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    Chapter 163: Into the snake's mouth (6)

    Four hours ago…

    Small hill at northeast corner of the Demonic Academy, there was a prison cave for criminals. Inside, there were two cadets who were decided on their expulsion from the academy. It was Chun Muyun and Mu Jinyun from the Wise clan. Two of them were locked up separately after four cadets had died few days ago.

    And at dark cave inside the prison cave, a small candle lit up the small interior where one man was sitting down, meditating. It was Chun Muyun. His internal energy had been sealed when he entered the cave, so only thing he can do was meditating. Any normal person will go mad when locked up in such small cave alone, but Chun Muyun held up with only one purpose.

    ‘…Chun Yeowun.’

    He didn’t even care about the man when they entered the academy. Only one he watched out was Chun Yuchan and Chun Kungwun, princes from other clans. Even his mother, Lady Mu, told him that he didn’t need to care about Chun Yeowun. But that Chun Yeowun had humiliated him more than ever in his entire life.

    ‘This is not over yet.’

    He had lost on the competition, but he knew that it wasn’t over. His mother, Lady Mu, was talented strategist and powerful warrior who hid her power. She was a type who needed to fulfill her goal and her goal right now was to make Chun Muyun as the heir to the throne.

    ‘Mother will make a move.’

    He believed that Lady Mu will surely see through Chun Yeowun’s wicked plans and take care of him. Muyun hoped for that and held him back. Soon, Chun Yeowun will be at his knees, begging for his lives.

    ‘Mother will probably be taking care of…’

    That’s when the giant stone blocking the entrance to the cave began to move. Muyun became surprised.


    He thought it was time. He knew that Lady Mu will not leave him in such cave for long. When the stone opened its entrance about half way, cold outside air freshened up inside.

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    ‘It’s time.’

    Muyun got up from his seat. When he tried to take step toward the entrance, Muyun became shocked at the person standing, blocking the entrance. To Muyun’s eye that had adapted to the darkness, it was clear who this person was.

    “How did you…! UGH!”

    But before he can finish, powerful energy pressed him down, sending him down on his knees. Even if his internal energy wasn’t sealed, this energy was too powerful for him to resist. Person walked up to Muyun who knelt down. The candle light lit up the man’s face. It was Chun Yeowun.

    ‘How did he come here?’

    He couldn’t understand. He thought he was being freed from the cave, but it was actually Chun Yeowun. This place should have been guarded by instructors or guards, so it wasn’t sure why Chun Yeowun was here. Yeowun looked down coldly at Muyun and spoke.

    “Guard Jang is missing.”

    “Guard Jang?”

    Muyun did not know who this Guard Jang is. Yeowun ignored Muyun’s confusion and continued.

    “And those who kidnapped Guard Jang tells me to come right into the trap, if I want to let him live.”


    It was simple explanation, but Muyun instinctively knew who was behind this. It was certain his mother, Lady Mu, who have done this. Lady Mu was good at setting up such traps to deal with ones, even if the one was powerful.

    “…And what do you want me to do?”

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    Muyun asked back coldly, holding back his feelings. Yeowun then flicked his hand with cold eyes, and Muyun’s two arms were pulled up forcefully.

    “W-what is this?! What are you doing?!”

    Muyun tried to resist by his physical power, but it was no use. With his two arm shoot straight up to the air, Yeowun’s hand began to shine in white sword qi. And with sword qi, Muyun couldn’t be calm anymore.

    “I was going to find Guard Jang and rescue him at first… but I changed my mind when I found out who was behind all this.”


    “Eye for an eye. That’s how I am going to solve this.”

    Yeowun decided to be merciless from now on. And even if he enters the snake’s mouth, there was no proof that these people will let Guard Jang live.

    “Let me ask you. How precious are you to the people of Wise clan… no. To your mother, Lady Mu?”

    The question held every plan Chun Yeowun was trying to do. Muyun’s heart began to pound.

    ‘He-he’s trying to keep me as a hostage!’

    But if that was the case, what was with the sword qi? Was he trying to cut some part of his body to threaten her? Muyun tried to persuade Yeowun with shaking voice.

    “Chun Yeowun… think about it. If it is as you say, harming me won’t do good to that Guard Jang…”

    But before Muyun can finish speaking, Yeowun’s sword qi shoot through Muyun’s wrists. Two hands cut down and dropped to the ground. Muyun’s eye grew large from shock and he screamed in terrible pain coming from his wrist.

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    He wanted to drop to the ground and roll in pain, but Yeowun’s powerful energy pinned him straight up still as he bled.


    He didn’t even think that Yeowun will cut his both hands. It wasn’t sure if Yeowun was trying to take him as a hostage, or just unleash his anger on him. Yeowun mumbled as he looked at two hands that were cut down on the ground.

    “Hmm… This isn’t enough.”

    “Nnnngh…. W-what do you mean?!”

    “Two hands aren’t enough. Will she be afraid if her son will die just by looking at this?”

    Chun Muyun, even in his pain, chilled to the bones at that words. It was so terrifying to even think about what Chun Yeowun will try to do, if cutting hands weren’t enough.

    ‘I-is he a demon?!’

    And at that moment, Yeowun’s hand dug into Muyun’s right eye.


    Without even blinking, Yeowun casually pulled out Muyun’s eye. A pain that could not even be compared to being his hands cut off came to him and Muyun passed out.

    And it was now back to four hours later. Lady Mu’s eye shook as if her eyes were having earthquake, as she looked down at the eyeball that was inside the wooden box. Yeowun just asked her who’s eye that is, but she could think of only one possible answer from that question.

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    With Muyun’s face coming up on her mind, she became infuriated. If this eye was really from Myun, then Yeowun was fighting back with hostage to hostage.

    ‘No… maybe he’s lying!’

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