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    Chapter 181: Unexpected Offer (2)


    The three leaders were shocked. It was shocking to hear this masked man saying he will teach the True Sword Demon, but it was also suspicious at the same time.

    “And Anonymous showed us the Sword Formation to prove himself.”

    The power equal to the Lord’s Sword Art of the Sky Demon was enough to prove that it was real. All of them became tempted to learn.

    ‘H-how do you know the True Demon Sword?’

    ‘I can’t tell you.’

    ‘And why are you teaching us this?’

    Mu Jinwon, who was the suspicious type, kept on trying to find out the reason but Anonymous shook his head.

    ‘I’ll just say this. I just considered it was right to teach this to the ones that have succeeded the teaching of the Sword Demon.’

    As he said, they confirmed that this Anonymous was a member of the cult. But his power was so powerful to attempt to find out who he is with force. Kingbonki and Mu Jinwon agreed to be taught on the sword skill, but Yin Moha objected.

    ‘NO! I can’t allow that!’

    Yin Moha told that these two clans were banished by Sword Demon after disappointing him and claimed that these two clans did not have the right to learn it. Two other leaders objected and the atmosphere began to grow worse. And Anonymous came up with an answer.

    ‘Okay. I will do this. This is not all the teachings from Sword Demon that I am trying to teach you.’

    And with that, Anonymous showed them a new sword formation that shocked all of them. One formation was much more powerful that even the Sword Art of the Sky Demon could not compete against.

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    ‘This is named Twenty Four Sword Demon. It is the last sword skill left by the Sword Demon himself.’

    Martial arts was like a treasure to every people of Yulin. And from looking at the powerful martial art that can be the most powerful martial art of the entire cult, all of them became tempted. And if it was the last sword skill left by the Sword Demon, it also had great meaning behind it.

    ‘I’ll offer you this. I will teach all of you the True Demon Sword. And I will teach this to one who mastered perfectly in three years. You all know what this means.’

    This meant that whoever learns it will become true successor of the Sword Demon. Yin Moha didn’t want the other two clans to even have the chance of becoming the successor, but Anonymous was firm on his decision.

    “I have trained hard so the teaching would not fall at the hands of those scums.”

    The Demonspread Sword clan spent 500 years to restore True Demon Sword. And without even needing three years, she was able to complete the sword in just two. And after three years, three leaders met again at the peak of the Five Wise.

    “…I thought I was the only one who perfected it. I was wrong.”

    Wise and Sword clan also had their roots in the Sword Family. Three years were enough to have these leaders perfect the True Sword Demon Sword. Anonymous concluded that he couldn’t find a difference in perfection between them and gave them another chance.

    ‘You all should know by now that this sword skill is 500 years old, so it has its weakness. Fix this, and you deserve the Twenty Four Demon Sword.’

    They were given two years. Yin Moha trained hard as she can to fix the weakness. The result was what she used against Chun Yeowun.

    “But the competition was severe.”

    Two elders from the Wise and Sword clans were of the top five warriors of the cult. They too worked hard to fix the weakness, so it was natural for them to succeed in removing the weakness. And with the second competition to have reached a tie, Anonymous offered them a final offer.

    ‘This isn’t easy. Then I will change the method. I will see if all of you deserve the right to succeed the relic of the Sword Demon.’

    He asked them if they remembered the first formation of the Twenty Four Demon Sword. Of course, they did not forget that powerful formation.

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    ‘Good. I will give you three years. Replicate the first formation. If you have will to succeed the Sword Demon and with some luck, you will be able to complete the formation.’

    ‘What? We have no energy flow or teachings. How can we learn the formation that we just saw once?’

    Kingbonki spoke back angrily but Anonymous was firm.

    ‘That sword movement does not require special energy flow. If you have the right, then you will learn.’


    They became dumbfounded and Anonymous suddenly pulled out his sword and unleashed one formation. It was much more powerful, not weaker than the Twenty Four Sword Demon. After the formation, Anonymous’s arm and leg shook and looked exhausted.

    ‘W-what is that?’

    Kingbonki and Mu Jinwon looked shocked. Yin Moha never saw such movement before, but two of them seemed to know something.

    ‘Ha… hah… I will test you with this formation after three years. If you perfected the first formation of the Twenty Four Demon Sword, then you will counter the formation I just used.’

    And with that, Anonymous quickly disappeared. They were left with no choice. Yin Moha then finished up her story.

    “That was three years ago.”


    Yeowun then realized what Lee Hameng had said. The reason she came into contact with Wise and Sword clan was because of this.

    “Three years, so did you already met the Anonymous again?”

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    “…I have to, in two weeks.”

    This was why she was locked up in the house and train. She had to come over these two leaders and succeed the teachings.

    “You told me you can teach me Sword Demon’s teachings, but I have to stop those scumbags from learning the teaching!”

    Yeowun narrowed his eyes. There was one part that he was being suspicious as he heard the story. It was Anonymous.

    ‘If he knows the name- Twenty Four Demon Sword… he must have seen the skill book at the treasure vault.’

    But that required to pass the sixth test and he had heard no one had passed the test in 70 years. Then who was this man?

    ‘I should ask Left Guardian on the person who passed the sixth test 70 years ago.’

    Whoever it was, if the person was trying to give chance to two other clans, this wasn’t good news for Chun Yeowun. And there was one more thing Yeowun was curious on.

    “10th Elder. Do you… still remember the sword formation that the man used 3 years ago?”

    “Of course.”

    She remembered well on the movement. Yeowun then asked her to show him in private and she took him into the private training room underground of her main building. Yeowun, after getting to the training room, immediately took out his sword and unleashed the formation. It was a grand and powerful movement that made Yin Moha’s eye turned large.


    It was exactly same sword formation that Anonymous showed her three years ago. The only difference was that if Anonymous was barely able to do it, Yeowun was using it flawlessly and naturally.

    “H-how do you know this sword formation?! This is the one that Anonymous used back then!”

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    Yeowun became grim. He was shocked.

    ‘How can this be…?’

    The formation he just used was the first formation of the Sword Force of the Sky Demon.

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