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    Chapter 172: Second approval (3)

    Before coming out of the Demonic Academy, Yeowun was briefed of information about various clans through Left Guardian Lee Hameng, especially of those from 12th elders. It was information that Lord’s palace gathered and kept. Lee Hameng also talked about 10th elder Yin Moha.

    ‘There are two elders who even the Lord himself consider them difficult to deal with, due to their characteristics. One of them is 10th elder Yin Moha.’

    Another was Huan Yi, the leader of Ghost Illusion clan. Yin Moha’s Demonspread Sword clan claimed itself as a clan but there was no warrior aside from the leader herself. There was only the minimum number of staff in her mansion to keep it maintained. What was more weird was that unless there was a direct order from the Lord, or there is an elder meeting, she never came out of her mansion.

    ‘Elder Yin is known to stay within her home and never meet anyone. She even hates visitors from what I’ve heard. But it is known that she meets the leader of Sword and Wise clan once every few years for an unknown reason.’

    ‘Huh? Meet them?’

    ‘Yes. They always meet on a mountain peak outside the castle, where there is no one. We wanted to send someone to spy on them, but there is no one who can sneak behind the three elders.’

    It was impossible to spy on supreme level warrior. Three people meeting definitely looked suspicious but she never made any other movement besides that, so the Lord even stopped having eyes on her after 7 years.

    ‘That is weird.’

    ‘She is stubborn and hard to persuade, so I wouldn’t recommend. But if you do get her to join you, she will be of great help.’

    ‘Is there any special reason for that?’

    ‘…Her power… exceeds mine.’

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    And when he said that, Lee Hameng seem to be uncomfortable to acknowledge there was someone stronger than him.

    ‘She’s more powerful than you?’

    She had no forces or achievement that followed, making her lower rank elder but her power equaled to that of leaders from six clans. It was known that Hang Soyu, leader of the Lust clan, always avoided meeting eyes with Yin Moha every time there was an elder meeting. Lord’s palace found out that two elders dueled unofficially and Hang Soyu lost miserably on that. This meant that Yin Moha was a top female warrior within the cult.

    ‘Aside from her weird personality, she is certainly powerful. But to have her join… it would be faster to persuade the other elders.’

    Lee Hameng didn’t like the idea of going to her, but Yeowun decided to receive approval from her anyway. As he thought about what he heard as he walked, the group was already at the mansion of the Demonspread Sword clan. The mansion was bit southeast to the Demonic Academy.


    Hu Bong became curious. The gate of the mansion was locked, but there were no guards standing guard like other clans. The mansion was also very small that it didn’t have multiple buildings like other clans mansions were.

    “No guards. And very quiet too.”

    “I can sense people inside. Check on it.”


    Ko Wanghur spoke to Hu Bong. Hu Bong opened his senses and found a few people inside the mansion. It seemed there were only about 10, and most of them were ordinary people who have not learned any martial art.

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    “Master, I think we should call them.”

    Yeowun nodded and Hu Bong knocked on the gate and shouted.

    “Is there anyone there? EXCUSE ME?”

    And when Hu Bong shouted few more times, someone ran over to the gate and opened. A middle-aged man, looking to be staff who takes care of cleaning, appeared with a broom.

    “Oh, Uh, how can I help you sirs?”

    It was clear that this man was not martial artist even from the way he talked. It was true that Yin Moha didn’t have any martial artist around. Hu Bong spoke to the man.

    “This here, is 12th Elder, Prince Chun Yeowun. We are here to meet with 10th Elder. Please let her know.”

    “W-what! 12th Elder?!”

    Man’s eye turned wide and looked at Chun Yeowun. It was surprising to see a sudden guest, and it was even more shocking to find out that the guest was Elder of the cult. But the Demonspread Sword clan was not keen to outside news, so they didn’t know the name of Chun Yeowun.

    ‘Huh? This young man is elder?’

    The middle-aged man seemed hard to accept that young man like Yeowun was an elder, and looked back suspiciously. Yeowun then took out a medal that proves himself as an elder, and the man quickly ran in to report to the master.

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    “Hmm… this doesn’t feel good.”

    Mun Ku spoke, and she was completely right. The man, came out not too long after and spoke hesitantly.

    “A-are you sirs from Lord’s palace?”

    “No, we aren’t.”


    The man moaned and bowed deeply and spoke.

    “I’m sorry, Elder Chun! My master says she will not meet you if its not an order from the Lord.”

    “What!? She wouldn’t meet another elder?!”

    Hu Bong shouted angrily. It was totally up to the owner of the mansion to meet the guest or not, but they didn’t expect she will refuse to meet another elder.


    Yeowun moaned. He thought she would at least show her face, but that wasn’t the case. It seemed it another method was needed to meet with 10th Elder, Yin Moha.

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    ‘Should I provoke her as a martial artists’ way?’

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