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    Chapter 166: Into the snake’s mouth (9)

    “Are they okay?”

    Chun Yeowun asked worryingly at Huan Yi. Huan Yi then became grim and answered.

    “Sama Chak and Bakgi is okay, with minor internal damage. But your Guard is in serious condition. I called the doctor but he can die at any moment.”

    Huan Yi, after being ordered by Yeowun was already on standby near the Wise clan. When warriors of Wise clan went into the mansion and brought out the hostage, Huan Yi ambushed them immediately. They took the hostage back, but Guard Jang was in terrible state. If Yeowun had saw Guard Jang with all of his bodies burned and his nails, teeth all pulled out, Yeowun would have been so shocked.


    And as he heard that Guard Jang was in verge of death, terrifying hostile aura began to rose out from Yeowun’s body. The anger he had been holding back had finally exploded.

    ‘W-what is that energy?’

    ‘It feels like he’s strangling our heart!’

    Warriors from Wise clan shivered at such terryiying energy. The aura coming out from end stage of supreme level warrior was not something they can resist.

    ‘He didn’t use all of his power when he fought me.’

    Huan Yi realized that Yeowun had not used all of his power back at his mansion. Huan Yi was not yet at established level of supreme level.

    ‘Nnnnngh! can I lose to such a boy!’

    Lady Mu was confident in her cunning and strategic skills. She thought she had won as she saw through Yeowun’s trap, but she never imagined Yeowun have hid such powerful cards.

    ‘No! I can’t give up now!’

    She had done so hard to put the Wise clan at first rank within the six clans. If she were to accept her loss here, then the Wise clan’s pride was going to drop to the ground.

    ‘How can I get out of this? Think!’

    She needed a way out as she couldn’t fight against three supreme level warriors anymore. And after slight second, she screamed toward Lee Hameng and Huan Yi.

    “Left Guardian, 11th Elder! You think you two will be fine from doing this?!”

    Lee Hameng asked back weirdly.

    “What do you mean?”

    “Do you think you can harm the first wife of the Lord, and the sister to the 1st elder, and be safe?!”

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    Maybe this was more of provoking them, but she only had this way to get out of the situation. She had to warn them if they will be okay if Mu Jinwon, the first elder returns to the cult.

    “Hahaha… this is interesting. I didn’t think you would threaten us even at this situation.”

    Huan Yi even smikled at Lady Mu’s threat. Chun Yeowun then asked Lee Hameng coldly.

    “Where are they?”

    “Your members are bringing them here.”


    Lady Mu’s eyes shook. It looked like Yeowun was talking about her son Chun Muyun, and her brother’s son, Mu Jinyun. That’s when people mumbled from outside the mansion.

    “Let them go!”

    “If you don’t step back, they will die.”

    The voice of the man that heard later was Ko Wanghur. It seemed they had brought those Yeowun was waiting for. Warriors from Wise clan had to let Ko Wanghur, Mun Ku and Hu Bong to pass through, so no harm will be done to hostages.


    Lady Mu was so shocked that she screamed in pale face at Chun Muyun. Chun Muyun was in terrible shape. His two hands were cut down and wrapped in linen wrap, and his one eye was pulled out and covered in a wrap. There was no more confident prince in him.

    “Mother… I’m sorry.”


    Mu Jinyun was brought over by Hu Bong who held Jinyun by back of his neck. It seems Chun Muyun was only one who had been injured badly, as Jinyun only had some minor bruises over his face. Jinyun however couldn’t look up directly to Lady Mu out of shame.

    Lady Mu gritted her teeth. She too was a mother. She had been scared from realizing she had lost, but looking at her son made her furious.

    ‘Chun… Yeo… wun…!!!’

    It was going to be strange if she would not get furious at watching her son in such shape. But she also knew that there was no way for her to do anything. She panted a while from an ger, and soon knelt at Chun Yeowun.



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    Warriors of Wise clan and Chun Muyun shouted in shock. Lady Mu, current leader of Wise clan to fall on her knees like this meant that they were accepting their loss. Lady Mu then slammed her head against the ground and begged.

    “Prince Chun Yeowun. I accept my loss. I accept that you are the heir. Please show your mercy and let go of my boys and my warriors.”

    She had thrown all of her pride to beg. Chun Muyun and Mu Jinyun’s eye became reddened from tears. Lady Mu had to kneel and put her head to the ground to son of Lady Hwa who she hated the most, just to save her sons.

    “Mother! Why…!”



    [Remember our humiliation today. We will strike back once your uncle returns. And… I can kneel or bow to this peasant thousand times if I can save you. So, if you want to help then stay quiet.]

    Lady Mu sent telepathic message and Muyun stopped to speak.

    ‘I will kill you no matter what it takes…!’

    Muyun thought as he looked at his mother with teary eyes.

    “We Wise clan promise never to harm you, Prince Chun Yeowun. Please, show mercy.”

    Lady Mu kept on slamming her head to the ground and begged.


    Lee Hameng turned to Chun Yeowun. Yeowun, who was showing rage just until now, was now looking down at Lady Mu silently without any emotion.


    Lady Mu, a influential figure within the cult was kneeling down, putting her head on the ground to beg for her sons’ life. This was already a great feat. But there was one thing that was concerning.

    ‘…Will Lady of Steel really not do anything if she goes free?’

    As a Left Guardian, Lee Hameng saw many woman but he had never seen such dangerous woman as Lady Mu. But it was also understanding if Chun Yeowun will be touched to show mercy at such show of motherly love. Yeowun, who had been looking down at Lady Mu, turned and walked toward Muyun and Jinyun. He then spoke to Wanghur and Hu Bong.

    “Free them.”


    “Free them and step back.”

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    Ko Wanghur and Hu Bong became confused at order that was hard to understand, but freed their captives. Lady Mu brightened up as she saw her sons being freed.


    She thought she was going to get out of this trap. That’s when Yeowun turned at her and spoke coldly.

    “You think I will forgive you for just bowing down?”


    “Feel what it is like to see your loved ones in pain.”

    And at that moment, Yeowun’s hand wielded white blade qi and merciless slashed through Muyun and Jinyun’s body.


    Lady Mu screamed but it was too late. Yeowun moved so fast that Muyun and Jinyun’s two arms and legs were cut down immediately. Two of them’s face that was brightened, twisted in extreme pain.


    “Aaaargh! My arm! My LEG!!!”

    Two of them dropped to the ground, pouring blood from their cut limbs and rolled on the ground. Yeowun’s entire body were showered with blood pouring out. Ko Wanghur and Hu Bong then realized why Yeowun told them to stand back.

    ‘O-oh, so he wanted to do it himself.’

    “N…ngh… Nngh… Aah….!”

    Lady Mu’s face turned red from fury as she saw her sons getting their limbs chopped off and Yeowun looked at her and spoke.

    “And feel what it is like to see your loved ones die.”


    Lady Mu’s bloodshot eyes trembled madly as Yeowun declared of their death. There was no beging here anymore. If Yeowun was going to do it, then he was going to do it.

    “N-no! Please! DON’T!”

    She had to stop. She tried to jump out by sending all her energy to her feet. But that’s when she saw Yeowun’s blade qi cutting down Muyun’s head.

    “Ah…hik… hak…!”

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    Shock made her even hard to breath and Yeowun spoke to her coldly.

    “That is the pain I felt, and it now belongs to you.”

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