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    Chapter 175: Second approval (6)

    Yin Moha greeted her teeth. It seemed Yeowun had angered her much, so she frowned and shouted.

    “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TALKING TO! Hah! Okay. We are martial artists, so we talk with swords. I’ll beat you and find out myself.”

    Yin Moha claimed strongly and Yeowun narrowed his eyes. She should have understood that True Demon Sword will not work, as Yeowun just countered it. Then where was her confidence coming from?


    Yin Moha then charged again, with sword formation unleashed at Yeowun. It was the same sword formation from the True Sword Demon, but it had some alterations and fixed its weakness.

    ‘It’s different.’

    Yeowun quickly swung his sword and defended himself. He would have been struck if he did not know original sword formation. But with its weak point removed, he only could defend through each sword movement.

    “Let’s see how long you can defend against!”

    Yin Moha’s sword became faster. She had trained in True Sword Demon for a long time, so the sword formation was now evolved in her hands. This showed that just knowing the sword skill wasn’t enough.


    Chun Yeowun then changed his method to counter. His stance became equal to that of Yin Moha’s.

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    Sound of swords clashing filled the area. Yeowun was now reacting with the same sword movement to that of Yin Moha.

    “Huh? He’s using the same movement!”

    Yeowun’s members gasped in astonishment. It was already astonishing to see Yin Moha using her sword, but it was even more astounding when they saw Yeowun doing the same.

    ‘This is incredible. So, Master knew the True Demon Sword too?’

    If that wasn’t the case, then it wasn’t possible for Yeowun to do the same movement like that. When Chun Yeowun quickly copied the changed sword movements, Yin Moha’s eye turned colder.

    ‘He truly learned the True Demon Sword!’

    She felt Chun Yeowun’s enormous power every time she clashed her sword with him. She was certain that if she spends more time dueling, it will not bring her victory. Then she needed to go for the weak point.

    ‘Will it be possible?’

    She had a secret weapon. It was just one look at the shocking sword formation, and she spent all her life in trying to learn it. And after three full years of training, she had perfected just this one formation.

    ‘I was saving it so I can use it against those fools.’

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    She had a goal on who to use this, but she also wanted to test this out. Yin Moha then decided and jumped back to put distance between Yeowun. She then readied a different stance. It wasn’t the True Demon Sword.


    Yeowun turned grim. It was astounding when Yin Moha used the True Demon Sword, but it wasn’t as much as now. She jumped out and charged with ordinary sword movement.

    ‘Huh? Where did I see that from somewhere?’

    ‘Seven Demon Sword?’

    Ko Wanghur and Mun Ku also recognized the sword movement. That was the same as the Seven Demon Sword. It was an unexpected sword formation. Yeowun quickly changed the way he held on the sword and defended the attack. Yin Moha’s sword movement was just the start. As she moved onto the second and third, the power began to grow exponentially. Yeowun began to be pushed back.

    ‘Hmph! You think you can defend against this sword formation?’

    Yin Moha’s eyes became filled with arrogance. But that arrogance didn’t last long.


    She didn’t know as she had to focus on the formation she was using against a real enemy for the first time, but Yeowun’s sword movement that she first thought it was just for defense, was similar to the sword movement that she was using.

    ‘W-what is going on?’

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    And with the seventh sword movement being unleashed equally, she was able to acknowledge correctly. The attack was just turned upside down in order it was used. Her sword movement that powered out on Yeowun, was now being pushed back as Yeowun began to move forward.


    And when the 10th movement struck against each other, she was pulled in. Yeowun’s sword movement stormed like a giant tornado and struck against Yin Moha’s sword movements and scattered her power away.

    “H-how do you know this formation?!”

    She became pale and shouted in shock and tried to use force qi over the sword movement to defend, but it was no use. The sword formation used by Chun Yeowun was a much higher level than the one she used. Her formation was already countered even before she can barely use, and she couldn’t pull out her sword from the torrent that Chun Yeowun’s sword formation created.

    ‘N-no! I can’t defend it!’

    It was shameful, but she tried to let go of the sword and jump back, but that moment, she was sent high into the air.


    She screamed in shock. That’s when Yeowun’s last sword movement shoot through against Yin Moha’s head, who was pulled up in the air from the energy.


    Yin Moha instinctively blocked her face with her two hands, but the energy that held her up over the air suddenly disappeared and she dropped to the ground.

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    She was pale from fear of death that could have come to her in just a while ago. And at her neck, Yeowun put his sword close to it and asked coldly.

    “Will you continue?”

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