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    Chapter 155: Worth of a heir (9)

    Huan Yi’s martial art was Ghost Illusion Blade. Yeowun was surprised as he knew that the Art of the Ghost Spirit was not the strongest martial art of the clan. It was long time since Yeowun fought warrior using blade skill. But unlike Chun Yuchan who Yeowun fought back then, Huan Yi was much more powerful.

    Yeowun then pulledout White Dragon Blade. As the white blade revealed itself, Huan Yi grinned.

    “That is amazing blade. This will be a good fight. Do your best like when you fought old man Baek Oh.”

    Huan Yi then charged at Yeowun. As his hand flashed, the blade unleashed countless tracings as it came down upon Yeowun.


    Yeowun then unleashed the second formation of Butterfly dance blade to defend himself. The White Dragon Blade quickly spun and struck against Huan Yi’s blade.

    With powerful force qi wielded around two blades collided against each other, large sound of metal clashing spread through. It was so large that even members of Chun Yeowun was able to hear it. Ko Wanghur frowned and complained to the guard.

    “What’s happening inside?!”

    “We wouldn’t know.”

    Guards were staying outside the gate, so they had no way to find out either. But the sound of metal clashing was certain that people were fighting inside. Yeowun’s members who thought something happened to Yeowun couldn’t stay back anymore. Baekgi walked forward.

    “We’ll have to go in.”

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    “No, you can’t- ARGH!”

    Guards tried to stop him but it was no use. Bakgi instantly kicked them made them pass out and walked in. Sama Chak mumbled with a frown.

    “Can we do this?”

    Even if this was emergency, they were still at the mansion of 11th elder of the Demonic Cult. Bursting in by defeating guards like this was same as challenging the Ghost Illusion Clan itself.

    “Master might be in danger. Who cares about that!”

    Hu Bong spoke and ran in.

    “Master’s safety is first. Let’ sgo.”

    “Y-yeah, okay.”

    Ko Wanghur also ran in and Sama Chak had to follow them too.

    And at the yard in front of the guesthouse, Chun Yeowun and Huan Yi was already fighting through ten formations. Both of them used very fast blade formations that made Mun Ku who watched to become dizzy.

    ‘So, this is fight between supreme level warriors.’

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    The yard had full of damage from blades. If they fought inside the building, then it surely would have destroyed the place.

    ‘He’s strong. To be this strong at such age… but this isn’t enough to kill Baek Oh.’

    Huan Yi was astonished by Chun Yeowun, but he thought it wasn’t enough. He heard from Sama Yi that Yeowun had defeated Baek Oh with tremendous power, but it didn’t seem like Yeowun was at that level.

    “This won’t be enough to receive my approval!”

    Huan Yi shouted disappointingly as he struck his blade against Yeowun. But Yeowun didn’t seem to budge. There had been many who taunted him in the academy, and if he were going to be taunted, he would not have survived until today.

    ‘I can’t overpower him with Butterfly dance blade.’

    Huan Yi, who had hands on experience in battle saw Right Guardian fighting many times, so he knew weakness of Butterfly dance blade that made him harder to defeat with using of that skill. Yeowun needed to show his best.

    ‘Then should I try it?’

    Sword Force of the Sky Demon was very similar to the Sword Art of the Sky Demon so there was no way for Huan Yi to not know what it was. Then two best martial art that Yeowun had was left with two. Counter sword skill – Twenty Four Demon Sword or the Blade skill from Blade God. Yeowun chose the latter.

    When Yeowun quickly took steps to put distance, Huan Yi became surprised. Yeowun’s stance had changed entierely from that of Butterfly dance.

    ‘Huh? What is this?’

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    Huan Yi who had many experiences never saw such stance. But there was no way for warrior like Chun Yeowun to use weak martial art, so Huan Yi calmly sent energy into his blade. Yeowun warned at Huan Yi with quiet voice.

    “I might not be able to control it. Make sure you defend it with all of your power.”


    At that moment, Chun Yeowun charged in with powerful manner unlike before.

    ‘W-what is this?!’

    Huan Yi quickly unleasehd the last formation of his blade skill to defend himself. With two blade striking against each other, lout sound of metal clashing filled the area. But Huan Yi frowned. His rapid blade movements were countered from Yeowun’s blade that came from weird angles.

    ‘What formation is this?!’

    Huan Yi was talented blade user who knew that such weird angle of blade usage will destroy the user’s muscle. But Yeowun was managing to do it easily. Huan Yi tried to defend the blade as much as he can, but the power that wielded in Yeowun’s blade was so powerful that it made Huan Yi lose his grip over his blade. But Yeowun still had last of his formation on the blade.


    And as the last movement struck down at him, Huan Yi became frightened and closed his eyes. Large sound of explosion struck his ears. Huan Yi, who feared for his life became tense and his face were drenched with sweat, sending down his make ups with it.

    “Ugh… hu….”

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    Huan Yi panted and opened his eyes. The White Dragon Blade that came down at him as if it would cut him in half was pushed down next to him. The last movement that Yeowun struck down with the blade had cut through the ground and even to the wall. It was beyond shock to see such power that Huan Yi had lost for words.

    ‘He… is really a monster.’

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