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    Chapter 183: Unexpected Offer (4)

    And the day passed. Unlike Bakgi who was badly injured outside also, Sama Chak had healed himself enough to move around.

    “Good that you’re okay.”

    “I’m sorry, Master.”

    Guard Jang was still in a deep sleep as he was in a pretty bad state. Around the afternoon, Ko Wanghur, Hu Bong and Mun Ku returned. They all looked happy to have met their families after a long time.

    “How was your brother?”

    “Hehe, he’s doing fine. Fortunately.”

    She was worried as her grandfather, Mun Yun was away from her home, but her brother was faring well. She was thankful that Yeowun asked of her brother.

    And with everyone, other then Bakgi, gathered, Yeowun decided to meet for the third elder. There was one thing Yeowun wanted to ask Left Guardian, but he had to go for the approval first.

    “We’ll divide into groups.”


    Last night, Yeowun had planned what he needed to do. He figured that it was important to gather approvals, but it seemed also necessary to meet with clans from his members still at the academy. Yeowun then told Ko Wanghur, Hu Bong and Mun Ku to meet with their members at the academy and arrange a meeting with clan leaders of respective clans. Ko Wanghur then shook his head.

    “I think me and Hu Bong can do it fine. It’s better that you keep at least three with you, master. Take Mun Ku with you.”

    Yin Moha was enough as a guard, but she was still an elder, so Wanghur thought it wouldn’t feel comfortable for Yeowun to order her around.

    ‘Dammit… I don’t get to say anything again!’

    Hu Bong became disappointed that he was given no chance to say his opinion. And unlike him, Mun Ku was glad that Ko Wanghur suggested so she can stay with Yeowun. Her frustration with yesterday’s event had disappeared. She didn’t know why but she didn’t like seeing Yeowun close with another woman.

    “Then I’ll be off to Samu clan. I’m counting on you guys. Wanghur, Hu Bong.”

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    “Yes, master! Good luck.”

    And two groups went on their quest. Yeowun and his group went to the Samu clan’s mansion located east of the castle. Samu clan was one of the highest-ranking clans aside from six clans. The mansion was lavish and grand, almost equal to that of mansion from six clans. At the entrance, Yeowun took a deep breath. He had to duel two of the elders he had got approval from until now. But unlike the other two, Sama Chak said his father was looking forward to meeting with Yeowun.

    ‘Will I get approval easily this time?’

    Yeowun was actually weird that there was an elder who was going to meet him with a friendly gesture. But he wasn’t sure yet. And when they got up to the entrance, two middle-aged guards became surprised and ran out.

    “Young master!”

    They had recognized Sama Chak right away. They had not seen him for three years and 7 months, but they still recognized him right away. They looked happy to see Sama Chak who had now grown into adulthood.

    “Mr. Achung. Mr. Sunwon.”

    “Young master! You have grown well! This is a pleasant surprise! Did you graduate from the academy?”

    “Yeah, I’m done with the academy now.”

    Mun Ku scratched his nose as it felt like he will cry. This looked very promising that Yeowun might get approved easily. Sama Chak then quickly spoke to Achung.

    “Can you tell my father that I’m here with Prince Chun Yeowun?”

    “Yes, young master.”

    Achung then ran inside the mansion. Soon, someone else ran out of the mansion. It was the leader of Samu clan, and the 9th elder, Sama Yi. He had slick pushed back hair with well-cared mustache. Sama Yi bowed at Chun Yeowun and smiled.

    “Prince, no. Elder Chun. It is an honor to have you here at my humble home. Please come on in.”

    It was a warm welcome. What’s interesting was that Sama Yi did not recognize Yin Moha standing next to Yeowun. It seems he had figured Yin Moha was just some kind of woman guard.

    ‘It should be better to hide your identity for now.’

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    She agreed with the plan so she didn’t say anything. Yin Moha was like a secret weapon to Yeowun now. Sama Yi then spoke to Yeowun.

    “Please come in. We will have a feast for Elder Chun’s visit! It’s still daylight, but we’ll go ahead and drink our day away!”

    “…Thank you for your hospitality.”

    Yeowun didn’t look all that excited, however. He was awkward at such a warm welcome that he had never received until now, and he also thought that this seemed like it was too much. But Sama Yi wasn’t lying. When the group walked past the outer building and into the large guesthouse, they were brought upon large feasting table full of expensive and luxurious cuisine. The scent of expensive liquor was also very tempting. If Ko Wanghur had seen this, he would have regretted sending Mun Ku instead of himself.

    “Here now. Come on in. You all have done well at the academy.”

    Sama Yi offered them to eat. He was still a leader, but he made it so like Chun Yeowun needed to start on the eating for the party to begin. When Yeowun grabbed the chopstick awkwardly, the feast began.

    “You know! I was mesmerized by how you handled Elder Baek at that time! It was astonishing!”

    Sama Yi sat right next to Yeowun and complemented and praised him throughout the feasting. It was his show of friendliness, but it just felt awkward for Yeowun. And after some time, Yeowun thought it was time to go into his business.

    “I have something to ask you, Elder Sama.”

    Sama Yi then became serious and responded.

    “Please, tell me anything. I will help with anything.”

    Yeowun then got up from his seat and bowed.

    “I want you to approve me for becoming the heir.”


    Sama Yi looked astounded. He had heard that Yeowun had appeared at the Bijak street, so he had expected this time would come soon.

    “You shouldn’t bow to a mere elder, when you will become the Lord in the future. Please, raise up.”

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    Sama Yi then gave a sign to his servant. The servant came up to him and Sama Yi whispered something, The servant then walked out, to get someone. Soon, someone entered the guest house.


    Everyone at the feast table turned at the person. She was a beautiful lady, probably in her 19 or 20, with yellow silk clothes with many pieces of jewelry. Her eyes were shaped so that she looked very innocent and pure.

    “Introduce yourself.”

    Sama Yi spoke to her and she bowed politely.

    “Greetings, Elder Chun. I am Sama Young.”

    “I am Chun Yeowun.”

    It was certain that she was related to Sama Yi, as she shared the family name. Yeowun awkwardly bowed back at her.

    ‘Why did he call her here?’

    Yeowun became confused and Sama Yi smiled and spoke.

    “Hahaha, she is my daughter. She is Chak’s sister.”

    “…I see.”

    Sama Yi then revealed his true intention.

    “Of course, I will approve you of becoming the heir. But don’t you think we need some kind of mutual trust for that? And so that’s where I want to ask you.”

    Chun Yeowun didn’t feel good about where it was going and frowned.

    “What do you mean?”

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    “Well, since you are not still married… Why don’t you take my daughter as your wife?”


    Mun Ku spat her liquor that she was drinking like a spray at that word.

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