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    Chapter 188: Face off (3)

    “What? 12th… Elder?”

    Seven elders tried hard to stay calm, but their faces were shocked and in disbelief. The 12th Elder they know was Baek Oh. But Yeowun, who had entered the Grand Hall, claimed himself as an elder.

    ‘Where is Baek Oh? Why is he… Wait.’

    ‘Di-did he pass the sixth test?!’

    They then realized what had happened while they were gone. The only way for Chun Yeowun, who was a cadet of the Academy, to become an elder was to pass the sixth test and defeat another elder. Yeowun had taken the Baek Oh’s seat by defeating him.

    ‘So, clan leaders knew this.’

    The news of the sixth test already had swept through the entire castle, so all clan leaders knew that Yeowun had defeated Baek Oh and didn’t seem surprised. But they too seemed astounded by a young man standing proudly in front of powerful elders.

    ‘Was it why I couldn’t find anyone from the Poison clan?’

    Mu Jinwon frowned. He had scanned through the crowds on his way in, so he realized that people from Poison clan was also missing. He thought it was an act of protest for the demotion of Baek Oh, but it was not.

    ‘So, he’s Chun Yeowun?’

    ‘He’s the one who cut my grandson’s arm?!’

    ‘How dare… that peasant born!’

    Elders from Sword, Blade and Lust clan glared at Yeowun, as their princes had lost their arms at Yeowun’s action. If this wasn’t the Grand Hall of the Demonic Cult, they would have unleashed their anger again. But they couldn’t do it, as that meant they had undermined the Lord’s authority and dignity and be punished.

    The hall turned quiet at the heavy atmosphere full of emotions.

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    ‘Do you think we’ll approve of you?’

    ‘Fool! You may have walked in here, but you are still alone.’

    Elders from six clans then stayed silent, not responding to Yeowun’s greeting and the air turned cold. Other clan leaders who greeted other elders also fell silent. Hang Soyu then smirked.

    ‘You may have got up here with luck, but that is far as you go. No one will approve you as an elder.’

    Standing up for Yeowun here, meant that person was going to turn his back against the six clans. This was the act to show power over Yeowun. But it didn’t go as their plan. A large man got up from his seat and greeted Chun Yeowun politely.

    “Leader of the Demon Fist Clan, Ko Wanghyn. Welcome, Prince Chun.”

    Yeowun then turned around at Ko Wanghyn and bowed.


    ‘Demon Fist clan? How dare!’

    Hang Soyu raised her eyebrows and glared at Ko Wanghyn who broke the silence created by elders. But it was just the start. The man who sat next to Ko Wanghyn, who looked very gentle, got up and bowed.

    “Che Takjing, from the West Gate clan. Welcome, Prince Chun.”



    With two leaders from high ranking clan greeted, Hang Soyu and other elders frowned. But someone else also got up.

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    “Hou Sangin from Power Axe clan. We finally meet, Prince.”

    “Great to see you, Mr. Hou.”


    And more leaders got up to greet to Yeowun. After high ranking clan leaders all got up and greeted Yeowun, other clan leaders from lower-ranking clans got up and bowed.

    ‘What is going on?!’

    ‘Are they trying to turn their back against us?’

    ‘Look at all those people!’

    Elders then turned cold. There were over 50 clan leaders who got up to greet Yeowun. And even then, there were still more people getting up. The number was already at about 1/3 of entire clan leaders inside the hall.

    ‘Ko Wanghur, Hu Bong…’

    Yeowun smiled. He wished to come in contact with as many as he can, but he didn’t expect this much number of leaders will respond. Ko Wanghur and Hu Bong did not meet other clan leaders by themselves. This was the result of cadets who were expelled from the academy earlier, asking their fathers to back Chun Yeowun.

    ‘Chun… Yeowun…!’

    Hang Soyu gritted her teeth. This was the result of what had happened at the Demonic Academy’s competition.

    ‘What had happened while we were gone?’

    Elders from six clans looked shocked. To them, Chun Yeowun was nothing. Wives of the Lord thought of Yeowun as an enemy, due to his mother being Lady Hwa, but to them, he was merely an insect that can be taken care of anytime. They didn’t think such a being will create such strike back. They felt threatened by the man called Chun Yeowun for the first time. That’s when guard shouted from behind.

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    “Here comes the Lord!”

    And the man with black clothes with golden dragon embroider entered, and everyone got up and fell to their one knee.

    “Glory to the Demonic Cult!”

    First Elder shouted and continued.

    “We, mere cultists, are honored to see the Lord of the Demonic Cult!”

    “We are honored!”

    With entering of Chun Yujong, the air turned instantly. Chun Yujong raised his hand after he sat down on the throne and the man with a strange mask, Great Guardian Marakim shouted.

    “You may seat.”

    “Glory to the Demonic Cult!”

    All the people shouted again and sat down on their chairs. With 7th elder, missing, Yeowun sat down on the 11th elder’s seat and turned to Chun Yujong. His sharp eyes looked like that of Yeowun, but the atmosphere was different. Chun Yujong looked as if he arrogantly looked down upon everything. He was like an Emperor overall here. But there was one thing that he couldn’t hide.

    ‘…He’s breathing is not well.’

    It was close, so Yeowun was able to tell that the Lord’s breathing was very slightly unstable. It was sure that he had taken internal damage. But he looked well, so it was probably less severe than other elders.

    ‘The Lord and elders all were injured?’

    Lord and elders meant that they were enough to wipe out most forces. Then what was the purpose of their secret trip? Yeowun then turned to the man standing on the right side of the Lord.

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    ‘Teacher… what happened?’

    The one who stood right on the Lord, was Right Guardian Submeng. He looked pale and had covered his right eye with linen wrap, and looked in bad shape. But unlike Yeowun who was concerned, Submeng who found him, turned his eye large.

    ‘What? H-how!’

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