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    Chapter 157: Worth of a heir (11)

    After everything had been settled, a new tea table was set up at the guest house. This time, even Chun Yeowun’s members were allowed to enjoy the warm tea inside. Huan Yi, who had his make up erased from the sweat, returned with new make up. But even this face, was still a mask, not his real mask. The reason why Huan Yi covered his face with a mask was because his clan was one of covert operatives of the cult. For this reason, Huan Yi who was leader of such group was allowed to never show his face other than the Lord himself.

    “If you become the future Lord, then I will show you my real face.”


    Maybe this feminine act was also result of fake identity. Chun Yeowun, who was sitting at the highest ranked seat on the table, asked to Huan Yi on his right.

    “Is Huan Ya not your real son?”

    “Oh… so you knew then.”

    Yeowun actually thought it was better to meet with Huan Ya and persuade him to join, instead of meeting with Huan Yi himself. Huan Ya, who looked hideous, never joined anyone.

    ‘A mask?’

    With Nano, Yeowun was able to see right away that Huan Ya had a mask over his face. But Chun Yeowun did not care how Huan Ya looked anyway, so he offered Ya to join him. Huan Ya did shown some interest, but he refused in the end. He insisted that he needed his leader’s consent to side with anyone. And while they talked, Huan Ya always said his father as his leader. Yeowun then thought it weird that Huan Ya cannot choose his own master and gave up on recruiting Huan Ya. That’s why he had to visit Huan Yi himself.

    “I can’t have a baby.”


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    Yeowun became confused and Huan Yi covered his mouth and explained embarrassingly.

    “Our clan’s unique breathing skill… Yin of the Ghost have too much energy of Yin that requires us to castrate at young age.”


    Hu Bong and Ko Wanghur glanced down at their own genital area and frowned.


    Mun Ku also became blushed and flapped her hand as if she was hot. It seems Huan Yi’s feminine action was from being castrated, not with his intention. Also with the Yin of the Ghost, it gave more feminine energy into the body that makes user become more feminine. Huan Ya covered himself with a mask since young age to distance from others due to this reason.

    “So, our clan always require us to adopt a son. It’s actually more like a teacher and apprentice.”

    Yeowun nodded. Huan Yi never revealed this to others than the Lord, but he liked Chun Yeowun so he explained this.

    “You all should forget what you have heard today.”

    And that only applied to Chun Yeowun. Hu Bong became tense at authoritative sound. Huan Yi then relaxed his face and turned to Ko Wanghur with alluring look and smiled.

    “Our trusty, Master Ko Wanghur is allowed.”

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    “…I’ll stay quiet too.”

    Ko Wanghur became tense in another way. And as they talked while drinking tea, Huan Yi suddenly became curious and asked Mun Ku.

    “So, when are you going to reveal it?”


    “…You are out of the academy now, so…”

    “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah! U-uh, we will go to Demon Dragon Clan when my gramps comes back, so I-I’ll talk then.”

    Mun Ku quickly stopped Huan Yi from talking. Only one who knew her real gender among these people were Chun Yeowun. There was reason to keep it secret when they were at the academy, but she too knew that there was no more reason for her to keep it a secret from his members. But it felt embarrassing to reveal to others now, so she was postponing it.

    “Hahaha, okay. I understand.”

    And when they finished the tea time, Huan Yi offered to Yeowun and his members.

    “If you are okay, you can stay at our guesthouse for a while if you’d like/”

    He knew that Yeowun had no clans to stay for now, so he offered it as so. Yeowun needed place to stay while staying away from six clans. It was thankful for such offer.

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    “Thank you so much for your hospitality. If it is okay, can we take one more person…?”

    “Of course.”

    Huan Yi agreed. When coming out of the academy, Chun Yeowun wanted to return to his old home and meet with Guard Jang, but he had to come to this place first. Huan Yi told Yeowun that he’ll fetch Jang by sending someone, but Yeowun said he’ll go himself. He wanted to visit his old home too.

    Chun Yeowun then went toward the southern side of the Demonic Cult where his original home was at. He thought lot of things might have changed, but his home was still clean. Guard Jang used to wake up early in the morning and cleaned up the yard after his morning practice was done.

    ‘He’s still the same.’

    He had stayed at the small house with Guard Jang until he was 15 years old. Guard Jang was like a parent to him. Yeowun became excited to see Guard Jang in a long time and quickly opened the gate and walked in.

    ‘So, this is where he grew up… hehe.’

    Mun Ku and other members followed him in with curious look. But Chun Yeowu, who walked into the yard, was just standing there with grim look.


    Chun Yeowun was looking at Guard Jang’s room with shaking eyes and mumbled.

    “I don’t feel anyone inside.”

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