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    Chapter 195: Guest from the Yulin clan (1)

    The appointment of the Heir was followed by the coronation ceremony in front of every cultist at the courtyard front of the Lord’s palace. But with more serious problems at hand, Chun Yeowun’s ceremonial was postponed to later dates. And while empty spots were filled, Yeowun was told to also become the Elder. Unlike the Heir, being an elder allowed Yeowun to enter the Elder’s Meeting where all important works were being taken care of, so it was actually a good thing. Four elders from four clans objected as they wanted to stop this from happening, but the Lord pushed it through. They then moved onto the next issue, but Yeowun wasn’t allowed to participate from then on.

    “Crown Prince, you must go look after your wound.”

    People saw Yeowun being struck on by Mu Jinwon’s force qi, so the Lord told him to go down to the medical room. His bloody clothes looked like he had taken a serious wound.

    [My prince, it should be better for you to look after your wound. We will tell you what had been talked about here later.]

    Other elders sent telepathic messages to Yeowun, offering him to look after the wound.

    ‘Hmph. I guess I have no choice then.’

    His wounds were healed a long time ago by Nano, but he couldn’t reveal this so he decided to exit from the Great Hall.

    “Thank you Lord, for your mercy.”

    Yeowun then got out of the building and walked out of the Lord’s palace. There was a medical room that the Demon Doctor Baek Jongwu stayed at within the palace, but Yeowun didn’t have any wound on him so he didn’t need to visit medical room. Yeowun then got out and went to the restaurant where his members were waiting. Everyone was surprised to see Yeowun get out early when they expected him to come out much later as it was a Great Hall meeting. Then they saw Yeowun in blood and got more shocked.

    “B-blood!? Prince! Are you okay?”

    “M-master! What happened?!”

    Chun Yeowun told them he will tell them once they get to the Ghost Illusion clan’s mansion. And when they returned, Yeowun was going to tell them what had happened at the Great Hall, but something else happened. It was something that Yeowun had been waiting.

    “Prince Chun! Guard Jang woke up!”

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    A servant who was taking care of Guard Jang ran out and told Yeowun. And when he heard this, Yeowun ran into the room where Guard Jang was at. Guard Jang was on the bed, in sitting position.

    “Guard Jang…!”

    With Yeowun’s shaking voice, Guard Jang turned. He was in bad shape and had lost all of his teeth, but he was the man that Yeowun missed so much.


    “Guard Jang!”

    Yeowun ran up to him and hugged him tightly. He was smaller than Guard Jang before he entered the academy, but Yeowun was now much larger.

    “…You habe grown.”

    Guard Jang shed tears from his eyes. Chun Yeowun was like his own son. Even when he went through severe tortures, he stayed quiet so he could not be a burden to Yeowun and committed suicide many times. He thought he was going to die, but looking at Chun Yeowun like this made him feel glad. Yeowun then got up and brought chair next to the bed and sat down. Jang smiled and spoke.

    “Wid you hab grown so mush… I shink, you do not nee- me anymore…”

    He couldn’t pronunciate correctly as his teeth were missing, but it was enough to understand what he wanted to say.

    “No, you have to be with me. Don’t say that.”

    “…I canc protecc you anymore, Prweence.”

    Guard Jang spoke and Yeowun felt his heart ache. He had killed Lady Mu and even the leader of the Wise clan and avenged, but Guard Jang had lost so much. His internal energy was destroyed and all of his teeth were pulled out so he couldn’t even chew any food.

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    ‘Is there any way to help him?’

    He wanted to help Guard Jang in anyway he can. Guard Jang had sacrificed his life for Yeowun and needed to be repaid for his sacrifice. But Yeowun had never heard of destroyed internal energy returning.

    ‘Nano, is there a way to restore internal energy?’

    [If you are talking about the energy formation that formed beneath your stomach, then that will need further analysis.]

    Nano was still analyzing internal energy, but it didn’t consider when internal energy was destroyed so it required more analysis.

    ‘Yeah, I suppose. Work on it.’

    [Yes, master.]

    It wasn’t sure if it will work, but Nano was the only hope. And Nano’s voice came through Yeowun who was disappointed.

    [But there is a way to replace his teeth.]


    [By using impant, or denture, his teeth can be replaced artificially. I will transfer the data.]

    With that, Yeowun received information about implant and denture into his brain. Yeowun became glad. Internal damage might be hard, but at least there was a way to replace missing teeth. But this seemed it required skilled artisan like Ou Sunong and the doctor Baek Jongmeng’s help to achieve.

    ‘But I have to do it.’

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    Yeowun decided he will visit them when time allows. Yeowun also thought that it was a good opportunity, as he wanted to tell Guard Jang first that he had become the heir.

    “Guard Jang. I have something to tell you.”

    “Yesh, Prweence.”

    When Yeowun said this, Guard Jang knew that it was when Yeowun wanted to show off something that he did, so he smiled.

    “I have won in the Heirship competition in the Demonic Academy.”


    Guard Jang became shocked at unexpected words. Yeowun spolke again.

    “I won in the competition… and was appointed as the Crown Prince today.”

    “C-crown Prweence!!! Ish that chrew?! Are you really- U-UGH!”

    “Guard Jang!”

    Guard Jang was so surprised that he grabbed on his heart and panted, and passed out.

    “Guard Jang!”

    [Entity passed out from lack of blood pressure going into the brain. Common symptom of entity being in great shock.]

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    Yeowun then learned that a person could pass out if he was shocked, even if it was good news. Guard Jang was in a state where he still needed more rest.

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