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    Chapter 171: Second approval (2)

    AT the same time at guesthouse of the Ghost Illusion clan, Chun Yeowun was standing with grim face, with his members by his side. All of them were sullen, seeming to not have slept over night. Chun Yeowun told his member to go take rest, but they couldn’t let his master stay awake while they go to sleep.

    ‘Hm… he would be very tired from what happened yesterday.’

    But they couldn’t dare tell Yeowun to go take rest. Chun Yeowun stayed up all night, as Guard Jang was in dire state. Lee Hameng called Baek Jongmeng to look after Guard Jang. They wanted the Demon Doctor, Baek Jongwu, but he was doctor of the Lord and went together outside the cult. Chun Yeowun was grim after he heard that Guard Jang might not make it through the night.


    Many memories made him more painful. If even Guard Jang dies here, then every ties he had with his childhood were lost.

    ‘Prince Chun…’

    Mun Ku felt sad from watching Yeowun’s pained expression. She wanted to cheer him up, but she knew that nothing would help when they did not hear any result. All she could do was to stay together. And after a long time…

    “Whew… I’m exhausted…”

    Door of the room opened and Baek Jongmeng walked out with exhausted look. He too looked tired from staying up all night to tend to the patient.


    Baek Jongmeng found Chun Yeowun and bowed. Yeowun was now an Elder, so he couldn’t speak to Yeowun like before, but it was still glad to see Yeowun outside the academy.

    “Elder Chun. Why are you here?”

    Chun Yeowun walked up to Baek Jongmeng quickly and asked.

    “D-doctor Baek. How is he? How is Guard Jang?”

    “Guard Jang?”

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    Baek Jongmeng was dragged out of his dorm room and was taken here, so he didn’t know who his patient was.

    “H-he was my guard.”

    “Oh- OH!”

    This was reason why Left Guardian Lee Hameng told him to take especially good care of the patient. Baek Jongmeng looked at Yeowun’s shaking eyes, and spoke hestitantly.

    “I’m sorry to say…”

    Yeowun turned grim. Jongmeng then thought maybe Yeowun had mistaken what he was going to say, so quickly continued.

    “Oh- what I’m saying is that all of his teeth are pulled so he might have to live with soup for rest of his life.”

    “H-huh? You mean…?”

    Baek Jongmeng smiled.

    “He is now in stable condition. He’s a strong man.”


    Chun Yeowun’s face brightened up instantly. All of his concern over night flew away. And by looking at Yeowun’s joyous look, his members came up to him and congratulated.

    “G-great! Master!”

    “You were worried so much!”


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    Hu Bong and Mun Ku were even teary as they rejoiced. They were worried so much from looking Chun Yeowun in such pain. It was fortunate that Guard Jang had survived.

    “Hmm… but it’s better we stay away. Patient needs time to rest.”


    “I-I’m sorry!”

    All of them then quietly walked out, away from the room. Guard Jang was now in his sleep after taking medicine that Baek Jongmeng had made for him. Chun Yeowun thanked Baek Jongmeng multiple times.

    “It’s okay. I just did what I have to as a doctor. Oh, but look at the time! I have to go back to work now.”


    It looked like Jongmeng was going to collapse from exhaustion, so Yeowun offered him to take some rest, but Jongmeng shook his head.

    “It’s okay. I’ll go to the medical room and take some sleep there. You’re not at the academy anymore, so I don’t think I will be busy anymore.”


    “U-uh, nothing. It’s nothing.”

    The medical room at Demonic Academy was always busy when Chun Yeowun was there. But without him anymore, Baek Jongmeng felt bit sad that he won’t be getting any more patient.

    ‘Well, it’s just few more month.’

    After few months, the academy was going to be over and Baek Jongmeng thought maybe he will see more patients once he gets out. The thick smell of blood coming from Chun Yeowun was proof of that.

    And after Baek Jongmeng returned to the academy, members from Chun Yeowun’s group offered him to rest. But Yeowun had different idea.

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    “We don’t have time for rest.”


    “Lord will return to the cult in a while.”


    Return of the Lord. Everyone heard what the 11th Elder Huan Yi spoke while ago. He said that Lord was on his way back and was probably five days away. Yeowun needed to move to achieve the goal. He needed two more approvals.

    ‘I was able to get rid of Lady Mu from Wise clan since Lord and elders from six clans were missing. But when they return, the fight will only get harder.’

    If they return, it was apparent that they will do everything in their power to press on Chun Yeowun. He needed to be ready for anything before that. There was Mun Yun, 8th elder and grandfather of Mun Ku, but there was no way to ask if he will approve Yeowun as the heir, so he needed to prepare for the alternative.

    ‘I need to contact two others.’

    Within current four elders who were left behind, Baek Oh was killed by Chun Yeowun and Huan Yi already have approved Yeowun and swore an oath to serve Yeowun as his master. Yeowun then needed two other elders’ approval.

    “At least we can persuade 9th elder easily.”

    “Yes, I think so too.”

    Hu Bong spoke and Ko Wanghur nodded agreeingly. They had Sama Chak within their group, so it was likely that his father, Sama Yi the 9th elder will approve Yeowun.

    “Will you go visit 9th elder first then?”

    “No. We’ll meet him once Sama Chak is healed.”

    Sama Chak was meditating to heal his internal energy, together with Bakgi at another room.

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    “Then our destination is set.”

    “We’ll go to Demonspread Sword Clan.”

    Next destination was set to Demonspread Sword clan, to meet the leader Yin Moha. Along with the 4th leader Hang Soyu, she too was a woman who were an elder. Only thing that was concerning was that she was known to have certain connection with the Sword and Wise clan. It wasn’t sure what effect that might have.

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