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    Chapter 179: Second approval (10)


    Wanghur then saw the man having bubbles over his mouth as he died. Wanghur tried to make him vomit it out, but the poison spread quickly over to the man’s body and killed him.


    Wanghur then turned to try to let Yeowun know, but Yeowun wasn’t there. Chun Yeowun was at the roof of the building and dragging another man down.

    ‘Oh, there was one more!’

    The man was being held by his neck, with his chin distorted in a weird way. He was sealed of his movement by blood point before he chewed on the poison. On his hand, there was something shaped like a flute. It seemed that was the weapon used to shoot this projectile.

    “Stand guard for her.”

    Yeowun ordered at his members. Three of them nodded and stood guard in three ways around Yin Moha. Yeowun threw the man down inside of the building and reached out toward the man’s mouth. He seemed he didn’t understand what Yeowun was trying to do.

    ‘W-what? What is going on?!’

    He felt strong pain coming from his left lower part of the mouth. The pain came over to him, but he couldn’t do anything but to cry in pain as his blood points were sealed that stopped him from moving or scream. And with the sound, something was pulled out from his mouth. IT was his molar tooth, that had small wire wrapped around with small medicine ball.

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    “Did you try to kill yourself with this?”

    Yeowun flashed the ball at the man, and man’s eye shook terribly. It seems Yeowun’s action of reaching out, was using the force energy to pull out the teeth.

    ‘Dammit! He took out the poison!’

    The man lost way to run and lost the way to kill himself. Yeowun looked at him coldly and spoke.

    “Who sent you?”

    There was no more poison in his mouth, so Yeowun unsealed the blood point so the man can talk. The man knew that Yeowun was not someone he can even imagine to resist, so he spoke in shaking voice.

    “I-I won’t tell you.”


    Yeowun then sealed the blood point again. The man frowned as Yeowun only asked once and silenced him again. Yeowun whispered to the man.

    “10th Elder will be delighted to hear that you tried to assassinate her.”

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    The man turned pale. What he did was to kill Yin Moha while she was in trance. There was no way she will kill the man easily.

    “I guess you will never spill it out, wouldn’t you?”

    And without warning, Yeowun snapped one of his fingers to the back.


    He couldn’t speak, so he moaned in pain. He thought Yeowun will ask few more times, so he didn’t expect Yeowun will start torturing right after. Yeowun then looked at the man and whispered like a demon.

    “I will break your bones one by one, so if you change your mind, roll your eye upside down. But I guess you won’t give in, won’t’ you?”


    The man thought he had to change his mind right now and quickly rolled his eyes, but Yeowun wasn’t looking at him anymore.


    It was about hour later when Yin Muha’s bones and muscles began to enter the reshaping process. After about 10 minutes of trembling, her skins began to crack. Mun Ku’s eye turned wide from shock.

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    ‘Body reconstruction!’

    She didn’t know that five qi unification resulted in body reconstruction, so she and other members were shocked to see it. Even Chun Yeowun who was inside the building was now out of the room and watching it happen.

    ‘It’s amazing to see.’

    The crack started from one place soon spread toward the entire body. It looked like if it will shatter even with the slightest touch. And it was then. Yin Moha moved and the cracked shell over her shattered and turned to dust. She had finally reached the true supreme level.


    ‘Whooooooaaaah! What is that!’

    Unlike Mun Ku who was shocked by the body reconstruction itself, Ko Wanghur and Hu Bong was shocked in a different aspect. Yin Moha, a middle-aged woman who looked sophisticated and noble, was entirely different now. Her skin had found the youth again, and she now looked like woman in her mid-20s. Her sharp eyes and thick eyebrow now made her look like a cold, intelligent woman.


    Yin Moha opened her yees. Being at the end stage of the supreme level, she trembled in achieving her accomplishment and soon jumped out. She quickly got down to the front of the building and bowed toward Chun Yeowun. She then shouted in a large voice.

    “Leader of the Demonspread Clan, and 10th Elder Yin Moha, swear an oath of allegiance to the true successor of Demon Sword, Chun Yeowun.”

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    Mun Ku looked at her with blush and quickly sent a telepathic message to Hu Bong and Ko Wanghur who were looking at Yin Moha with mesmerized looks.

    [Stop… LOOKING!!]

    Yin Moha was naked.

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