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    Chapter 174: Second approval (5)

    True Demon Sword, is the sword skill left by Sword Demon, legendary swordsman from 500 years ago. It is a sword skill that is told to be two top most powerful sword skills along with the Sword Art of the Sky Demon. But Sword Demon did not have any apprentice before he died, so it was known to be lost. But in truth, there were three people who Sword Demon taught his skill.

    Kingchun, Mu Jurang, and Yin Hongsu.

    Three of these geniuses were trained to appoint them as loyal servants and supporters to Chun Muhwa, but the result was a failure. Kingchun and Mu Jurang used their identity of being apprentices of the Sword Demon to force a marriage with the Lord Chun Muhwa. Sword Demon was then disappointed and banished them from apprenticeship. Sword Demon thought that his title of World’s strongest man, had tainted his apprentice for greed and never taught the true martial art until he died. And with that, it was known that Sword Demon’s one-man clan, Sword Family was said to be finished.

    But here was now the True Demon Sword that was known to have gone.

    Yin Moha’s powerful sword formation that was combined with 18 sword movement charged toward Chun Yeowun.

    ‘Second formation…!’

    Chun Yeowun who had the book of True Demon Sword transferred already, acknowledged the formation right away. The power was amazing. But Yeowun knew what this formation was in every detail.

    Yeowun took out the cold steel sword from his waist, and without even doing any special formation, Yeowun thrust his sword into the middle of 18 sword movements coming at him. And with pushing the force qi into the sword to create reflective energy, the sword formation was instantly countered.


    Yin Moha became shocked. The place Yeowun had thrust was the sole weak point of the formation.

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    ‘He countered True Demon Sword’s formation in just once?!’

    IT was hard to believe. She had never had one to counter her sword formation ever since she learned it. She quickly took steps to get some distance and shouted at Chun Yeowun.

    “What are you! How did you counter my sword formation!?”

    “What am I? I’m the one who’s curious. How- where did you learn that sword skill?”

    Yin Moha became shocked at Yeowun’s question. She thought nobody would recognize her sword skill that was known to have been lost 500 years ago, but it seems Yeowun knew very well of what it was.

    ‘He knows the True Demon Sword? But how can’t he?’

    Yin Moha was shocked but didn’t show her shock and shouted.

    “It’s sword skill from my clan! What are you talking about?”

    “True Demon Sword is the sword skill of Demonspread Sword clan? That is the most absurd thing I have ever heard. I didn’t know Sword Demon had an apprentice.”

    “True Demon Sword?!”

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    Ko Wanghur, Mun Ku and Hu Bong became shocked at Yeowun’s word. Every cultist of the Demonic Cult knew about the legendary swordsman Sword Demon, and his unique True Demon Sword skill. It was also famous that the skill was lost in history. Cultists who weren’t told of the truth didn’t know much detail, and we’re ashamed that one of two powerful sword skill was lost.

    ‘The sword formation just now was True Demon Sword?’

    ‘Is that real?’

    ‘Sword skill of the Demon Sword!’

    They all just thought Yin Moha’s supreme level power was behind such powerful sword formation. If what she just used was truly the True Demon Sword, then it meant they just witnessed the legend. What’s more surprising was Chun Yeowun, who had countered such legendary formation in just one sword thrust. Yin Moha frowned and asked at Yeowun.

    “You… are you the successor of the Anonymous?”


    It just meant it can be anyone, but she spoke as if she was talking about specific someone. Yeowun asked back confusingly and Yin Moha became more confused.

    ‘So, he’s not related to Anonymous? Well, he will never teach one who is not related to the Sword Family. But how does he know about the True Demon Sword?’

    And just as Yin Moha became confused, Yeowun also was deep in thought. Yeowun was able to learn every martial art that Sword Demon left after passing the sixth test and gained access to the underground treasure vault.

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    ‘I thought Elder Yin had learned it through the same route, but it’s not. She doesn’t know about the place.’

    That was certain. Only ones who knew that there were skillbook left by Sword Demon at underground treasure vault of the Demonic Academy, were three guardians that kept Sword Demon’s will for 500 years. Chun Yeowun was only one who passed the sixth test in 70 years, so even Chun Yujong, the current Lord did not know its existence.

    ‘There’s something more.’

    Yeowun figured out there was something he didn’t know and asked.

    “How did you learn that sword skill?”

    “Fool. How do you know the True Demon Sword?”

    Yin Moha did not hide that what she used was True Demon Sword anymore. She understood that the counter-attack that Yeowun did was only possible when the one knew the formation to every detail. It wasn’t just happened from talent or luck.

    “True Demon Sword skill belongs to the Sword Family. I need to hear your secret.”

    She sure was stubborn. She did not answer to Yeowun’s question and kept on asking her. There was no need for further respect. Chun Yeowun shook his head and spoke.

    “And you are not from the Sword Family either, are you not?”

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