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    Chapter 178: Second approval (9)

    “S-Skill book?”

    Yin Moha became dumbfounded. Everyone knew that Sword Demon had left no skill book of any kind before he died. And if there was any left, then Wise and Sword clan, most powerful clans at the time would have taken it for themselves.

    “B-but there’s no way Sword Demon would have left a book…”

    She became confused and Yeowun spoke to her.

    “Do you know why the Demonic Academy was built?”


    She became confused and Yeowun explained the story he heard from Lee Hameng, with the shortened version. The point was this. Sword Demon had created the Demonic Academy in order to find the true successor to his will. He then prepared so that the ones that pass the sixth test of the academy are allowed to retrieve the skill book that contained every martial art of the Sword Demon.

    ‘I guess she doesn’t need to know about the underground treasure vault.’

    If the existence of that room spreads, then it was sure to create another problem. It was better to have only one that passed the sixth test to gain access to the place.

    “S-Sword Demon had created such a thing…”

    None of the members from the Demonspread Sword clan had passed the sixth test in 500 years, so they had no way of knowing this truth.

    “It’s better to see it then hard.”

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    Yeowun then pulled his sword and walked to the yard. As everyone looked at him with a curious look, Yeowun unleashed the sword formation with his cold steel sword.

    ‘True Demon Sword…’

    He was proving the sword formation by showing it. It was truly the True Sword Demon skill itself that was created with every powerful sword moves. Its power was unmatched as the legend said.


    Nano had transferred this to him, so Yeowun’s formations were accurate to the last inch as what it was written in the book. Yeowun’s members and Yin Moha were astounded. When Yeowun’s sword formation of True Sword Formation was finished, Yeowun changed the way he held on the sword and began to use another sword formation.

    The sound of the sword slashing through the air was tighter. Its power was much more than that of True Demon Sword, and the sword formation was so powerful even by just looking at it.

    ‘By the gods… what is this sword skill?’

    ‘Look at that powerful sword movements!’

    They saw this already when Yeowun used it against Yin Moha while ago, but it was still astounding to see it again.

    ‘Twenty Four… Demon Sword…!!’

    Yin Moha became reddened from excitement. She knew the first formation as she had trained in it for ten years, but it was the first time she was looking at other formations.


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    She gasped and moaned. As she watched Yeowun using formation by formation on the Twenty Four Demon Sword, her eyes became teary.

    ‘That is… the true Twenty Four Demon Sword…!’

    The Demonspread Sword clan had used 500 years in restoring sword skill of the Sword Demon. She then felt something breaking her seal that tied her down at her house, in fulfilling that goal. And when she saw the light coming into that dark barrier…

    “Huh? M-master!”

    Yin Moha fell to the ground, and the staff that was still around tried to run up to her in shock. Mun Ku stopped him.



    It would have become a serious problem if Mun Ku had not stopped him. Yin Moha wasn’t just dropped to the ground. She was meditating. A light in varying color began to shine from her and powerful torrent began to unleash from her.

    “W-what is going on?”

    Workers inside the mansion became shocked and looked at her. Yin Moha’s body was shining in five colors of light. Ko Wanghur mumbled in astonishment.

    “Five qi unification…!”

    Yin Moha had entered Five qi unification. It was the last stage to become at the end stage of the supreme level.

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    ‘She received understanding.’

    Yeowun retrieved his sword and looked at Yin Moha. Yin Moha was shining brightly as she went through. When this is over, she will go through body reconstruction.

    ‘So, I went through that?’

    Yeowun almost laughed when he saw his three members looking at Yin Moha with the envious look. It was then. With something flying in heard through his ears, Yeowun reached out. Something was stopped at about five steps away from where Yin Moha was meditating.


    Hu Bong snatched it on the air and spoke in shock. It was a sharp needle with red feathers. It had a dark poison at the end.


    Where did it come from?


    It was a small sound, but Ko Wanghur, a super master level warrior, heard it clearly. He bolted out like lightning toward the sound and found a staff trying to run away at the corner of the building.


    Ko Wanghur grabbed the man on the neck. The man tried to get out of the grasp, but there was no use. Soon, the man began to tremble.

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