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    Chapter 194: Face off (9)

    Chun Yeowun had grown so powerful not only in his power, but in his forces. If he becomes the heir, it will be the wing that will make him soar.


    When Chun Yeowun glared at them with cold eyes, Hang Soyu and Ja Kinkeng looked away without realizing. They instinctively felt fear from the difference in power. Chun Yeowun then knelt down on his one knee and spoke to the Lord.

    “I unintentionally made a crime in the Great Hall, to protect myself from being harmed. Please have mercy, my Lord.”

    ‘Look at his arrogant words!’

    Hang Soyu bit on his lips as she heard Yeowun’s confident words. She wanted to add more to it so that Yeowun will be in more trouble, but she couldn’t say after she met her eyes with Yeowun. The Lord might have felt something anyway so it was best to leave it up to him.

    ‘Hmph! He hates his authority being challenged more than anything. He will show his discomfort in one way or another.’

    That’s when Left Guardian Lee Hameng knelt down in front of the Lord and shouted.

    “I was a fool in failing to protect Prince Chun Yeowun, son of our great Lord, from being attacked by the First Elder. Please punish me instead.”



    And with that, Hang Soyu and Ja Kinkeng frowned. They didn’t think Left Guardian would help Yeowun in such a situation. And with mentioning that Yeowun was a prince, it became weirder to blame Yeowun for defending himself.

    ‘Why is Left Guardian helping him?’

    ‘Wait a minute…’

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    They then became dumbfounded. They didn’t think much about Guardians, but this kind of action was sure to prove that Left Guardian was helping Chun Yeowun.

    ‘He even made Left Guardian be on his side?’

    It was shocking. Everyone knew that Yeowun befriended Right Guardian Submeng, as Submeng was the teacher of Chun Yeowun. But if even Left Guardian Lee Hameng was with Yeowun, then Yeowuhn’s forces were already too powerful.

    ‘Dammit… there is no way.’

    ‘Chun Yeowun…’

    Four elders realized that the air around the Great Hall had already shifted. If without the help of neutral elders Mong Oh, the Sixth Elder or Mun Yun the Eighth Elder, there was no way to press on Yeowun or way to stop him from becoming the heir.

    ‘He is unstoppable.’

    That was Mong Oh’s evaluation. He was neutral, but unlike other elders, he had a close relationship with six clans. This was because six clans were the actual leaders within the six clans. But he was astounded by what Chun Yeowun had shown him today.

    ‘He’s amazing. Even the Lord couldn’t do much to those six clans…’

    Mong Oh thought maybe the Cult might change starting from now. But with four clans remaining strong, he thought he needed to see how things will go. The Lord who had been silent with a frown then spoke.

    “Rise, both of you.”

    Ja Kinkeng and Hang Soyu’s face turned gloomy. IF the Lord was telling these two men kneeling down to rise up, it meant the Lord was siding with them.

    “This incident is caused by First Elder, so I will forgive you for what you did.”

    “Thank you Lord, for your mercy.”

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    Chun Yeowun and Lee Hameng both bowed. With Lee Hameng jumping in, the situation had not gotten any more out of control. The Lord then looked at all the people and shouted.

    “First Elder had paid its price for attacking the prince in front of everyone, so I will consider it solved. But you all must be aware that whoever committing crimes in this Great Hall is a direct challenge to my authority and will not be forgiven from now on.”

    “Yes, my Lord!”

    All clan leaders answered in unison. And Chun Yeowun, who was bowing down, became grim. It sounded like if the Lord was telling people, but he felt it as a warning to himself.

    ‘So, he’s telling me that there will no next time.’

    And it was true. Chun Yujong thought that it was a good opportunity to press down on Chun Yeowun from this incident, but he couldn’t find a reason to in front of every clan leader.

    ‘It is as expected.’

    He knew that the Lord will become wary of himself from this incident already. But Yeowun wished the Lord would show his concern to all, and Chun Yujong did not do this.

    ‘…A warning have been given.’

    The Lord wasn’t finished yet.

    “Everyone, listen.”

    “Yes, my lord!”

    “I will declare.”


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    As the Lord said that, everyone became confused. Four elders from four clans became concerned and turned to the Lord.

    “I will now appoint my 7th son, Chun Yeowun, who have received three approvals from three elders and shown his worth, as the heir to the throne.”


    Their concern was not misguided. The Lord was trying to declare Chun Yeowun as the heir. It was the moment that four clans wished never to happen.

    “Is there any objection?”


    There was no way for anyone to object in such a situation. Those who oppose, and those who sided with Yeowun both looked tense as they looked up to the Lord. Chun Yujong then shouted.

    “From this time forward, Prince Chun Yeowun are now the Heir of our Great Demonic Cult!”

    And with that, every clan leader from Chun Yeowun’s forces got up with reddened face and shouted with rejoice. It was the first Heir to the throne in 500 years who were not from six clans.

    “Glory to the Demonic Cult!!!”


    It was only time they were allowed to cheer and shout. Those from the four clans grimaced and looked down with a heavy look. The first war that started revolving around the Heir, was finished. It was Chun Yeowun’s victory.


    Chun Yeowun clenched on his fist and enjoyed the moment. He then thought of his mother, Lady Hwa. She were worried about Chun Yeowun even in her dying breath. But now Yeowun was the Heir of the Great Demonic Cult’s throne.

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    ‘Next is you all.’

    He had defeated Wise and Poison clan. There were now Sword, Blade, Loyal and Lust clan remaining. There were a lot of clans that sided with them still, with one big obstacle overcome, Yeowun was now at equals against them.

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