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    Chapter 182: Unexpected Offer (3)

    After leaving the Demonspread Sword clan, Chun Yeowun was concerned. He had thought that he alone had learned the sword skills that Father Chun Ma and Sword Demon had left. But it turned out that there was someone else who learned it before him. He then remembered what Left Guardian Lee Hameng spoke to him about.

    ‘The sword tracing on the pedestal was copied and made it as a book.’

    Even if it had no use without the specific energy flow, it was still the sword skill left by the Founding Father of the Demonic Cult, so Sword Demon copied it before he went on to destroy during his practice and sent it to the Lord’s palace.

    ‘Lord’s palace… then only one who can see the book is the Lord himself.’

    Was the Lord Anonymous then? But that didn’t explain how the man knew Twenty Four Demon Sword. The Lord was in his 50s, so it didn’t make sense to say he maybe had passed the 6th test of the Demonic Academy.

    ‘Do I need to ask Left Guardian? Or…’

    And there was a way for Yeowun to go meet. Yin Moha had said she and two elders from Wise and Sword clan were to meet the Anonymous 2 weeks later. It seemed that was the chance.

    ‘Oh, maybe it’s a good thing. If those two elders will come out of their place willingly and alone…’

    Maybe it was the best chance for Yeowun to tackle those. Yeowun can use the chance to ambush them and also find out who this Anonymous is.

    ‘He learned the Sword Force of the Sky Demon but it’s not perfect.’

    Fortunately, the Sword Force of the Sky Demon required specific energy flow or it didn’t allow its formation to be utilized. The reason why Anonymous’ formation was awkward and made him exhausting was probably because he did not know the energy flow.

    And when they all gathered back at the office, Yin Moha declared in front of everyone.

    “I will guard the prince as of right now.”


    She was one of the elders, but she claimed that she will be a guard for Yeowun. This was her way to show her loyalty, even if she was a highly experienced superior master warrior.

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    ‘He needs to succeed for the true return of the Sword Family.’

    Chun Yeowun had many enemies. He was quite powerful, but it was still dangerous as he had to face against six clans. Yin Moha thought she needed to protect Yeowun closely. And after he declaration, Mun Ku became uncomfortable. She wasn’t sure why she felt that way and spoke out.

    “Hmm… that is a good thing, 10th elder. But if you leave your mansion, it might draw attention from the Sword or other clans. Don’t you think so?”

    Regardless of her intention, her reasoning was reasonable. Yeowun too agreed with this and was about to nod, when Ko Wanghur stepped up and spoke with laughter.

    “Hahaha! Mun Ku, don’t worry about that.”


    “Master, why don’t we do this?”

    When Ko Wanghur explained his way for said problem, Yin Moha agreed. With Wanghur’s suggestion, it was sure that Yin Moha will stay by Yeowun without any concern of having other clans to be wary of them.

    ‘Thanks for nothing!’

    Mun Ku became frustrated and glared at Ko Wanghur, who were satisfied for suggesting ingenious idea. And with that, Chun Yeowun’s group returned to the mansion of the Ghost Illusion clan. When Yeowun returned from his trip to get the approval, Huan Yi came out to greet him.

    “Huhuhu… Prince, have everything went well?”

    Huan Yi originally was very worried about Yeowun going to meet with Yin Moha. He had seen Yin MOha multiple times at elder’s meeting, but he knew that she was very stubborn and anti-social, that it seemed not possible to persuade her.

    ‘He probably have not gotten far.’

    She wasn’t a type to earn trust just by being strong. Huan Yi expected Yeowun had failed.

    ‘Hmm… but who is this girl? She sure have glaring eyes.’

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    Huan Yi couldn’t recognize Yin Moha standing next to Yeowun. He remembered her as a middle-aged lady in her 50s. And by reaching the end stage of the superior master level, Yin Moha now hid her energy so well that it made it even harder for Huan Yi to recognize her.

    “Stop scanning on me, you genderless bastard.”

    Huan Yi became surprised at taunting words coming out of the young beautiful woman’s mouth.

    “Huh? Did you just talk to me?”

    “Yeah, you!”

    She glared and Huan Yi’s eye narrowed. He didn’t expect just until now, but it seems he had heard this way of speaking.

    “…Wait a minute. I feel like I know you.”


    Chun Yeowun then intervened.

    “It seems it’s good if you cannot recognize her.”

    Huan Yi then frowned. He thought for a second and soon his eyes turned wide with shock.

    “W-what? Is she Elder Yin?”

    Yeowun smiled and nodded. Huan Yi genuinely looked shocked to see Yin Moha who had become younger in her looks.

    “My my! Look at your skin! So, you went through body reconstruction?”

    “Bah! I said stop scanning at me.”

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    Huan Yi looked shocked, but also looked envious. His face too, even with the mask, had many wrinkles from his age.

    “Ah- I am very jealous. Oh, anyway. Prince, congratulations.”

    Huan Yi bowed, to congratulate Yeowun on acquiring second approval. Having Yin Moha on their team when nobody thought it was possible, was a great achievement. And if she had gone through body reconstruction, it meant she was now within top 5 warriors of the cult.

    ‘Prince had earned a great ally.’

    At this rate, it didn’t seem much like it would be much problem for Yeowun to become the heir. The problem was after when the Lord and Elders from six clans return. Yeowun then asked Huan Yi.

    “Can you create a mask?”

    Huan Yi became surprised at the unexpected request and smiled with a guess.

    “Oh, I see. It’s good thinking. Its to hide that she went through body reconstruction, isn’t it?”



    “We need replacement of Yin Moha at her mansion.”


    Huan Yi realized what Yeowun had planned right away. This was the way that Ko Wanghur had thought of. He said that they can ask Huan Yi to create mask for someone to act like 10th elder at her home. If then, Yin Moha was always one to stay inside her home, never meeting with anyone so it made possible to fool other clans. There was no way for anyone to recognize a young woman guarding Chun Yeowun was actually Yin Moha.

    “As you wish, my master.”

    Huan Yi then went to his workshop to create the mask. And with Sama Chak still going through healing his wounds, Yeowun decided to take a day off and rest. Ko Wanghur and Hu Bong said they will return to their respective clans. They couldn’t meet with their parents yet after coming out of the academy. Mun Ku also said she will return to her home so she can see her brother who was alone at home.

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