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    Chapter 164: Into the snake's mouth (7)

    She then kept her calm. She remembered that Chun Muyun was still locked at the prison cave at the Demonic Academy. If Chun Yeowun had gotten out of the academy, then he was outsider there.

    ‘If he infiltrated the academy, Left Guardian would not have let him go free. This is a lie.’

    Lady Mu then thought Yeouwn was bluffing, so she glared back and spoke.

    “It seems you tried hard to fool me. So, you harmed my boy at the academy? Do you think I will be fooled by…”

    “Oh, I forgot another thing.”


    Yeowun then placed down something else on the table. It was a medal that proved holder was member of the Wise clan, with red threads tied on the handle. Lady Mu knew what that was.

    ‘It’s the medal I gave it to him…!’

    She finally realized why Yeowun didn’t seem afraid nor desparate. Lady Mu tried to get Yeowun by holding hostage, but she didn’t imagine she’ll be countered by the same method. She gritted her teeth.

    ‘I had him stay at the prison cave for nothing…!’

    She thought it was better for Muyun to stay at the academy for now. But she didn’t expect Yeowun will even ignore the laws of the academy and do something to this point. She then thought she had to solve this problem in some way. She couldn’t bare to have Chun Yeowun do what he wants, meaning that Lady Mu lost to the schemes.

    ‘I’ll pretend on trading hostages and take him out.’

    Lady Mu, not so relaxed like before, asked to Yeowun.

    “…What do you want?”

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    “Guard Jang, Bakgi and Sama Chak.”

    “…If I let go of them, I’m sure you know what you need to do in return.”

    She meant that she wanted Chun Muyun. Yeowun nodded simply and Lady Mu raised her hand. Two warriors from Wise clan then came up to her. Lady Mu gave her red medal to them and ordered.

    “Go and release those hostages and bring them here.”

    “Yes, Lady.”

    Two warriors then jumped out of the mansion and Lady Mu turned back to Yeowun.

    “Now, I’ve done my part so you should do yours. Where is my boy? You came here alone, so I’ll send one of my own to fetch him.”

    This was what she planned. She was going to feign that she was agreeing to the hostage trade and kill those holding Muyun, and return back to the original state. But it wasn’t sure if Chun Yeowun will take the bite. If she was in Yeowun’s position, she would never spill the location until she receives her hostage first.


    Yeowun seemed to hesitate for a bit and answered.

    “My servants hold Chun Muyun and Mu Jinyun at the prison cave of the Demonic Academy.”

    Lady Mu’s eye glistened like a hawk that found its prey. She was concerned if Yeowun will not tell the location, but he had bit the bait.

    ‘FOOL! I thought he had become cunning, but he has far more to go.’

    With this, Lady Mu was going to take back the upper hand again. But she also thought Yeowun was quite brave in his plan. She didn’t think Yeowun will hold her son back at the prison cave.

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    ‘Well, that place is safer than most other places.’

    She understood the reason behind it, as maybe Demonic Academy was safest place to hide hostages when Yeowun did not have many forces yet. Yeowun placed his medal of an Elder down at the tabale.

    “If you show this to my servants, they will bring hostage down here by themselves. Don’t try to do anything funny as they will not let go of them until we trade hostage here.”

    Members Yeowun had left were Ko Wanghur, Mun Ku and Hu Bong. It was going to be hard to handle them with weak warriors. Lady Mu turned to the old man standing at her back.

    “You heard him. Please.”

    [Kill all of them and bring our kids.]

    She ordered the true order through telepathic message. The old man was at end stage of super master level. Even if Yeowun’s members were strong, it was easy to kill them unless they were as strong as elders. Old man nodded with heavy look and took the elder medal from the table and jumped out of the mansion. And when the old man signaled, warriors hiding around the buildings followed him. With everything ordered, Lady Mu turned to Yeowun with satisfied look.

    ‘After I bring my kids here in safety, I will kill you miserably…’

    And a hour had passed. It was about time for warriors who went to the Wise clan, or the old man who went to the prison cave to return with the kids. But they weren’t coming back.

    ‘Why are they being so late?’

    Lady Mu was pretending if everything was alright while drinking tea, but she was getting nervous. Yeowun looked at her and scoffed.

    “Are you nervous?”

    “Hah. What are you talking about?”

    “You ordered end stage super master level warrior to kill all my servants and rescue your sons, but he isn’t coming back… isn’t that it?”

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    Lady Mu became shocked. She was good at hiding her emotion, but she couldn’t hide her feeling at this.

    ‘It was a trap! He lied!!’

    Lady Mu instinctively knew that she was caught up in Yeowun’s plan. Lady Mu quickly shouted at warriors of Wise clan.

    “GO to the Wise clan right now and…”

    And at that moment, archers above the mansion began to shout in shock.

    “Enemies! Ambush!”

    “T-they are too fast!”

    They tried to shoot at the intruder, but the man was too fast that they couldn’t even aim. The I ntruder jumped over the building and down at the courtyard.

    “W-what?! W-why are you… how?!”

    Lady Mu looked at the man with dumbfounded look. The man had fiery red long hair. It was Left Guardian Lee Hameng.


    She didn’t notice at first, but there was something on Lee Hameng’s right hand that dropped water from it. Lady Mu then screamed.


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    It was the old man’s head that Lady Mu sent to fetch the hostage. The blood was still dripping from the neck that was cut down, meaning it wasn’t long time ago when the old man died. Yeowun grinned at Lady Mu, who was wailing and spoke.

    “Things aren’t going as you planned, isn’t it?”

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