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    Chapter 189: Face off (4)

    Submeng’s pale face brightened up. It felt like all the hardship he had gone through on the recent trip had melted down when he saw his only apprentice at this place. Submeng grinned and Yeowun also smiled. The teacher and apprentice had finally met at such an important place.

    ‘Haha. I guess I can’t call you a kid anymore.’

    Submeng was touched. And from what he can see, it was sure that Yeowun had grown much stronger than himself now.

    Chun Yeowun, who was looking at Submeng, then turned to the Lord at the sharp energy coming through. Chun Yujong, who was not looking at him until moments ago, was now looking straight into him.

    ‘His eye is like a sword.’

    It was the first time he had felt such threatening aura. The Lord didn’t mention, but it was sure that he too was surprised to find Chun Yeowun here.

    “My Lord.”

    Marakim spoke, and Chun Yujong raised his hand, signaling of approval. Marakim then shouted at the people.

    “We will start the Grand Meeting.”

    With the start, Marakim called out the 9th elder. Sama Yi then got up.

    “9th Elder, you may report what happened in the Cult while the Lord was out.”

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    “Yes, my lord.”

    Sama Yi, was the highest-ranking elder while others were gone, so he had to report first on what happened until now. Sama Yi then explained everything that happened. This procedure wasn’t actually necessary, but this was done to show the authority of the Lord. It was done so that clan leaders can see the Lord solving the issue that was still revolving around and have them feel the authority of the Lord. But Sama Yi’s report actually worked against it this time. After briefing through financial and structural issues, Sama Yi reported of recent incidents.

    “…So, the remaining Poison clan and Wise clan fought against each other. There are no survivors in either clan.”

    People began to mumble between themselves. With the rumor being spread out, clan leaders who stayed behind at the cult knew of what happened, but those who went outside was shocked. This was a serious incident. The Poison clan was now entirely gone, and members from the Wise clan were also killed. And among them, was the Lady Mu, wife of the Lord. Mu Jinwon turned cold.

    ‘My sister… is dead?’

    He was concerned when he didn’t see people from the Wise clan, but he didn’t even imagine such an incident had happened. It was hard to hold back his emotions. He wanted to shout to Baek Oh, the leader of Poison clan, but even he had died from Yeowun’s hand at the sixth test.

    ‘This is impossible… my sister will never…’

    Lady Mu was cunning woman. She was good at strategy and never fought a losing battle. It didn’t make sense that she entered the Poison clan and got killed. But if what Sama Yi reported was true, what happened was very possible. Sama Yi reported that the reason for two clans to fight, was because of Mu Jinyun and Chun Muyun killing the Poison clan’s Baek Churku.

    ‘How can this be…’

    And as for the evidence, the body had a trace of Right Sword Left Hand on it. The only one who can use the skill was Mu Jinwon himself and Chun Muyun. With this, Poison clan became angered and ambushed the Poison clan, but they lost most of their forces and Wise clan, who tried to wipe out the Poison clan, was countered by Poison clan’s poisonous trap and was wiped out. There was nothing too suspicious about how everything had happened, and it was hard to consider that it was someone else’s plan.


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    Mu Jinwon became furious and grabbed on the chair’s armrest and the armrest crushed. It wasn’t something to be allowed in the Grand Hall, but he had lost his family who stayed behind, so the Lord didn’t say anything.

    ‘That woman… died from a mere trap from the Poison clan?’

    Unlike Mu Jinwon who couldn’t hold back his fury, the Lord thought it through coldly. Even when he heard that his first wife, Lady Mu was dead, he didn’t show any change in emotion. When Sama Yi almost finished his reporting, elders from five remaining clans were looking at each other with a hostile look. It was natural as they heard that their sons and grandsons had fought against each other and all died, resulting to fight between clans.

    ‘It’s amazing.’

    Lee Hameng was astounded as he watched. With the report being made in front of all clan leaders, Yeowun’s plan had turned to great success. Only remaining report was now one.

    “From the Demonic Academy, Elder Chun Yeowun had passed the sixth test and have become new 12th Elder. This test as done while the Lord had been missing, so I ask you to appoint him formally as the new elder.”

    Everyone then turned to Chun Yeowun. Elders were only appointed by the Lord himself. But the Lord was missing, so Yeowun was only given the medal.

    “I object!”

    Hang Soyu, who was furious as ever, after hearing her son had died in the academy, got up.

    “This is a Grand Meeting, not a…”

    “I approve.”

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    But the Lord cut her off and spoke. Hang Soyu couldn’t say anything and Chun Yujong got up from his throne and spoke to Chun Yeowun.

    “Chun Yeowun, you may come up to me.”

    Yeowun then got up from his seat and walked up confidently and knelt on his one knee in front of the Lord. The Lord then declared in front of everyone.

    “As the 23rd Lord of the Great Demonic Cult, I appoint Chun Yeowun as the 12th Elder. You shall serve the cult with your life.”

    “Yes, my lord.”

    Yeowun answered, and Chun Yujong looked down at his son. The boy who was just a card to be used to unleash his own anger, had got up from the bottom and was in front of him now. It was truly astonishing. Chun Yujong then spoke to Yeowun.

    “Do you have something to say?”

    With becoming of the Elder, elder was allowed to ask for one thing, if it was possible. But this was just a regular procedure and was asking to speak of how it felt. Yeowun then got up and asked the Lord.

    “Please approve me as the heir to the throne.”


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    The Lord didn’t expect this coming and raised his eyebrows. And at that moment, Sama Yi, Yin Moha, and Huan Yi all got up from their seat and came up behind Yeowun and knelt and shouted.

    “Please approve Prince Chun Yeowun as the heir to the throne!”

    Five Elders who were watching uncomfortably at Yeowun becoming elder, became shocked and grimaced.

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