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    Chapter 167: Into the snake’s mouth (10)

    Chun Muyun suffered in terrible pain with both of his arms and legs cut off until his head was beheaded. This was shocking for everyone, especially those from the Wise clan.

    “YOU DARE!!”

    It was now beyond the line where they could just stand and watch. Warriors of the Wise clan pulled out their weapons to fight. Left Guardian Lee Hameng then pulled out his Flame Sword out and created blue force qi to draw a line on the ground. The line clearly created a line between warriors of the Wise clan and Lee Hameng. Hameng then unleashed potent energy and shouted warningly at warriors of the Wise clan.

    “If you cross this line, I will not let you live.”

    They were warriors of the Demonic Cult so they were too aware of the might of the Left Guardian Lee Hameng. Lee Hameng had many names, such as Left Guardian and Chief of the Demonic Academy, but he was also called ‘the Flame King’ within Yulin. It was an infamous name given to him because whoever that was cut from his ‘Flame Sword’ that wielded extreme heat made its wound burn down that it can’t be healed.

    “If you are not afraid to die, then you can try coming over it.”

    Lee Hameng moved his sword and warriors all flinched and backed away.


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    ‘Our prince just died miserably and we can’t even…!’

    ‘Flame King!!’

    No matter of their fury, they couldn’t dare to cross the line. They knew well that crossing that line meant their instant death. Lee Hameng’s fame was not something they can just take lightly. But of course, there were some brave, or reckless ones also.

    “I’ll kill you all!!”

    The middle-aged man with a long beard that had his wrist snapped off by Yeowun roared and charged against Yeowun, trying to kill him. But his body was cut in half even before he got closer to Yeowun.


    The man fell down on the ground while screaming. His spine and entire waist had been cut down, so it was not likely that he can endure such pain.


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    The man flinched for a while and soon died. The blade with red engravings was dripped in blood. IT wasn’t sure even when he pulled out his blade, but Huan Yi appeared next to the man and cut him off in half.

    ‘I-it’s amazing..’

    ‘I couldn’t even see him.’

    Mun Ku, Hu Bong, and Ko Wanghur were shocked by such sight. They knew Huan Yi and Lee Hameng were both supreme level warriors, but looking at them with their own eyes made them realize how powerful these warriors were. And it was even more astounding that Chun Yeowun had made them succumb to himself.

    ‘I have far more to go.’

    Ko Wanghur, who was always willing to become stronger, became influenced by these. He and others in Yeowun’s original group were also very powerful considering their age, but looking at Yeowun or highest ranking warriors of the Cult made him feel very weak.


    Yeowun then moved on and cut down Mu Jinyun’s neck. It was a miserable ending for the sons of the Wise clan who had a bright future ahead of them. Lady Mu looked at Chun Muyun’s head rolling on the ground dumbfoundedly. The pain of losing someone important. It had been a long time since she felt such pain. She had lost her grandparents and her parents, but they died after living out their life due to old age. As she saw her loving son Muyun’s head being cut off, pain that felt as if her heart was being ripped apart made her even hard to breathe.

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    ‘My son… my son… Noooo… where did it go wrong??’

    She thought through all the choices she made, but there were no mistakes in any of it. She checked all of her plans but there was no indication where her plans might have failed. She had captured Chun Yeowun’s guard and made Yeowun to not move recklessly. She also kidnapped two of his servants so Yeowun cannot know who was behind all these kidnappings.

    ‘I was going to get rid of the Poison clan and Chun Yeowun together…’

    She took out most of the Poison clan forces while ago. Poison clan had lost 80% of their forces when they attacked the Wise clan, but the Poison clan was still a potential threat to Lady Mu. If it wasn’t for the other four clans who came in to stop them, with talking old alliance as their reason, she would have wiped out the entire Poison clan already.

    ‘Who cares about the alliance? There’s no reason to leave an enemy behind.’

    But she had no reason to attack. As her clan was still the leader clan of six clans, she needed to be careful. She needed a reason that would make the other clans accept.

    ‘Chun Yeowun, you are helping me!’

    She then made a trap for Chun Yeowun so that Yeowun had fought against the remaining forces of the Poison clan that resulted in all of their death. It might look suspicious, but four other clans will not raise objections as the result also killed Chun Yeowun. Or so she thought it would happen.

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    ‘How did he find out?!!’

    Yeowun acted as if he knew the Wise clan was a culprit even before coming here. And at Lady Mu who was confused and in pain from losing her son, Yeowun walked over to her.


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