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    Chapter 193: Face off (8)

    Mu Jinwon, one of three most powerful warriors along with the Lord and Great Guardian Marakim, died tragically and shocked everyone in the Great Hall. Clan leaders that sided with Chun Yeowun wanted to cheer in joy, but they couldn’t make any noise so they just held back their excitement. And Chun Yeowun’s blade skill that countered almost impossible sword skill used by Mu Jinwon shocked them all.

    ‘By the gods! He beat the first elder!’

    ‘Is this true?’

    ‘I didn’t even know such blade skill exists!’

    And one who got attention was Right Guardian Submeng. It was widely known that Right Guardian Submeng was the one who had taught Yeowun how to use a blade.


    Submeng coughed as he felt people watching him. But it was Submeng himself who was shocked by Yeowun’s blade skill.

    ‘Since when he learned such powerful blade skill?’

    He didn’t want to accept, but the one used by Yeowun was much stronger than Butterfly Dance Blade. He was only astounded by it.

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    ‘But… that blade skill. It’s familiar.’

    It was strange. He had never seen such powerful blade skill, yet it looked familiar. That wasn’t only for Submeng. Left Guardian Lee Hameng was so shocked that he was lost for words. If he hadn’t opened the underground treasure vault for Yeowun, he would not have realized it but he saw the tracing left by that blade skill.

    ‘B-blade skill from the Blade God!’

    The skill that was used was exactly the same skill that made the tracing on preserved bodies inside the vault. It was just the trace, but the power emanating from its tracing was mesmerizing so Lee Hameng knew it well.

    ‘He didn’t just study it, but learned the blade skill itself? How can this be…!’

    Is it really possible to learn the martial art just by looking at the trace left on the body? Lee Hameng was shocked beyond belief and began to shake with excitement.

    ‘Starting with Father Chun Ma’s finding of truth… does his talent truly given from the sky?’

    Lee Hameng thought his choice wasn’t’ wrong. He was now sure that Chun Yeowun was the new Sky Demon who will reborn the Demonic Cult.

    [Left Guardian.]

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    Lee Hameng then heard Marakim’s telepathic message and flinched. Marakim’s eye was looking through his mask, down at Mu Jinwon’s scattered body pieces.

    [We’ll talk later.]

    [Yes, sir.]

    Lee Hameng had to speak with Marakim about Chun Yeowun anyway. He too, was the one who succeeded will of the Sword Demon.

    ‘This is amazing that you used this event to this extent. Prince, you have shown yourself well in front of all clan leaders.’

    11th Elder, Huan Yi thought that Chun Yeowun had done a good job, not only in defeating the first elder, but creating such a situation. It was apparent that his action had done a great effect on clan leaders, as they were still dumbfounded from what just happened.

    ‘Well, you took care of the first leader, so rest is with me.’

    Mu Jinwon himself was very powerful, but his remaining forces from the Wise clan was also comprised of highly trained warriors.

    ‘I should see if there is a way to bring them in into our prince’s fold.’

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    Those were too valuable soldiers to get rid of. If it was possible to have them join, it was going to be powerful asset to their forces. Huan Yi needed to do it faster before the other four clans reach out to gather them on their own.

    ‘I wonder what the Lord might be thinking.’

    And for the Lord, Chun Yujong, he didn’t look all that happy about what just happened. He first thought Yeowun was interesting, but it changed his mind now. He heard that Yeowun had defeated Baek Oh, so he expected Yeowun to be strong, but this was beyond his expectation.

    ‘He is more than I expected.’

    The first formation of attack used by Mu Jinwon was an ambush so there was no use, but the Lord could have blocked Mu Jinwon’s continued attack. But he didn’t do anything, intending to stop just before Yeowun will get killed. But with this rate of growth, it seemed even enough to be within the top five warriors of the Jianghu within 10 years.

    ‘He have grown stronger and is becoming my threat.’

    That wasn’t welcome. The card was only useful when it can be used as a card. This incident made Chun Yujong to look closely at Chun Yeowun. That’s when someone broke the silence and shouted. It was Hang Soyu, the fifth elder.

    “Ho-How dare! How dare you kill First Elder in Great Hall with our Lord present?!”

    She hesitated at Chun Yeowun’s frightening power, but she decided she had to raise her voice with this. According to the law of the cult, killing another elder in front of the Lord was not acceptable.

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    “Elder Hang is right. How dare you do such thing! Elder Chun Yeowun should fall before the Lord and confess his sin!”

    Fourth Elder Ja Kinkeng got up and shouted. If they didn’t make this as a problem, then it was only going to help Chun Yeowun. If they claim that Yeowun had ignored the Lord’s authority, then the Lord will need to respond to it.

    ‘We can’t let him become the heir!’

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