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    Chapter 180: Unexpected Offer (1)

    With 10th Elder Yin Moha going through body reconstruction, for the first time in his life, a naked woman was bowing to Chun Yeowun in allegiance. Yeowun also became embarrassed and looked away.

    “…Elder, you should get dressed first.”


    Yin Moha was weird, but when she realized she was naked, she blushed and quickly ran into the building. She looked like in her 20s now, but she was still in her 50s so she didn’t scream or anything like that.

    “Haha, it’s hot. Isn’t it?”

    “Yeah, I know.”

    Ko Wanghur and Hu Bong flapped their hands at their face. It was cold winter, but they were hot for some reason.

    And with this, Yeowun was able to acquire the second approval, and the powerful servant who was at the end stage of the supreme level. It was as Lee Hameng said. She was going to be a valuable asset to the member.

    After about ten minutes, Yeowun and his members were gathered in the office of the mansion. 10th Elder Yin Moha, now looked about as same age as the others. But Mun Ku didn’t look so happy.

    ‘Ugh, look at them, they’re fooled by her naked body!’

    She seemed to think all of the boys here were fools. But only one who knew her as a girl was Yeowun, so only Yeowun knew why she was being uncomfortable.

    “Is that true?!”

    Yin Moha was looking down at the man kneeling at the office. The man had all of his fingers snapped backward and begged, but the anger didn’t go down. Yin MOha gritted her teeth as she growled in one clan’s name.

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    “Sword Clan…!”

    She didn’t think the staff that worked for over ten years were spies of the Sword clan. She didn’t even become suspicious as the staff did not have any internal energy.

    ‘The Sword clan told him to watch over me?’

    The staff spilled everything he knew to Chun Yeowun. They were told that if she finds any progress in restoring the Sword Demon’s sword skill, then they were ordered to bring it out. But they couldn’t see Yin Moha in training, as she always trained in a locked room and she didn’t leave any tracing so it was no use.

    “You dare tried to kill me…!”

    And with no findings, that’s when they saw Yin Moha going under body reconstruction and thought they had to interrupt it at all cause. This betrayal was as terrible. The man begged as hard as he could.

    “M-master! Please! Please don’t torture me!”

    He wasn’t begging for his life. He was a trained spy, so he didn’t fear death. But after being his fingers snapped and nails pulled out, he had gone through so much pain that he wanted to die.

    ‘Master… Y-you still haven’t changed.’

    Hu Bong felt sweat running through his forehead. It was long memory, but he was reminded of his first meeting with Chun Yeowun at the medical room. Chun Yeowun’s torture was that of a trained torturer.



    Yin Moha angrily created sword qi over her finger and thrust it into the staff’s heart. She did not intend to let the man live who tried to kill her, even if the man served her over 10 years. When she seemed to ease her anger, Yeowun asked her.

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    “Elder, can I ask you what is going on?”

    Yin Moha did not speak the important part that Yeowun was being curious on. Yin MOha thought for a moment and spoke.

    “Okay. I decided to serve you as my master, so I will tell you everything.”

    Leaders of the Demonspread Sword Clan were powerful, as their root was from the Sword Family itself. So even if they weren’t from six clans, they often took important roles within the cult. The reason for them to take such important roles were to compete against six clans, but also to continue the true will of the Sword Family.

    “We wanted to be approved of what we restored over 500 years, but Sword and Wise clan always rejected the idea.”

    They always emphasized that they were the true successor to the will and did not approve True Sword Demon that the Demonspread Sword Clan restored. And that continued through history down to Yin Moha.

    “It was 8 years ago…”

    She still remembered the day. She was training her sword in her mansion when someone infiltrated in.

    “He had masked his face, but his eyes were not from any ordinary attacker.”

    She didn’t let the intruder to just walk freely in her mansion, so she fought against the man. And the result was her loss after just one formation.

    ‘One formation?’

    Yeowun was surprised. It was powerful move. Yin Moha was angered at her loss, when the masked man offered her unexpected offer.

    ‘You restored True Demon Sword to some extent. If you want to succeed the will of the Sword Family, come to the peak of the Five Wise Peak at the southwest of the Thousand Peaks Mountain in three days.’

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    This made her become very confused.

    “I was so confused and I couldn’t find out who he was since he changed his voice.”

    If the man knew about Sword Family, and appeared here in the castle, then he must be cultist. But Yin MOha had never seen such powerful martial artist. She was also shocked when the man recognized the True Demon Sword. After hesitating for a long time, she had to go down to the Five Wise Peak. She couldn’t just ignore it when the name of Sword Family was mentioned.

    “And when I went up the peak, there was ones that weren’t expected.”

    It was Kingbonki of the Sword clan, and Mu Jinwon of the Wise clan. All of them didn’t expect each other to be here and readied to fight, but they stopped when the masked man appeared.

    ‘Who are you to mention the name of Sword Family and gather us here?!’

    Kingbonki shouted angrily, as he was most hot-tempered one. But he didn’t attack the man at once, so it seemed he too had lost against this masked man.

    ‘You don’t need to know who I am.’

    ‘Then how should we address you?’

    Mu Jinwon asked and masked man answered.

    ‘you can call me Anonymous, if you need the name.’

    This was the Anonymous that Yin Moha spoke earlier. After gathering all of them in the same place, the man went into the subject.

    ‘With all members that succeeds the Sword Family here, I will teach you the lost True Demon Sword to you.’

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