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    Chapter 185: Unexpected Offer (6)

    Sama Yi was lost for words. He couldn’t answer either way. He thought maybe he should go strong for the future’s sake, but he was concerned about what Chun Yeowun had done until now, which in turn would come to him.

    ‘Prince Chun does not even fear six clans that all cultists fear. It might not be a good idea to make him angry.’

    He was afraid of ruining everything out of greed. Sama Chak then opened his mouth to help his father.

    “Master, can I say something?”

    “…Go ahead.”

    “My father, 9th Elder have shown great interest in you ever since the sixth test. Even if it wasn’t for the marriage, my father have prepared this feast only because he thought you fit to become the heir.”

    ‘N-no! My son, if you say that…’

    Sama Yi frowned. Sama Chak was only trying to help, but this had narrowed the remaining option for Sama Yi.

    “Is that true? Elder?”


    Sama Yi hesitated and Yeowun suddenly got up from the seat. Sama Yi became shocked and Yeowun bowed.

    “I think your opinion differs from that of your son’s. I think you and I walk the different path. I am grateful for your welcome. It is time for me to go.”


    This was an outright decline, giving up what Yeowun had come here to do. Sama Yi thought Yeowun would not go that far as he needed approval, but this wasn’t expected.


    And with this, Mun Ku who had been gloomy, brightened up. She was worried that Yeowun might marry another woman, but refusing like this gave her new hope.

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    ‘But wouldn’t this become a problem to Prince later?’

    She was glad that Yeowun refused, but this brought concern. Samu Clan was surely going to be a great help. Besides, the Lord himself also had 7 wives and many heroes had many wives so marrying someone here wasn’t much of an issue anyway.


    And with Yeowun turning away, Yin Moha smiled in surprise. She was worried that maybe Yeowun will be persuaded by Sama Yi’s plans, but it was glad to see Yeowun going strong against him.

    “Let’s go!”

    As Yeowun said to his servants, Sama Yi’s eye turned large.

    ‘I-is he really leaving?!’


    As Yeowun tried to go down from the guesthouse, Sama Yi grabbed him.

    “E-elder Chun! Where are you going? You can’t just leave!”

    Sama Yi frantically held onto Yeowun and decided he should step back on this.

    “If you are angry from the marriage proposal…”

    “Marriage. That, we can do it just like how you offered. Elder Sama. But do you know why I want to become the heir?”

    Chun Yeowun asked Sama Yi. The simple reason would be Yeowun wanting to become the Lord, but this question meant that Yeowun was asking for something else. Yeowun then spoke to Sama YI.

    “Why do you think the six clans hold the power over the entire cult today?”

    “Why? That’s…”

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    Sama Yi then realized what Yeowun was talking about. Chun Yeowun was saying that having a familial relationship with the Lord had brought this problem. Sama Yi, elder of the cult, knew this very well and have thought himself that this was a problem.

    “I rose up to fix the cult and bring it back to its origin, and do you want me to repeat the same thing that six clans are doing?”


    “I will not do that mistake.”

    Sama Yi then shook his eyes. He was just trying to stop Yeowun so he can keep a good relationship with the future Lord, but he was now astounded by Yeowun himself.

    ‘So, he is not just any other young man… his thoughts are deeper than imagined.’

    Yeowun wasn’t just thinking of revenging against six clans. He was truly concerned about the future of the Demonic Cult. Yeowun then bowed again to Sama Yi.

    “I thank you for your hospitality, but I think what you wish is different from what I want. And for the marriage… I want to be together with someone I love.”

    Yeowun then turned away. That’s when he heard a pounding sound from behind and stopped. When he turned, Sama Yi was on his one knee. Sama Yi then bowed in respect and shouted.

    “I was a fool and did not realize your vision! Prince Chun, please take away your anger.”

    Everyone became surprised. Yeowun too asked back in surprised look.

    “What are you doing.”

    “I, leader of Samu clan, and the 9th Elder, Sama Yi pledge allegiance to the Prince Chun Yeowun. Please take my medal as a token of my approval.”

    Sama Yi then reached into his pocket and took out the medal that proved him as an elder. Sama Yi had thrown his greed and truly pledged allegiance. Yeowun smiled silently. And exactly three days after he came out of the Demonic Academy, Yeowun was able to gather three approvals he needed.

    After few hours later, Yeowun had returned that he needed to do something during today and Sama Yi laughed and shook his head.


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    He didn’t expect that he will pledge allegiance because he was mesmerized by a young man and didn’t even achieve the goal he was trying to do. Chun Yeowun came to him as a shock.

    ‘I hope I am not wrong.’

    He thought maybe Yeowun was going to change the cult back to its glory. And when Sama Yi entered back to his mansion after bidding farewell to Yeowun, he spoke to his daguther, Sama Young.


    “Yes, father.”

    “He is a man that you should not give up.”

    Surprisingly, Sama Yi had not given up on his goal. It wasn’t sure if it was intended, but Chun Yeowun said that he will marry someone that he loves. Sama Yi wasn’t going to lose this chance. Sama Young, then answered in determined voice.

    “I am not giving up, father.”

    “Yes. I’m counting on you.”

    Sama Young had felt uncomfortable at Chun Yeowun who had not even hesitated on the marriage offer with her. She was proud of her own beauty and she didn’t expect Yeowun will outright refuse even after looking at her beauty.

    ‘I’ll make him realize!’

    And on the way to the Demonic Academy, Yeowun and his members were walking through with only Mun Ku bit behind the group. Her face looked glad with bright smiles. It was weird that her face turned red, then turned into smile and back. She was still thinking of t he moment while ago.

    ‘Marriage… I want to marry someone I love.’

    It wasn’t sure if she had mistaken, but she felt like Yeowun had glanced at her at that moment. Thinking of that moment made her feel excited and happy and made her heart pound.


    She couldn’t stop smiling all the way through the way to the Demonic Academy.

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