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    Chapter 160: Into the snake's mouth (3)

    If whoever sent the telepathic message was able to see what Yeowun was doing and seeing, then it meant that whoever it is was inside the restaurant. Chun Yeowun then heed the threat from telepathic message and pretended if he was focusing on the meal. Mun Ku and Hu Bong was talking to each other for any sign of enemy who they weren’t sure when they will contact them. Yeowun thought if he should let Mun Ku or Hu Bong know through telepathic message, but changed his mind in case the enemy can see him sending telepathic message through looking at his neck moving.

    ‘…They aren’t just any enemies.’

    Level of threat was much different from that of cadets from the Academy. As Yeowun stayed silent, another message came to him.

    [I’ll warn you. Don’t try to even find me through your senses. If you try anything stupid, ‘he’ will die.]

    They were threatening Yeowun as if they already knew Yeowun found out that Guard Jang had gone missing.


    Yeowun’s eye turned cold. He had never been threatened with someone he know kidnapped, and he didn’t realize it would feel this devastating and furious. But Yeowun was not going to abide by the threat.

    ‘Nano, can you locate where this telepathic message is coming from?’

    [Yes, master. Scanning the frequency of the energy wave. Changing the ear function to hear another frequency.]

    And with Nano’s word, Yeowun heard weird whistle sound ringing through his ear and heard the telepathic message again.


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    ‘I found you…!’

    Yeowun didn’t move so it would not be noticeable, but the sound was coming from entrance of the restaurant. Yeowun couldn’t see him correctly, so he couldn’t see the man’s face. The message continued.

    […at midnight, come to mansion of the Poison clan.]

    ‘Poison clan?’

    Yeowun became confused as the name he didn’t expect popped up. He thought it was either Sword, Wise or the Lust clan, so the Poison clan’s name was unexpected.

    [You must come unarmed. If you bring that blade or sword that you have on your back or waist, your arm will be cut down even before you enter the mansion.]

    Yeowun tried hard to hold back, but he clenched his fist from holding back his anger.

    [And you must come early. If we find even shadow of anyone within 300 feet around the mansion, the person will be killed. And there are no one walks around the mansion at the time, so don’t try to play tricks.]

    This was a trap set up to put Yeowun alone. It was a situation where Yeowun had to enter the snake’s mouth himself. It was sure what was going to happen if he goes there. In some way, it wasn’t needed for Yeowun to take this condition if it wasn’t for Guard Jang.


    But for Yeowun, Guard Jang wasn’t just anyone. For other princes, guards were just form of protection set upon by the Lord, but for Yeowun, Guard Jang was like his parents.

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    [If you don’t appear at the appointed time, we will think you have gave up on him and we will kill him. I’m sure you will choose wisely.]

    These enemies too knew how important Guard Jang was to Chun Yeowun, and thus was threatening with such condition. Chun Yeowun was angered so much that he wanted to jump out and cut down the neck of the man who was sending the telepathic message to him.

    [I’m done here. And don’t even try to track me down.]

    And with that as the last word, the man disappeared from the entrance. Yeowun then got up, thinking he should do something before the man’s presence really disappears from the area. But when Yeowun got up, four men got up from other tables and glared at Yeowun. Yeowun then charged against those who glared at him.


    Yeowun appeared in front of each men and struck them with his fist to make them pass out, except one man.


    Middle aged man was held up in the air as Yeowun held him by the neck. It was hard to believe that Yeowun can just hold him up easikly.

    “Kek! H-help! D-don’t kill me!”

    “What clan are you from? Huh?”

    “C-clan? Hiiiek!”

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    The hostile aura coming out from supreme level warrior Yeowun was something that not even most top class warriors can handle. But the man that Yeowun was holding on was merely a third class warrior. The man wet his pants from fear, and passed out.


    “Master, are these the one?”

    Mun Ku and Hu Bong quickly came over with shocked look. Yeowun then looked at the man with a frown and mumbled.

    “…I got the wrong men.’

    These men were just low class warriors, not likely from any of six clans. With people in the restaurants focusing them, Yeowun had to get out of the place with men who Yeowun struck down. He took them to his home at southern gate of the castle. After asking them questions when they woke up, the result was what Yeowun expected.

    “W-we were just paid to look at you people!”

    “D-don’t kill us! It’s the truth!”

    Four of them all spoke of same thing. They received silver coin and were told by a certain man to just look at Yeowun’s group. Yeowun asked who he was, and they all said the man covered his head with bamboo hat so they weren’t really sure. Yeowun also checked these men’s tag, and they were from ordinary families.

    “I won’t kill you guys, but you must stay here for two days.”


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    Yeowun needed to make sure, so he sealed their blood points and locked them up in the storage.

    ‘I’ll have to wait for Ko Wanghur, Bakgi and Sama Chak to return.

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