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    Chapter 170: Second approval (1)



    Warriors of the Wise clan fought back as hard as they could, but it was no use. They were just prey in front of two supreme level warrior. Few even tried to run away, but they were quickly captured by warriors of Ghost Illusion clan who were circling around the mansion and was killed.

    ‘Chun Yeowun…. Chun Yeowun…!!!’

    At uneding sound of warriors screaming from the massacre, Lady Mu felt her heart being stricken from her impending doom.



    When this painful sounds go silent, then it meant it was time for her death. It was surely ironic. She wished this agonizing sound to stop, but at the same time, she also hoped to never stop. And after long while, all the sound of people and screaming were gone and silence fell down on the mansion of the Poison clan.

    “It is all done.”

    Lee Hameng spoke and Yeowun glared down at Lady Mu, who he was stepping above. It was her last moment, but he needed to do something first.

    “11th Elder.”

    “Yes~ Prince?”

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    “Can you have your warriors search through Poison clan’s poison vault and use whatever poison they can find upon bodies of Wise clan?”


    Lee Hameng and Huan Yi smiled at Chun Yeowun’s cold and thoughtful order. Hameng and Huan Yi actually hid their unique skills and killed these warriors with just regular attack to look like they were killed by Poison clan. With the poison added on top of that, it will surely look like the Poison clan was behind this.

    “A wise decision, my master.”

    Huan Yi then walked out to fetch his warriors and Yeowun spoke to Lady Mu at the ground.

    “It’s your turn now.”

    Lady Mu flinched and began to tremble. Heart began to pound severely and her bodies were drenched with sweat.


    “Go down to hell, and repent until you burn into ashes.”

    With sharp qi penetrating into her right neck, she instantly fell to cold darkness.

    Next day, castle of the Demonic Cult were noisy with unexpected news. All cultist residing in Lord’s palace and all clans were notified of certain news, and this was so shocking that it shocked all who heard it. It was a news that due to fight between Wise clan and Poison clan, Poison clan who were merely left with few members were wiped out. This became so shocking that everyone talked about it.

    ‘What?! Is it true?!’

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    ‘By the gods… one of six clan just wiped out in a night?! How is that even p;possible?’

    ‘What is the world going to… The poison clan is gone?’

    But what’s more shocking was the news of the Wise clan. It was said that over 200 warriors of the Wise clan were found within mansion of the Poison clan with their bodies melted from poison or corrupted. This sight was found by staff who daily visited the Poison clan to deliver poison ingredients. 9th Elder was now on the scene, looking into the matter.

    ‘Is that true?’

    ‘It’s terrifying… so the Poison clan didn’t go down quietly.’

    ‘I’m not sure what will happen when the Wise clan leader returns.’

    ‘I don’t think there won’t be much. It’s not like you can do something to the dead.’

    The Poison clan who were responsible for these death of Wise clan were all dead.

    ‘B-but, see? Prince Chun Muyun was also found at the scene.’

    ‘Huh? Wasn’t he in the Demonic Academy?’

    ‘Yeah! Demonic Academy also posted a notice too. They say that Wise clan attacked Prison cave of the Academy and helped escape Chun Muyun and son of the first elder.’

    ‘What? They attacked Demonic Academy? …Wise clan is powerful, but to broke the laws of the cult? Hmph.’

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    ‘It seems instructors there caught some of these criminals… well, I guess we need the Lord back to fix these things.’

    ‘Yeah, seriously. It hasn’t been long since they went out, and things are going messy.’

    Atmosphere within the cult began going really bad. Cultists thought that beginning with members of six clans being killed within the Academy, fight between six clans were becoming more severe. All of cultists hoped that the Lord will come back soon.

    And at the office of the Ghost Illusion clan, many people were coming in to report to Huan Yi. Huan Yi was sitting on this desk to work in a long time. A middle aged man reported to him.

    “Our men from the Bijak streets returned. We are spreading ill rumors, and people are now focusing on the Wise clan.”

    “Good work.”

    Huan Yi smiled and complemented the man. Surprisingly, part of the rumor spread within the cult was intended. Ghost Illusion clan, one of covert group of the cult were good at controlling the mass.

    “It didn’t even need lot of work.”

    “Of course. There’s no one to stop us.”

    If the Poison clan or the Wise clan was present, then they would worked to stop these rumors from spreading. But Poison clan was no more and every Wise clan that remained in the cult was also gone. So the truth were completely covered under the false truth that replaced.

    ‘Prince Chun. I am astounded.’

    All of this was done from direct order of Chun Yeowun. Huan Yi was going to work on controlling the mass even without the order, but he thought it was amazing when Yeowun himself ordered it specifically. It felt like if Yeowun was 80 year old man, who had experienced all sorts of things, rather than young man who just got out of the Demonic Academy.

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    ‘What would the Wise clan leader think of what happened?’

    Huan Yi was delighted and anticipated to see the reaction of that arrogant, and powerful man.

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