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    Chapter 162: Into the snake's mouth (5)

    At midnight, the castle of Demonic Cult was very cold. At the western side of the castle, there was mansion of the Poison clan. On every building above and around three hundred feet of the mansion, warriors from Wise clan were hiding over, checking on everything around them. And they found one person walking toward the Poison clan. The young man had black clothes with red embroidery, and long black hair with pale white face.

    ‘He does not have any weapon.’

    He did not carry blade or sword that he always carried around. Warriors from Wise clan checked that he was unharmed and raised a flag.

    And with that, all warriors began flashing flags, that continued through the mansion of the Poison clan. AT the mansion, there were large courtyard where hundred warriors were waiting with arms. And on top of the building, there were archers, who readied to fire the moment they saw flags coming up. On the inside of the building, there was a table with Lady Mu sitting down on the chair, and drinking tea. On side of her, old man and man with long beard was standing like a guard.

    “He’s here.”

    Wise clan had been waiting here, ready for almost an hour now. They have prepared everything to send Chun Yeowun to his death. And soon, Yeowun entered the mansion.

    ‘They are ready for everything.’

    As Yeowun walked in, he sensed over 200 warriors around. It was sure that these people were ready for anything. And as Yeowun walked in, Lady Mu smiled.

    ‘That boy now had become young man. A man who now threatens me.’

    She made him not learn internal energy before entering the academy, and used Poison and Sword clan from behind to kill him with every method there is. But Yeowun had survived through everything and eventually came to hit her.

    Yeowun had left his arms as warned, but his energy coming out of his body showed how powerful he was. It was hard to believe that he became supreme level warrior, but after sensing such power, Lady Mu realized he was now probably top five rank in terms of power within the cult.

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    All archers aimed their arrows, to fire at anytime to kill Chun Yeowun. Lady Mu waved at Yeowun.

    “We finally meet. Come here.”

    ‘That woman…’

    Yeowun glared. The woman was the one who came with other women, before Yeowun’s mother Lady Hwa died, to have Yeowun promise that he will not learn internal energy before he enters the academy.

    ‘…So, she comes after me even after all these years.’

    Hatred began to burn Yeowun’s heart down, and even made his saliva to go dry. But Yeowun was not a reckless boy anymore. He kept his coldness and faced Lady Mu across the table. Lady Mu smiled.

    “It’s been a long time since I saw you when you were young. Time flies… you resemble much of your mother.”

    When she first saw Yeowun in long time, she truly was reminded of Lady Hwa. It was disgusting to see Yeowun looking more like his mother, than his father Chun Yujong.

    “And you and your dirty mother are also same in making me do more work. I guess you two are same peasants after all, falling in such trap because of useless love. You are not fit for a greater purpose.”

    She truly scoffed at Chun Yeowun, who came to his death just because of worthless guard warrior. And at Lady Mu, Yeowun asked with emotionless face.

    “Where is Guard Jang and my servants?”

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    “Are you that naïve? Do you truly believe I would have brought them here? What a fool.”

    She didn’t intend on letting them go form the start. If she kills Yeowun here, she was going to kill Guard Jang and persuade his servants to join Chun Muyun instead. But Yeowun looked weird.

    ‘Why is he not bothered by this?’

    It was complete checkmate, but Chun Yeowun didn’t seem to mind it. In fact, it seemed he was confident that he can turn this situation upside down.

    “Your eyes… I don’t like that. Let’s seal your internal energy first, and we’ll talk more.”

    When Lady Mu raised her hand, middle aged man with long beard walked up and came to Yeowun.

    “If you want to keep your guard alive, then don’t resist.”

    The man threatened to Chun Yeowun with whispers. And at that moment, Yeowun glared coldly at the man and spoke with cold voice.

    “So, it was you.”

    The voice of bearded man. It was same as the voice of telepathic message that threatened Yeowun at the restaurant. The man then suddenly got scared at Yeowun remembering him, and reached out with his hand that wielded energy.

    “Your time is done!”

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    And when his hand almost reached at Yeowun’s stomach, Yeowun quickly snatched the man’s wrist.


    The man tried to pull his hand out by using energy, but his wrist didn’t even budge as if he was stuck under a giant rock.

    “Let me go! You…! Aaaaaaaaaargh!”

    And as Yeowun clenched on his hand, the man’s wrist snapped in opposite direction, and broken bone poked outside of his flesh. Lady Mu shouted angrily to Yeowun.

    “So, you don’t care if your guard dies! I can just snap my finger and he will…”

    But before she can finish, Yeowun threw something from his pocket over at the table. It was small wooden box. Lady Mu became suspicious and asked.

    “What is this?”

    “Check it yourself.”

    She became hesitant as she felt something wasn’t right, but she held up the box and opened it. Her eye shook as she checked what was inside.

    “…What is the meaning of this?”

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    If she was not a martial artist of the cult but just regular woman, she would have dropped the box already. What’s inside was eyeball of a human. It seemed it was pulled out just while ago, that blood was still dripping from it. She was too shocked from the content of it. Yeowun then spoke to her with alluding voice.

    “What do you think? Who’s eyeball do you think it is?”

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