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    Chapter 169: Into the snake’s mouth (12)

    And now it returns to the present. The crumpled letter had every detail revolving around Chun Yeowun’s mother, Lady Hwa’s death and to how the Wise clan kidnapped Yeowun’s servant. Lady Mu became pale as she trembled with rage as she read through. She was both dumbfounded and enraged at the same time.

    ‘T…this fool…!!’

    She did not imagine that Chun Jongsum, merely a living corpse living day to day on a bed would send this kind of letter to Chun Yeowun. Every mystery was solved. The reason why Chun Yeowun knew who was behind the kidnapping, and how he knew Lady Mu was behind the killing of his mother… it was all because of Chun Jongsum.

    ‘How can I… from that living corpse!!’


    Lady Mu ripped apart the letter that destroyed everything and screamed maniacally. If it wasn’t for this letter, she would have not been in such a state. She then glared at Chun Yeowun and shouted.

    “YES! I killed your dirty, piece of scum, whore mother!!”

    There was no more of Lady Mu’s polite, and sophisticated manner of speaking. With everything revealed, she had no thought of holding anything back.

    “So what. You avenged your mother by killing my sons. Will you kill me now?!”

    “You know very well.”

    Yeowun answered coldly and Lady Mu shouted back angrily.

    “Bull shit! You think you have what it takes to kill me?!”

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    “If you kill me right here, then my brother, the 1st Elder will come after you, and cut out your limb after limb before you die! And all of those involved around you- KYAAAAAAAA!!!”

    As Lady Mu screamed, something shoot past her eyes. It was blue force qi coming out from Yeowun’s hand. Her eyes were slashed by Yeowun’s force qi and she screamed as she grabbed her eyes with her hands.

    “MY EYES!!! MY EYES!!! I-I CAN’T SEE!!!”

    “You have no right to see.”


    This time, Yeowun cut her entire mouth before she can unleash all of her anger.

    “You have no right to talk either.”

    With force qi melting down all of her teeth and tongue, Lady Mu couldn’t even scream and got down to the ground. Her face were distorted severely as her eyes and mouth were slashed horizontally.


    Warriors from the Wise clan looked away from such cruelty. But Yeowun’s anger did not end there.

    “So, was with this dirty hand that you poisoned my mother?”

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    Yeowun then swung his hand at Lady Mu who was rolling on the ground from pain to her both hands. She shivered through severe pain. It was even amazing that she didn’t pass out from such terrible pain.

    “STOP!! STOP!!!!”

    One of the warriors from Wise clan shouted furiously.

    “Are you not afraid of the aftermath!? We are not in our full force here! First Elder will never forgive you if he finds out what happened here!!”

    “IF he finds out, that is.”


    Chun Yeowun then reached out his hands at a storage building at a distance. With the force of energy pulling on it, the door burst opened and something that was piled up inside overflowed outside.


    Everyone smelled the thick smell of blood coming out from the storage room. It was so shocking that Mun Ku and Hu Bong gasped.


    The piles inside the storage room were corpses. Tens of dead bodies were piled up inside the storage room. Within those dead bodies were Baek Seng, last leader of the Poison clan, and Chun Jongsum who couldn’t even close his eye from miserable death he faced.

    ‘…So, they hid bodies of dead Poison clan people inside the storage room.’

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    Ko Wanghur shook his head as he looked at those bodies. The plan seemed clear. If they succeeded in their plan to kill Chun Yeowun, they would have framed it that Yeowun and the Poison clan fought against each other and killed both parties as a result. Yeowun then stomped on Lady Mu on the ground, who was squirming in pain.

    “You all were wiped out while fighting against the Poison clan. I don’t think First Elder will find out anything.”

    Warriors of the Wise clan became grim. Yeowun was going to use the trap that was set up to kill him, against the Wise clan themselves. Yeowun then ordered his servants who were standing idle.

    “Kill all of them.”

    “Yes, prince.”

    And with that order, Left Guardian Lee Hameng and 11th Elder Huan Yi charged against warriors of the Wise clan.


    Two supreme level warrior swung their sword and blade across the screaming of these warriors. This wasn’t a fight. It was a one-sided massacre.

    ‘No…! NOOOOOOO!’

    She was blinded and she couldn’t even speak, but she still had her ears functioning, so she heard screaming of warriors from her clan and moved about madly in rage. Chun Yeowun then lowered his head and whispered at Lady Mu on the ground.

    “You will go last.”

    For the first time, and the last in her life, Lady Mu had felt both despair and regret.

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