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    Chapter 158: Into the snake's mouth (1)


    Ko Wanghur, Mun Ku, Bakgi, And Sama Chak also were super master level warrior so they opened their detection sense and felt it but surely there were no one in. It was either of two. It was either one was really powerful warrior who can hide, and another was that the house was really empty. Yeowun quickly opened the Guard Jang’s room but it was empty.

    ‘What is this? He’s not here at this hour?’

    It was bit after midnight, so Jang should have been asleep. It was not time for him to be walking around. The room still had Guard Jang’s stuff init, so it was sure that he still lived here, but it was weird.

    ‘No heat…’

    Yeowun then realized there was no heat in the room. It was cold winter, so Jang would have heated the house with a pit stove at t he kitchen, but there was no heat. It seemed the house had been empty for at least three or four days. When Yeowun went out, all of his members who checked other rooms came out with disappointed look.

    “There’s no one, master.”

    They can see that Chun Yeowun was not pleased from this and Hu Bong reported calmly.

    “Prince, maybe Guard Jang had went to visit somewhere? Like his own clan?”

    Mun Ku asked just in case, but Yeowun shook his head. He heard that Guard Jang was an orphan who had no home.

    ‘Let’s be calm… let’s look this through.’

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    Yeowun then came out of the yard and looked at the ground. He first thought the yard was cleanly swept that it had no problem, but if Guard Jang was empty at this hour, it meant there had been something that happened.

    ‘This is weird. It’s too clean.’

    There was no person, but it was weird to see entire house cleanly organized. If there was trace of any fight, he could have guessed from there, but there was no trace of anything.

    Yeowun bit on his lips and looked around but it was too hard to find. It seems any trace were erased intentionally. If that was the case, it was someone who had planned it for long time. Yeowun then ordered Nano.

    ‘Nano, scan the entire house and find any mark of someone breaking in or fight.’

    [Yes, master. Scanning every visible area of the house.]

    With Nano’s voice, Yeowun saw white light scanning through the entire house. And after a while, Nano’s voice spoke to him.

    [Activating augmented reality over user’s sight.]

    And on Yeowun’s eyes, a red dot was placed over at where Yeowun was seeing, with white lines and writings describing on it.


    The dot was located on above the pillar, right above the cornerstone of the house. It was toward the bottom that Yeowun did not know at first, but he found something that looked like a sword mark on it.

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    It was more like a trace left by sword qi. If there were more, then it would have allowed him to figure out what formation it was used, but this was too faint. Even Nano couldn’t analyze what it was.

    “A sword mark? Hmm…”

    Ko Wanghur moaned as he checked the mark with the torch light. It seemed Guard Jang was ambushed. Problem here was if Guard Jang was alive or not. Chun Yeowun became grim as he began to think something had happened to Guard Jang who raised him. He was more grim then any time he had been in the academy.

    “If it’s a sword, then we can narrow down who’s behind this.”

    Sama Chak looked at the sword marking and spoke to Yeowun. Everyone here knew who Yeowun’s enemies were.

    “There are three clans who use swords among six clans.”

    Sword clan, Wise clan and the Lust clan used swords. Lust clan wasn’t techinally best at the sword, but they still used it. Ko Wanghur also nodded agreeingly.

    “I guess they have erased most of the trace. It looks like they’ve planned this through.”

    Even with Nano’s scan, it was only possible to find one tracing left.

    ‘Which clan is it?’

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    Yeowun tried to narrow it down, but all three clans seemed very likely to do this. As with Sword and Lust clan, Yeowun had cut down their prince and princess’ arm off, so they must be angry at him.

    ‘Should I remove Wise clan from the suspect list?’

    He had made him suspect as a killer, but there was no way for Wise clan to know that it was work of Chun Yeowun. And with Chun Muyun and Mu Jinyun arrested, and with other four clans being hostile, it seemed it was not likely that Wise clan will do something like this. But Yeowun felt like he had to be suspicious of the Wise clan.

    ‘What should I do?’

    As Chun Yeowun thought, Hu Bong made an idea.

    “Master, why don’t we search each clans? I heard Lord and elders are not back yet, so it might be easy to sneak in.”

    He was offering to attack while Lord and Elders were not here. Sama Chak answered.

    “That’s not easy as you think. You cannot underestimate power of six clans even without their leaders.”

    Ghost Illusion clan, who was not one of six clans too quickly reacted to intruders. If Yeowun and his members needed to search the entire mansion, then it was hard for them to be not noticed.

    “Sama Chak is right. Hu Bong, there’s reason why six clans rule our cult. And for these people who did such thing, they must be standing heavy guard at…. Oh! Master!”

    Ko Wanghur then struck up a good idea while talking.

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    “Master, why don’t we do this?”

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