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    Chapter 159: Into the snake's mouth (2)

    And the day had passed. At dark, swampy place, there were just one candle that lit up the place. The room was covered with iron bars that it was only possible to be opened from outside. Inside of the cell, smell of blood filled the entire room. And on the wall, there was man bound by chain on both of his arm, hung up on the wall. He was naked, but his body was bloody from severe torture. He had no nails, and his fingers and toes were cut down, that it was wrapped with linen wrap. Every of his wounds were spilling puss. The man’s head fell from passing out due to severe torture. The middle aged man who seemed to be torturer then placed heated metal stamp into the man’s cheset.


    The man then woke up with painful scream. His face covered with hairs were revealed. It was the guard, Jang Gageng who was missing. He was already destroyed inside out with three days of torture.

    “Who told you you can go to sleep? You are not allowed to sleep until you answer all my questions.”


    This time, the man placed the metal over at Guard Jang’s thigh. It was so painful that he even wanted to die. His internal energy was sealed so he cannot commit suicide and all of his teeth were pulled out so he can’t bit on his tongue either.

    “He’s tough, for a mere guard.”

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    Woman’s voice came from outside the cell. It was woman with lavish clothing and a red veil over her head. IT was Lady Mu.

    “Let me ask you this for last time. Did the Lord teach him any kind of martial art?”

    “Nnngh… N….no… t…there… ish…nt…”

    Guard Jang barely answered. He had been answering the same thing ever since he was taken in here, but Lady Mu kept on torturing him.

    “Hah, you still insist even with your dying breath. Go on.”

    “Yes, Lady.”

    Torturer tried to start on the torturing again, when someone bursted into the cell. It was middle aged man with long beard. As Lady Mu looked at him, the man bowed and reported.

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    “Lady, he is out.”

    “He is out? What do you mean?”

    “Chun Yeowun is out of the academy.”

    Lady Mu then rose up immediately from the chair with surprised look. She had waited so long for Chun Yeowun to come out of the academy.

    “Ha… hahaha. That is good. He is unfortunate that he came out of the academy at this time. So, where is he?”

    “He is…”

    Lady Mu was surprised to here whereabout of Chun Yeowun. Guard Jang, who was being tortured, became filled with despair as he heard news of Chun Yeowun.

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    And after an hour…

    There were two most crowded streets inside the castle of Demonic Cult. One was the center of the cult, street of Bijak where the Lord’s palace was located at, and one was street of Waho on the northern side of the castle. Two streets were most crowded place that people always busily walked through. And at the largest restaurant of Waho street, three guest were eating at a table of first floor. It was Chun Yeowun, Mun Ku and Hu Bong. They were eating quietly, but it had been two hours since they sat down here and waited. Hu Bong asked to Mun Ku quietly.

    “Do you really think this will work?”

    “I’m not sure. But if what Ko Wanghur guessed is right, then they will try to contact us in any way.”

    Mun Ku wasn’t really sure if their plan will really work. They came to Waho street intentionally where people can find him easily, but it wasn’t sure if the person behind kidnapping of Guard Jang will really try to contact them.

    ‘They are after you, not Guard Jang. If they find out that you have came out of the Demonic Academy, they will try to contact you. But I’m sure they will not try to do something fishy in front of every people of the street.”

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    That was Ko Wanghur’s plan. The reason why Ko Wanghur, Bakgi and Sama Chak wasn’t with other three was because they were hiding near three suspect clans’ mansions to watch them. All of this was to find who was behind kidnapping of Guard Jang. There was risk to this, but Ko Wanghur’s plan seemed to have a chance of finding it, and Yeowun agreed to follow it. That was why he was staying at a restaurant, revealing himself to everyone like this for hours. And after a time, a telepathic message came through Yeowun’s ear.

    [Stay still if you can hear my voice. If you turn your head or even give slightest sign to your friends, something you will not want to happen will come true.]

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