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    Chapter 184: Unexpected Offer (5)

    Mun Ku sprayed all the liquor over the entire food on the table. Sama Chak was also drenched in a liquid that came out of Mun Ku’s mouth and became dumbfounded.

    “Mun Ku… what is…”

    Chak wanted to complain to Mun Ku on what she just did, but Yeowun spoke first that stopped him.

    “I am not following what you are saying.”

    He had guessed there was something Sama Yi wanted, but he didn’t expect it to be a marriage. He did think about the future ahead of him, but marriage wasn’t on his mind yet. Sama Yi then asked him.

    “Are you not satisfied with my daughter?”

    “No, it’s not that…”

    “Then is there any problem?”

    It seems Sama Yi was determined. This whole event had been planned by Sama Yi ever since he saw Yeowun defeating Baek Oh, the leader of Poison clan and the Elder of the Cult.

    ‘I have to make Prince Chun as our family!’

    Most clans, even Samu clan who was at highest ranking beneath the six clans, still had to be wary of what they were doing and aways were afraid of six clans. And here was Chun Yeowun, prince from none of these six clans and one who was determined to overthrow the current system.

    ‘The Sama clan will be the one who earns the place to be the first wife of the future Lord.’

    From what he had seen in history, he had thought Yeowun will have multiple wives, even after overthrowing six clans. And if that was true, Sama Yi wanted to take the best piece of pie first when he can. Sama Yi smiled at Yeowun.

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    “Haha. It is natural for two groups to join together in marriage for better relationships.”


    Chun Yeowun became wordless and Sama Yi changed his method to persuasion.

    ‘Even if he is powerful, he is still young to know about politics.’

    Sama Yi had kept his clan at highest-ranking clan over 20 years against six clans. He was experienced and good at many schemes and tactics. He had many plans ready for his project to have Yeowun as his son in law.

    “Elder Chun. If you become the heir, you will have yourself against these six clans. You should know better.”

    Every cultist knew that Chun Yeowun and six clans did not get along. If Yeowun was to become the heir, it was apparent that six clans will try to do something to overthrow potential powerful enemy before they are overthrown instead.

    “Becoming an heir is just the start. You are powerful, but if you are against them, then you need forces equal to theirs. And for that, Samu clan will be your powerful ally.”

    This was true. If Sama Yi, leader of one of highest-ranking clans, and the Elder of the cult were to join, Chun Yeowun was going to earn a great ally.

    ‘Ugh… he has a point.’

    Mun Ku thought as she looked at Sama Yi and Chun Yeowun with worried look. And when she thought got to the point where maybe Yeowun will accept the offer and marry Sama Young, then she became shocked.

    ‘Huh? Why am I worried about that?’

    She was surprised that she came to such thought. She had pledged allegiance but never thought Chun Yeowun as a person of romantic interest. But when she heard that Yeowun might get married, she felt frustrated and sad.

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    ‘No way. I’m not…’

    When she realized her feeling was not what she thought it would be, her heart began to pound. And as she began undergoing emotional turmoil, Sama Yi continued.

    “No offense, but you are from nowhere, Elder Chun. Background and who you have at your side isn’t something to consider lightly. And for that, marriage will bind us together strong. This will ensure your foothold and help you grow in power.”


    Yeowun began to thought and Sama Yi figured that Yeowun was agreeing to his idea. Sama Yi then smiled and went onto the conclusion.

    “I will approve you of becoming the heir, Elder Chun. But if we become one family, then you will earn the might of Samu clan under your feet. This is possibly the best way you can imagine! Isn’t it? Hahaha.”

    But this was what he really thought.

    ‘With the future Lord as my son in law, our clan will become the number one clan of the cult! This serves both of us well.’

    Was he really persuaded? Yeowun seemed to be deep in thought and everyone turned to Yeowun. Mun Ku even had her eyes pointed down from concern. Yeowun, who fell silent for a long time, spoke.

    “You are right.”

    That brought joy and sadness to the people. Sama Yi wasn’t sure if Yeowun will agree, but he instantly brightened up and smiled.

    ‘YES! Hahaha! I knew it. What fool will refuse such a good offer?’

    But Mun Ku instantly turned gloomy. She felt her heart aching when she heard Yeowun saying as if he was ready to marry. She had been rejecting the idea, but she finally realized her true feeling.

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    ‘So… I’m in love.’

    She finally realized her feeling, but Yeowun was going to be with another woman. This made her feel lonely and sad. Sama Young, who was pushing back her hair embarrassingly, was pretty and Mun Ku herself, hiding her face with man’s mask wasn’t. There was no way Yeowun will like her in that way.

    “Hahaha! You have made a good choice. We will be family now, so we can…”

    “I think you misunderstood.”


    “I just said you are right in what you said.”

    Sama Yi froze in place at what Yeowun said and asked.

    “I beg your pardon?”

    “Let me ask you instead. Aside from marriage, do you intend on approving me of being the heir?”

    “U-uh, that’s…”

    Sama Yi frowned. He didn’t expect Yeowun will ask back in this way. He had expected Yeowun to accept the offer as it was going to benefit both of them, so this question was unexpected to say the least.

    ‘This is..’

    If he says the marriage was requirement, then it would put him in a shoe where he was only wanting power, and if he says marriage doesn’t matter, then this will give Yeowun reason to refuse the marriage.

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    ‘He got me. I thought he was going to be naïve… I was wrong.’

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