battles and warriors always stood on guards.

    “We recently heard that three of Jurkang castle’s forces were attacked by some clan we have seen for the first time.”

    After being attacked, Demonic Cult thought maybe it was invasion from Yulin clan, and sent a message to two forces in Kangsuh castle, and remaining six forces in Jurkang castle to help the forces that were under attack. One force had 500 warriors, so it was a total of 4000 warriors.

    “But after two weeks, we have lost contact with Jurkang castle.”

    This meant that every cultist within Jurkang castle was wiped out. This was too fast for a castle to be fallen under the enemy, so the Cult readied for the war. They thought that Yulin clan was behind this and had figured the war that had not been waged for quite some time, had started again. That’s when Yulin clan had sent ambassadors to the castle of the Demonic Cult.

    “We were thinking of executing them and send their heads back to their cult, but what we heard was shocking.”

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    They told that Anhuy castle was also taken, and Namkung Shon was killed in the process. The Yulin clan also thought it was work of the Demonic Cult and was readying for war. But they always required to find evidence, so they sent ambassadors to raise a complaint.

    “So, that’s how we knew.”

    “Yes. Thanks to their procedure, we were able to find out that it was actually another group that attacked us.”

    They first thought it was from forces of evil, but their bases were too far ahead, so it wasn’t likely.

    “So, we offered the Yulin clan.”

    Both groups signed a peace treaty until they take back Anhuy and Jurkang castle. And soon after, another group of ambassadors came to the castle. It was the first time ambassadors from Yulin clan had entered the castle, so every cultist were shocked. Ambassadors brought the offer decided from Yulin clan’s meeting and the Lord and leaders agreed to the offer and gathered up a group and left.

    “So, was the trip was to take back both regions?”

    “Yes. It was to ambush those two castles before the enemy readies its defensive lines and take back.”

    Demonic Cult and the Yulin clan both picked out their finest warriors and kept it as a secret to ambush on both castles at once. And the result was…

    “And we failed.”

    They knew the enemy was only one group, so with the combined force of Yulin and Demonic Cult will able them to take back the castle. But they were countered and had to retreat. The Lord and elders’ wounds were proof of it. 7th Elder was killed in the process. It was a secret mission, so the rumor did not spread throughout the Jianghu, but it was still a shame.

    “Well, he didn’t tell us how they lost in the meeting.”

    It was a loss, so there was no need to go into detail on shame. It seemed Yulin clan also lost taking back their Anhuy castle and was wounded severely.

    “…So, that’s where alliance comes up.”

    “Yes. We have the common enemy.”

    Two forces then gathered to have an emergency meeting and came to an alliance. Birth of an enemy that two forces cannot handle made them come in peace. If this was told to the forces of evil, it was sure that they will try to do something with this as a chance.

    “We need to deal with the new enemy through this alliance. And if this alliance is known officially, forces of evil will not try to do anything funny.”

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    There were two purposes for this alliance. First was to fight the Blade God Six Martial clan, and the second was to stop forces of evil from meddling in on the matter.

    ‘Blade God Six Martial…’

    Yeowun couldn’t shake off the name after he heard the name from Huan Yi.

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