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    Chapter 173: Second approval (4)

    He wanted to leave a good impression for the first time, but with the person refusing to meet with him, it seemed it was better to go this way than to charge in through the mansion. The mansion was small, so the distance was enough.

    “I will have to excuse you.”


    Chun Yeowun then brought up powerful energy and exploded out toward the mansion. Yeowun’s energy at the supreme level was enough to provoke equal level warrior.


    Ko Wanghur, Mun Ku and even Hu Bong were shocked by the power. Ones with weaker internal energy felt their legs shaking from powerful energy pressing down on them.


    The man, who was just an ordinary man, became pale and slumped down to the ground. With such powerful energy focused on the mansion, it was sure that Yin Moha will react in some way if she is interested as a martial artist.


    But there was no reaction from inside. Yeowun became dumbfounded.

    ‘Is it as Left Guardian said?’

    He didn’t think she would be this much uninterested in outside affairs. He had to at least meet her to see if he can persuade, but this was no use. Yeowun thought for a while and decided to check on something before he left.

    ‘Left Guardian said she has some ties to the Wise and Sword clan.’

    If she is their supporter, then Yeowun needed to strike her down sooner then later. If Yin Moha, powerful martial artist equaling to those of elders from six clans support them, then it only meant Yeowun’s forces will be in trouble.

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    “Can you send my message to the 10th elder then?”

    “Y-yes! Of course!”

    The staff answered quickly with a frightened voice.

    “Tell her I asked ‘Do you walk the same path with Wise and Sword clan?'”

    He decided to ask directly. If she is truly their supporter, she will react and if not, she will not show any response.

    “W-wait a second.”

    The man grabbed his shaking leg and walked back into the mansion. Ko Wanghur then asked Chun Yeowun with a curious look.

    “Master, are you not here to receive approval from the 10th elder? Why do you ask such a thing?”

    It was natural as only Yeowun was the one who heard about the connection of the 10th elder with Sword and Wise clan. Yeowun then answered to Wanghur.

    “I’m checking to see if she’ll remain as an observer, or become an enemy.”

    “…So, you’ve given up on her medal.”

    If she was this stubborn, then it seemed impossible to persuade her to join them anyway. The best scenario then was to have her remain as neutral in the fight between six clans. And it was not long after the staff went back into the mansion.

    Yeowun turned to the inside of the mansion. Sharp energy began to rumble from inside, and Yeowun became grim.

    ‘So, she’s the latter.’

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    From the energy, it was sure that she wasn’t going to be an observer.

    “W-what is with this energy!?”


    Ko Wanghur and Mun Ku also felt the energy bit after Yeowun, and became shocked. This was as powerful as the energy that unleashed from Chun Yeowun just a moment ago. It was certain that this energy was coming from the owner of this mansion. That’s when the staff ran out in a pale face and spoke to Yeowun and his members.

    “M-master wants you to come in.”

    10th Elder Yin Moha invited them in. Yeowun nodded and walked into the mansion. As he walked over the gate, there was a large yard that was filled with sand and the building that Yin Moha lived.

    ‘Oh! She’s the 10th elder!’

    Mun Ku looked at the mansion intriguingly. On the inside of the building, at the terrace, there was a woman looking to be in her 50s, with white clothes. She stood tall and proud, and thick eyebrows and wrinkles over her forehead that showed that she was not an ordinary woman.


    And on her right hand, there was a sword. It seemed she didn’t invite for hospitality. Yin Moha got down from the terrace and before Yeowun can bow, she pointed at his face and spoke.

    “So, it’s you.”


    Ko Wanghur and Hu Bong became angry at such rude gesture. Even if both of them were the same elders, Chun Yeowun was the son of the Lord and candidate of the heir. At least basic manners were required, but she was pointing at Yeowun and acting rudely.

    ‘So, she sure is strange.’

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    She looked like a noble woman at first, but she was very rough. It was possible to see why even the Lord considered her difficult. Even to her attitude, Yeowun did not mind it and bowed.

    “12th Elder, Chun Yeowun here to meet 10th Elder, Yin Moha.”

    “Bah! I don’t care if you are from Chun, or the elder. I pay no respect to anyone other than the Lord of the Cult.”

    It was merely an introduction, but she was hostile. Yeowun became grim.

    ‘So, she’s with the Wise and Sword clan.’

    If that wasn’t the case, there was no reason for her to react in such a way. That’s when Yin Moha suddenly pulled out her sword.


    ‘What is she doing?!’

    Yeowun’s members became grim at Yin Moha’s sudden movement. The sword revealed its dark cold steel blade, and she charged against Yeowun with a hostile look and shouted.

    “You said what? Same path!? You dare consider me as those despicable betrayers?! I will teach you a lesson!!!”

    And with that, Yin Moha charged like a lightning and unleashed powerful sword movement at Yeowun. Mun Ku shouted with shock.

    “Prince! Watch OUT!”

    And in that short moment, Chun Yeowun’s eye grew large. This powerful sword formation, that increased its power by having 18 sword movement combining itself, was the formation that Yeowun very well knew.

    ‘True Demon Sword?’

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    This was the True Demon Sword, the sword skill created by Sword Demon, that 10th Elder Yin Moha was using.

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