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    Chapter 154: Worth of a heir (8)


    Someone was talking in telepathic message and Huan Yi was just copying it through his mouth.

    [Didn’t you know? Elders are allowed to test the person if he is worthy to receive the medal of allegiance.]

    “Didn’t you know? Elders are allowed to test the person if he is worthy to receive the medal of allegiance.”

    He now knew why none of seven Huan Yi’s neck was shaking. It was because none of them were sending telepathic message. The message was clearly coming from the back, at the entrance of the guesthouse.

    ‘Wow… so I can tap into telepathic messages!’

    It was more shocking that Nano can hear other people’s telepathic message. But Yeowun couldn’t explain that Nano’s ability made him tap into telepathic message, and he didn’t need to reveal this either.

    “You have been taking time to answer ever since Mun Ku introduced. I thought someone might be sending telepathic message then.”


    “But I saw no one among these seven people was shaking their neck to send the telepathic message. Then it meant there was only one who can sent the message.”

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    Nhu Yayen’s face turned weird. He had recognized Mun Ku moment he saw at the giant gate in front of the mansion. It was the mask he made himself, so there was no way he would not recognize. He didn’t plan on taking other people, but changed his mind.

    ‘No. Let’s use her.’

    If Mun Ku was here to help Yeowun, then he thought Mun Ku will try to help Yeowun on trying to figure out who was the real Huan Yi. So, if he fools Mun Ku, only one acquainted with Huan Yi, Nhu Yayen thought it would make more hard for Yeowun to find him.

    “I allowed her to join in, to make it more confusing but it actually worked against me. You are amazing.”

    Nhu Yayen accepted Yeowun’s perception on the matter. He didn’t think a teenager just before adulthood can think it through this rationally. Nhu Yayen then smiled femininely at Yeowun, still with his force qi blocking Yeowun’s force qi and spoke.

    “I am Huan Yi, the leader of Ghost Illusion Clan.”

    “I’m Chun Yeowun.”

    “You passed the first test, so shall we move onto the next?”

    “What’s the second test?”

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    “We are the Demonic Cult. If you want my approval, prove yourself with your power as a martial artist.”

    And at that moment, Huan Yi’s hand released strong power and threw Yeowun’s hand to the back.

    ‘He’s powerful.’

    Yeowun tried to react quickly, but Nhu Yayen’s hand created many shadows as he charged in. Yeowun blocked it with Butterfly Dance blade, but he was struck from quick kick onto his chest and was thrown out to the yard front of the guest house.


    And as he set down on his foot, The energy that came into him through the kick was sent out of his body, and the ground that he set his foot cracked.


    Mun Ku shouted in shock. She thought Huan Yi was strong as he was one of 12 elders, but she couldn’t even follow Huan Yi’s movement as he was too fast. Huan Yi walked out of the guest house and came over to Chun Yeowun.

    “I figured we might damage the guest house if we fight in there.”

    ‘Art of Ghost Spirits’

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    Yeowun remembered the formation that Huan Yi just performed. It was the formation of the Art of Ghost Spirits that Yeowun saw at the fifth floor of the library at Demonic Academy. Difference was that it was more precise and had fixed many of its problems from that of the library.

    ‘So, even if I think it’s the formation I saw at the library, I shouldn’t think it is the same thing.’

    Martial artist with such power was sure to increase and evolve his martial art over time. Yeowun became serious and Huan Yi smiled.

    “I looked forward to this after I heard you beat the Poison clan leader. That old man walked with a staff, but he was a real monster.”

    Huan Yi had never fought against Baek Oh himself, but he saw Baek Oh’s power multiple times at the war. Huan Yi was strange man, but he too was martial artist. He couldn’t fight Baek Oh as they were same elder,s but he had imagined of fighting Baek Oh many times. But even after trying many times, the result of his imagination was always losing to Baek Oh.

    ‘If you defeated him, you can be my alternative.’

    He wanted to test through Chun Yeowun. If he was going to defeat Yeowun, then it meant he overcame Baek Oh too.

    “I heard that you are skilled in blade? And that you were taught by Right Guardian Submeng?”

    And as he spoke, one of fake Huan Yi from the table came up and gave red blade to Huan Yi. As he pulled it out, decorated blade revealed itself. It was created with cold steel, that colored in dark metal. It looked like very fine weapon.

    “Good. My specialty is with the blade too.”

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