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    Chapter 161: Into the snake's mouth (4)

    If they return from scouting three clans, then Yeowun will be able to find out. They would have seen people going in and out of each mansion, so it was likely they will find out who was behind this.

    And at dinner time, the time for three people to come was up. First one to return was Ko Wanghur who went to scout Lust clan. Wanghur said that there were people going in and out of Lust clan, but they didn’t mobilize any of their forces, or had sign of preparing warriors. Yeowun also asked if Wanghur saw any man covering his face with bamboo hat, but Wanghur said no.

    “So, it’s not the Lust clan.”

    “I think so. It is likely from Wise or Sword clan.”

    And if two others come, who was behind was going to be found out. And hour had passed. But Bakgi or Sama Chak did not return from their scouting.

    “They are being too late.”

    The sun was already going down. Hu Bong kept waiting outside the gate, but there was no one returning to them.


    Chun Yeowun and his members realized something had gone wrong.

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    At the same time, at mansion of Wise clan to the north of the castle.

    Middle aged woman was sitting down at the living room, watching reddened sky. It was Lady Mu of the Wise clan. And as she drank her tea, warriors from Wise clan walked into the yard valiantly. AT the front, there was old man with long white hair, and middle aged man with long beard. Warriors to their back was carrying two young men who had passed out. They laid down two men in front of Lady Mu. Old man smiled and spoke to Lady Mu.

    “As you said, we found him hiding near the Sword clan’s mansion. He was quite strong.”

    The old man’s upper clothes had many footsteps on it. Old man looked at the young man on the ground. It was Bakgi. He was pale, possibly from internal damage, and had sword wound on his blood points, that stained his clothes with blood. And another young man next to him was Sama Chak. Sama Chak who was checking on the Wise clan, was attacked by man with long beard. Sama Chak too had pale face, looking like he had gained internal damage. But the middle aged man too had many wounds.

    “It seems you put some effort.”

    “…That young one was established super master level.”

    Middle aged man couldn’t defeat Sama Chak alone. He was barely fighting at equal, so if it wasn’t for his warriors, he would not have captured Sama Chak.

    “I’m ashamed.”

    Lady Mu smiled through her veil and spoke.

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    “It’s okay. You accomplished your mission. So, we are ready then. I’m sure that peasant will be confused who to blame for his missing member between us and the Sword clan.”

    As Lady Mu became pleased, bearded man thought to himself.

    ‘She is terrifying woman.’

    Man had worked for Lady Mu for over 20 years, but he had never seen a person who was more cunning then she was. As soon as she heard that Yeowun revealed himself in front of the crowd at the street, she immediately recognized Yeowun was setting traps to find the culprit behind kidnapping of Guard Jang.

    ‘If she didn’t volunteer to become wife of the Lord, the leader of current Wise clan could have been her.’

    Lady Mu was that much cunning.

    “So, who are these young men anyway?”

    She asked and the old man answered.

    “This young man is Bakgi, member of Pure Kick clan.”

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    “Pure Kick? A man from high ranking clan. So, that peasant put some effort within the academy then. I didn’t expect him to have such servant.”

    Pure Kick clan was high ranking clan who was famous for their martial art skill. She expected Yeowun to gather some members for the competition, but it seems he had gotten more than she expected.

    “So, who is he then?”

    “Oh, actually I needed to ask you what you should do with him.”


    “…He is son of 9th elder. He said he’s from Samu clan.”

    “Samu? You mean he’s son of Sama Yi?”

    “Yes, Lady.”

    Middle aged man had to capture his target as it was the order, but the target wasn’t like Guard Jang. The man even hesitated when he heard who this young man was. But Lady Mu was more surprised at another point.

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    ‘He even recruited Samu clan…? He really is dangerous. I was right. If I don’t kill him while the Lord isn’t here, then he might become too powerful later to handle.’

    Martial art, strategy and luck with people. Two former traits were something that can be trained through effort, but the third wasn’t in that regard. It was more of a fate for one to become leader above all else. And from hearing these two names, Lady Mu confirmed that she had to kill Chun Yeowun when she can.

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