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    Chapter 192: Face off (7)

    With two force qi colliding, an explosive sound filled the Great Hall. Yeowun’s formation was the third formation of the Twenty Four Demon Sword. With twenty-four sword movements being combined, its power became like a storm.

    “It’s impossible!”

    “He’s blocking it!”

    Everyone was shocked to see Chun Yeowun blocking against Mu Jinwon’s powerful sword skill that no one thought it was possible to defend against.

    ‘This… is it Twenty Four Demon Sword?’

    Mu Jinwon frowned. The formation that Yeowun was using was the formation that Anonymous once showed.

    ‘How did he learn this sword skill?’

    Mu Jinwon was surprised, but he quickly used the formation of True Demon Sword in his right hand to fight against Twenty Four Demon Sword, and thrust his left.


    The formation used by the left finger was the Wise Sword skill. Powerful sword skill came through the Twenty Four Demon Sword and countered it.


    Yeowun was struck on his shoulder and stomach and was pushed back.

    “Right Sword Left Sword!”

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    Clan leaders shouted as they realized what Mu Jinwon had just done. Mu Jinwon was known for his ability to use both of Wise Clan’s martial art with his both hands at the same time. With two hands working separately to use each martial art, it gave Mu Jinwon the power to attack as if there were two of him.

    Yeowun frowned at the pain coming from his wound. If it wasn’t for his energy barrier, the force qi would have penetrated him. Yeowun’s clothes stained from the blood.

    [Self healing activated at the wounded area.]

    Nano’s voice came in his head as his wound began to heal. It was hidden under the clothes, but the healing was quick.


    The pain had lifted quickly. Yeowun expected this, but Mu Jinwon was much stronger than he thought. He had used two different sword formation in his both hands and countered Yeowun’s Twenty Four Demon Sword.

    ‘It’s not an easy foe.’

    Mu Jinwon was not a foe to consider lightly.

    ‘I have to be quick.’

    And for Mu Jinwon, he didn’t lose his chance and charged in to kill Yeowun. If he was to waste time, the Lord or other elders was going to jump in and he will lose his chance to kill Yeowun. He had to finish this soon.

    “I will kill you!”

    Mu Jinwon knew how powerful Twenty Four Demon Sword was, so he used the best of his ability, to use sword formations on both hands. If Yin Moha had completed the first formation of Twenty Four Demon Sword, Mu Jinwon had created a new skill with his understanding.

    ‘On my left, last formation of the True Demon Sword. On my right hand, first formation of the Twenty Four Demon Sword.’

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    Two sword formation unleashed from his both hands and everyone became shocked.

    ‘Is First Elder a monster?’

    ‘How did he learn such formation?’

    Mu Jinwon’s formation just now was powerful enough, but this was beyond imagination. His best skill created with the combination of Sword Demon’s strive to fight against Blade God, was amazing.

    ‘He can’t block this. E-even if it’s Twenty Four Demon Sword…’

    Yin Moha turned pale. She knew the power of Twenty Four Demon Sword, so she thought Chun Yeowun had no chance to defend himself against this attack.

    ‘This is for my sister, my nephew, and my families! DIE!’

    Mu Jinwon glared. He was certain that even the Lord would not block his attack. This skill was made to fight against Anonymous, a mysterious warrior.

    ‘If Twenty Four Demon Sword doesn’t work…’

    Yeowun glared. And it was the moment when sharp force qi was about to rip apart Yeowuns’ body.


    Yeowun’s hand was now being wielded in blue force qi of blade. His hand then unleashed explosive power of blade formation and struck against Mu Jinwon’s skill. Huan Yi’s eye turned large with shock.

    ‘I-it’s that skill!’

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    It was the shocking blade skill that Yeowun used when he fought against Huan Yi. Yeowun’s hand moved in strange angle and created powerful blade moves, that overpowered through every sword formation that Mu Jinwon’s both hands used. Mu Jinwon frowned.

    ‘W-what is this!? This is impossible!’

    The blade came from impossible angles. It wasn’t something that Mu Jinwon can react to normally.


    His left hand was thrown back from the powerful blade qi and his body shook. Chun Yeowun did not lose this chance and moved onto the last formation of the Blade God. He didn’t know the name of this formation, but he called it this way.

    Flying Dragon.

    With Yeowun’s body spinning up from below, blade swirled up like a tornado and Mu Jinwon’s body was swept into the force qi of blade. He shot up to the air through sharp blade qi.


    Mu Jinwon tried to get out of it by using force qi over his hand, but he couldn’t even move in the prison of blade qi.

    ‘I have to defend myself!’

    Mu Jinwon then focused his energy to create energy barrier. That’s when the storming blade qi came down upon him.

    ‘M-my energy barrier!’

    The blade qi that came down upon him, ripped apart the energy barrier itself and when Mu Jinwon twisted his body, trying to avoid being struck, blade qi cut down into him.

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    With Mu Jinwon’s terrified scream filling the Great Hall, Mu Jinwon’s body ripped apart into pieces in the air. And when the screaming stopped, his bodies dropped to the ground like pieces of meat.

    Everyone turned silent at once. All people who had gathered at the Great Halls, were shocked beyond relief and was watching Chun Yeowun with tense, and disbelief.

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