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    Chapter 177: Second approval (8)

    Sword Demon shunned them from his apprenticeship at once. But that anger also came to Yin Hongsu, who wasn’t involved in the greed. Yin Hongsu was also shunned. He had tried so hard in trying to learn the sword so he can succeed the Sword Family, but that wish was gone due to the other two men.

    “My ancestor, Yin Hongsu was banished like that but he never forgot about Sword Demon.”

    And when Sword Demon died without taking any further apprentice, the Sword Family was lost forever. Yin Hongsu did not want the legend to be gone forever, so he claimed that he was the successor and created the second Sword Family. But that wasn’t approved.

    “Yin Hongsu was not approved only because he was banished in the middle from Sword Demon! But then!”

    Yin Moha bit on her lips in anger. The elder meeting that did not approve Yin Hongsu, approved that Sword clan created by Kingchen, and Wise clan created by Mu Jurang to be the successor of the Sword Family.


    Yeowun moaned. Yin Moha’s anger was just. After receiving the approval, Yin Hongsu became angry and complained to two leaders of each clan but Yin Hongsu was then imprisoned for 10 years because he ashamed members of the Lord’s family.

    “Yin Hongsu was furious and thought to fix things right.”

    And after he got out of prison in 10 years, two clans had become so powerful that there was no way to do anything anymore. Yin Hongsu thought Sword Demon would be ashamed, so he decided to continue to the will and keep Sword Family’s name clean.

    “And from then on, we, the Demonspread Sword clan, focused to restore the True Demon Sword of the Sword Demon for generations.”

    They thought with their internal energy formed from that of Sword Demon, recovering the True Demon Sword was going to be enough to find the honor of Sword Demon and Sword family back. But restoring the sword skill that he just saw few times when Sword Demon used, was hard. And Yin Hongsu, who thought it was impossible to restore the sword skill by himself, took in apprentice to succeed his will. And 500 years had passed. There was a total of three grand goals for the Demonspread Sword clan.

    “One, is to succeed the will of Sword Demon and restore his honor. Second, is to recover perfectly on his Truer Demon Sword.”

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    ‘But that wasn’t the recovered sword skill.’

    Chun Yeowun was curious. If it was only True Demon Sword that Yin Moha used, that was explainable. But that didn’t explain Twenty Four Demon Sword.

    “What is the last one?”

    ‘Can I trust him? He isn’t from six clans…’

    Yin Moha hesitated for a bit at Yeowun’s question and answered.

    “Find the true cult back, back from the hands of these scum Wise and Sword clan. And restore the order and loyalty that belongs to the Lord.”


    Loyalty. That was only one thing that Sword Demon wanted from his apprentice. The Demonspread Sword clan chose to have only one person continue on the tradition just like how the Sword Dmeon did, and thought of the future of the Demonic Cult. But six clans became too much powerful for one man clan to deal with.

    ‘It’s amazing.’

    Yeowun was astonished. He thought that Sword Demon’s apprentices were only filled with greed, when he first heard from Lee Hameng at the underground treasure vault. But there was actually an apprentice who succeeded true will of the Sword Demon.

    “…You did this for 500 years. It is truly astonishing. So, the Demonspread Sword clan is the true descendant of the Sword Family.”


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    Yeowun spoke sincerely and it brought tears to Yin Moha’s eyes. Her entire clan wanted to hear this for generations and she did not expect to hear it from candidate of the heir.

    ‘How great it would have been if my father, or Yin Hongsu, heard this?’

    She became silent from being touched, and Yeowun spoke to her.

    “I see no reason not to have the Demonspread Sword clan to continue the will of the Sword Family.”

    “Of course. I can’t have those scumbags to pretend that they succeed the will of the Sword Family.”

    She gritted her teeth again as she was reminded of the two clans. Yeowun then bowed at Yin Moha.

    “I ask 10th Elder, and the true member of the Sword Family Yin Moha. Please approve me as the Heir of the throne.”

    “Approve? Is that why you have come to me in the first place?”

    Yin Moha had not imagined this was the reason for the visit. Yeowun continued, “If you approve, then I will promise you… that Wise, Sword… or any other six clans will never take control of this cult, ever again.”

    “Hah! You think you can do such a thing?”

    She spoke dumbfoundedly. The Demonspread Sword Clan had tried so hard for the past 500 years, so it wasn’t likely that Chun Yeowun who had no power like other clans to do such thing.

    “If that was easy, we would have…”

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    But before she can finish her speaking, Hu Bong jumped in.

    “We are not lying! The Poison clan is already gone, and all of the people of the Wise clan that remained in the cult are dead, including Lady Mu.”


    “Didn’t you know?”

    She had cut ties from outside and sent back the messenger who brought the news from the Lord’s palace. She was shocked to hear this from Hu Bong. Six clans had kept its power for the past 500 years.

    ‘I-is that true?’

    Yin Moha became shocked and Yeowun spoke to finish seal the deal.

    “Let me cut to the chase. If you approve me and swear an oath to be my servant, I will help you succeed the Sword Demon’s will officially.”

    “…What do you mean?”

    “As a man who officially succeeds the teachings of the Sword Demon, I will teach you his martial art.”

    Yin Moha’s eyes grew large. She was curious as to how Yeowun had learned these sword skills of Sword Demon. And what Yeowun just said was shocking indeed.

    “Y-you succeeds his teachings? B-but how? How can you succeed his teachings?!”

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    She shouted in disbelief and Yeowun smiled.

    “With the skill book.”

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