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    Chapter 176: Second approval (7)

    ‘I… I wasn’t wrong.’

    But having fear of her life was removed instantly and Yin Moha looked up to Yeowun with shocked look.

    ‘It was that. The latter part of the sword formation that Anonymous showed me.’

    She was certain. The power of the sword formation that was created with twenty-four same sword movements was more powerful than hers and the power created from the formation was also much more powerful.

    “Will you continue?”

    Yeowun spoke and Yin Moha frowned and shook her head. The result was already set. She knew that she was behind power, as Yeowun was a higher stage in the supreme level, so she tried to use a powerful sword skill to close the gap, but Chun Yeowun was stronger even in that, so the result was already decided.

    “It is your victory. I lost.”

    Yin Moha accepted her defeat. Yeowun was worried what she might do, as she seemed to be a stubborn type so it was fortunate that she accepted her loss willingly.

    “So, can you tell me where you learned those sword skills?”

    What made Yeowun most shocking was the sword formation Yin Moha used at the last. The sword formation comprised of twenty-four movements, was the first formation of the Twenty Four Demon Sword that Sword Demon created after fighting against Blade God. But it seemed she had not learned it to its fullest, so it was unstable.

    ‘Ugh! I’m the one who wants to know!’

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    She wanted to know about how Yeowun learned that also. She thought for a while with a frown and spoke.

    “That is a separate matter. I can’t tell you.”

    The answer was no. Yeowun raised his eyebrow and spoke.

    “Didn’t you say martial artist speak with sword? And weren’t you trying to make me talk by force?”

    “I can’t tell you even if you insist on that.”

    “Even if I try to find out by using force?”

    “I attacked you first, so if you try to make me pay the price, I’m ready to lose my arm.”


    If Yin Moha, a martial artist, claims that she can even give her arm, which was a lifeline of martial artist, then it was sure that she had a serious reason for not telling him. It seemed it was related to that ‘Anonymous’ she spoke of.

    ‘What should I do?’

    Yeowun began to think. He came here to persuade her to become the second supporter, but came with a different problem. If he doesn’t solve this problem well, then the time he used here was going to be wasted.

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    This was solely on Yeowun, so his members had nothing to do but to watch. Yeowun then looked at Yin Moha and spoke.

    “Let me change the question. I heard that you have a relationship to Wise and Sword clan, so I thought you may have a connection with them.”


    “Yes. It is not possible for us to go together.”


    Yin Moha became surprised at Yeowun’s word. Even if she locked herself in the house and stayed away from outside affairs, she too had heard about rumors of the 7th prince of the cult. The prince’s birth was mentioned multiple times in the elder meeting a long time ago.

    ‘Was it to see if I side with those two clans, that he asked me such question?’

    It seemed Yin Moha had mistaken from the question that her staff brought her. She figured that Yeowun was asking of Sword and the Wise clan is the same Sword Family as her, which made her become furious.

    ‘My temper got me again.’

    She tried to fix this, but she couldn’t. And with her misunderstanding being solved, she answered dumbfoundedly.

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    “Connection… yes, a bad one at that.”

    It seems Yin Moha was becoming angry even to think about those two clans. Yeowun realized that she was considering her as the lost Sword Family of the Sword Demon. He wanted to know why.

    “Elder Yin. What connection do you have with the Sword Family?”


    Yeowun asked seriously and she sighed deeply. She wanted to be asked of this question ever since she became the leader of the Demonspread Sword clan. The cult was under control of six clans for long time. Even the Chun family now had blood of these six clans — no matter how hard Demonspread Sword clan tried, its claims were shunned.

    ‘Prince not from any of the six clans…’

    Maybe it was a chance to talk to the prince who had no relation to them. She hesitated for a long time and spoke.

    “We, the Demonspread Sword, clan is the only clan that succeeds the will of the Sword Demon. We are the descendant of the Sword Family.”

    “Descendant of the Sword Family?”

    As far as Yeowun knew, the Sword Demon did not take any apprentices, resulting in the loss of his entire clan. Then what did this mean? Yin Moha began unveiling her story, starting from how she was told of this through her clan.

    Five hundred years ago, there were three apprentices to the Sword Demon. Kingchen, Mu Jurang, and Yin Houngsu. Three of them were from ordinary soldier families that had good muscles and talents that the Sword Demon chose himself. He wanted to train them and take one best sword genius to succeed his Sword Family and have the other two to be the guards of the Lord. The Sword Demon was a genius in his sword skills, but he was also a genius in teaching. Three of these students learned martial art very quickly and showed promise among many warriors from their same age.

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    The problem arose from there. Sword Demon considered loyalty to the Cult as the most important trait required. But unlike his wish, Kingchen and Mu Jurang began to grow in greed and were helped by other clans to force their marriage with the Lord. And with approval from the elder meeting, it was decided quickly. This greatly disappointed the Sword Demon.

    “The Sword Demon thought that his achievement and feat have clouded their judgment and drove them into greed.”

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