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    Chapter 153: Worth of a heir (7)

    “Huh? Me?”

    Nhu Yayen widened his eyes and pointed at himself. He was a man, but had red silk clothes with butterfly patterns and make ups that made him hard to be imagined to be one of 12 elders of the Demonic Cult.

    [Prince Chun. Didn’t Uncle Huan… I mean the Elder asked you to find him among these people?]

    Mun Ku quickly sent the telepathic message to Yeowun. Huan Yi pointed at six people sitting down around him. It was hard to recognize who was the real Huan Yi here, but Mun Ku was suspicious of the man who turned slightly at her while ago to be the real Huan Yi. She was going to let him know after spending some time, but she didn’t expect Yeowun to appoint someone entirely out of context.

    “Hmmm… this is shocking. I didn’t think you will say I am the master.”

    Nhu Yayen frowned as he touched on his lips. Chun Yeowun then pointed at seven Huan Yis sitting down on the desk.

    “Elder Huan told me to find him while pointing at these people, but he just said to find him in ‘this place’ when he spoke. He didn’t say real him was within these seven people.”


    Mun Ku then reminded what Huan Yi had said also.

    ‘Can you find real me in this place?’

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    Thinking about it now, Mun Ku didn’t remember Huan Yi saying he was among those people. But that was too far fetched to think Nhu Yayen was Huan Yi.

    “But that’s not enough to be a proof. Aren’t you throwing away your chance with such quick decision?”

    Nhu Yayen shook his head and spoke but Chun Yeowun smiled.

    “There is easier way to find out.”

    “Easier way?”

    “Please excuse my rudeness.”


    And at that moment, Chun Yeowun bolted out like lightning toward Nhu Yayen. His hand that wielded blue force qi of blade struck down on Nhu Yayen’s neck, trying to cut it down. It was so quick to dodge it.


    Mun Ku’s eye enlarged. Nhu Yayen, who should have been only an advisor, stood in his place and created blue force qi over his hand to block Yeowun’s attack. Yeowun smiled and spoke to Nhu Yayen.

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    “Will you still say you are not Huan Yi?”

    “…This is unexpected.”

    Huan Yi the Thousand Faces’s test. It was test that was actually set up to be almost impossible. No one other than the Lord has seen Huan Yi’s real face. Not even Mun Ku, daughter of Huan Yi’s friend had saw Huan Yi’s real voice or face. It was impossible to find out the real answer when they didn’t even know what the answer was. Huan Yi had weird personality. The reason of the first test was to have Yeowun become surprised and look at his reaction to it, not to make him find the answer. He was going to be satisfied if Yeowun calmly tried to find the answer. But he didn’t expect Yeowun will really find him.

    “How did you know?”

    When Nhu Yayen revealed his power, the entire air around the courtyard was filled with strong power that pressed down. Even Mun Ku, super master level warrior had shivered from the energy. It seems the internal energy had dark energy that made it feel creepy.

    “You wouldn’t say you just picked one, wouldn’t you?”

    “It was telepathic message.”

    “Telepathic message?”

    Yeowun remembered while ago. When he first saw Nhu Yayen, he didn’t even think he was Huan Yi, as Nhu Yayen hid his energy perfectly. His feminine action also played a part too. But when Yeowun saw seven Huan Yi up on the table, he felt something was strange. Huan Yi, who had been talking naturally, began to speak with some time after being questioned, after Mun Ku introduced herself.

    ‘Why is he doing that?’

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    Yeowun who thought it was weird, then noticed Mun Ku’s neck shaking faintly when she sent telepathic message to him. Yeowun then changed the subject quickly so that fake Huan Yi cannot react. And as expected, the Huan Yi that spoke with him took some time to answer.

    ‘No one… is shaking on their neck.’

    Yeowun who thought if his guess was wrong, thought maybe it was possible to send telepathic message even without shaking the neck and asked Nano.

    ‘Nano, can you find out how the sound is made, when Mun Ku sent me that telepathic message? On how it works?’

    He only asked just in case, but unexpected answer came back.

    [It is possible. Detected different frequency of vibration. Adjusting it to make user able to hear it.]

    With Nano’s word ending, Yeowun had weird faint whistling sound coming through his ear, and heard something he had not heard until now.

    [I’ve been treating you as such from the beginning.]

    When the voice heard, the Huan Yi on the table spoke the same thing.

    “I’ve been treating you as such from the beginning.”

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