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    Chapter 190: Face off (5)

    “Please approve me as the heir to the throne!”

    With Chun Yeowun’s unexpected request, everyone within the Grand Hall became shocked. Those who were most shocked were elders from five clans. They were uncomfortable about Yeowun becoming an elder, and became even furious when Yeowun asked for approval to become the heir.


    ‘He… aimed for this!’

    Yeowun had gone for a chance to request the Lord. And there were three elders who were behind Yeowun. They were surely approving of Yeowun.

    ‘S-since when he persuaded them?’

    ‘Yin Moha? Huan Yi?’

    Aside from Sama Yi, Yin Moha and Huan Yi were known for their unruly nature and stubbornness. But both of them were now on their knees and asking for Yeowun’s ascension to the future Lord.

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    ‘I have to stop…’

    But elders from five clans had no reason or way to stop this from happening. And with all clan leaders within the cult looking at them, they couldn’t just object out of emotion without being ridiculed after.


    ‘There is no way!’

    Chun Yeowun had defeated all competitors in the competition and also gathered approval from three elders. With the Lord’s approval, he was now going to be appointed as the new heir to the throne. Elders were fools to think that they can get rid of Yeowun anytime.

    ‘If the Lord approves it, then…’

    This was the worst-case scenario. If one not from the six clans were to succeed the throne, then it was going to be the downfall of six clans. Everyone turned to the Lord. Chun Yujong looked surprised.

    ‘…Is he really the boy I once knew?’

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    Chun Yujong was astounded by Chun Yeowun. When Yeowun first appeared as an elder, he was surprised of the child who was not even in his slightest concern, growing powerful in a short time. But now, Chun Yujong was astounded by Yeowun’s smart moves. Yeowun was bowing respectfully, but his eyes were full of confidence as he looked up to the Lord. It wasn’t the young, vengeful boy who Yujong once saw on the first day of the Demonic Academy.

    ‘…So, you want to succeed my throne.’

    The atmosphere had became tense with everyone focusing on the lord. Chun Yujong then opened his mouth.

    “Are three of you approve the 7th Prince as the heir?”

    Chun Yujong asked and people turned bright and frustrated at the same time. Those who sided with Chun Yeowun brightened and elders and clan leaders who sided with six clans frowned. Chun Yeowun was now an elder, but as he was called as the 7th prince, it meant that Chun Yujong was officially considering him as a candidate to the throne.

    “I, Sama Yi the 9th Elder, approve Prince Chun Yeowun as the heir to the throne.”

    “I, Yin Moha the 10th Elder, approve Prince Chun Yeowun as the heir to the throne.”

    “I, Huan Yi the 11th Elder, approve Prince Chun Yeowun as the heir to the throne.”

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    And with their determined voice, Chun Yujong looked at each of them. It seemed these three elders truly approve Chun Yeowun as the heir, and they didn’t seem to care about six clans.

    ‘…Maybe this might be a better way.’

    An heir that wasn’t related to the six clans. It wasn’t what Chun Yujong had been planning, but he decided that this too didn’t seem too bad. The Lord then nodded and decided. As he was going to speak out his decision, a sharp, hostile aura came to his senses. It wasn’t only Chun Yujong who felt this. Everyone felt the hostile energy and turned to the source.

    ‘F-first Elder?’

    The source was the First Elder and Leader of the Wise clan, Mu Jinwon. He was glaring at Chun Yeowun with bloodshot eyes, with veins popping up over his forehead due to fury. He had been in shock ever since he heard that his family members were killed, and he didn’t care about anything else now.

    ‘He dare asks to be appointed as the heir at this moment?!’

    Just up until the Lord and elders left the cult’s castle, Chun Muyun was very close to the heir. With other princes from each clan were expelled, Mu Jinwon believed that Chun Muyun will become the heir with not much of an issue. But when he returned, he found out that everyone from his clan had died while he was gone. Chun Muyun too, had committed crime inside the academy, escaped from the prison and eventually was found dead within the mansion of the Poison clan. From what Mu Jinwon can see, Lady Mu nor Chun Muyun was not foolish enough to do such foolish thing right before the competition was almost over. Both of them had died with a mistake that they would never have made, and Chun Yeowun became sole competitor, and requested to be appointed as the heir as if he waited for it. With this, Mu Jinwon could only think of one culprit for his suspicion.

    ‘Chun… Yeowun!’

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