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    Chapter 151: Worth of a heir (5)

    ‘So… it’s true that the leader of the Poison Clan really died.’

    The guard was really shocked. The death of the Poison Clan’s leader, Baek Oh, was already widely known throughout the cult. When people heard that Baek Oh died from participating in the sixth test of the academy, they were curious as to who this Chun Yeowun was.

    ‘He’s merely a teenager and already at the superior level…!’

    It was hard to believe. This young man in front of him was either equal to or was a stronger warrior than Huan Yi the Thousand Faces. But why was Chun Yeowun, who should still be at the academy, standing here? One of other guards spoke.

    “I’ll let the elder know. Can you wait here please?”


    The guard opened a small door on the right next to the giant door and walked in. Hu Bong whispered to Ko Wanghur, “This place is creepy… it feels like a ghost might come out.”

    “I know.”

    Even Ko Wanghur seemed to grow tense from the creepy atmosphere beyond the small door. He was large and muscular, but he had a weakness for creepy things like this.

    ‘It’s been a long time… but it’s still creepy.’

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    Mun Ku visited this place with her grandfather Mun Yun before so she didn’t realize it back then, but it was much more creepy than she remembered. Huan Yi was known for his weirdness even among all 12 elders.

    ‘I hope the Prince can persuade him.’

    The reason they were here was to get support from Huan Yi. He was the leader of one of the highest ranking clans and few elders along with Mun Yun who did not side with any of the six clans.

    ‘It would’ve been better if gramps were here.’

    With Baek Oh’s rank falling down to the 12th rank, Mun Yun’s rank had gone up automatically from 9th to 8th, which put him in a spot where he needed to go out of the cult with the Lord. Even if Mun Ku was granddaughter of Huan Yi’s friend, it didn’t seem like it will help much unless Mun Yun himself came with them.

    The sound of someone coming over was heard beyond the giant door. There were two people who came over a small door on the right. One was the guard who walked in to notify the arrival of a guest, and another was handsome man with his hair pinned up. He wore red silk clothes with yellow butterflies sewn on it. It was a man, but he had makeup on his face like a female, and that gave him a feminine look.

    ‘Is there anyone who’s normal here?’

    Hu Bong almost spoke out loud but he held back. The red-clothed man bowed to them politely and greeted them.

    “Greetings. I am Nhu Yayen, advisor of the elders. I heard the 12th elder was here… are you the elder?”

    He even talked like a woman. But he was looking at Ko Wanghur, not Chun Yeowun. Ko Wanghur’s large body was enough to draw attention from people who saw them first.

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    “Uh… no. He is my master.”

    Ko Wanghur pointed at Chun Yeowun. Nhu Yayen then covered his mouth femininely and laughed.

    “Oh, I’m so sorry. I have made a mistake. Welcome, 12th Elder.”

    “I’m Chun Yeowun.”

    Chun Yeowun bowed without any change in expression. Nhu Yayen then ordered the guards to open the giant door and spoke to Yeowun.

    “My master is waiting for you in the guest room. He asks you to join him for tea. Please come in.”

    “Thank you for greeting us at such an hour.”

    And when Yeowun tried to go in with his members, guards blocked them. Yeowun narrowed his eyes and turned to Nhu Yayen.

    “Oh! My bad. My master only wants to see you alone.”

    “…They’re my people.”

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    “I’m sorry, but Master is very shy person… please be considerate.”

    He spoke politely, but it was apparent that he wouldn’t allow anyone else to enter. But Yeowun was in no place to complain as it was him who needed to ask for a favor here.

    “Excuse me, but how can you be sure that my master will not be in danger if he goes in alone?”

    Ko Wanghur first voiced out his complaints. Nhu Yayen then smiled and answered, “It’s rare to see a great man like you with such great honor! Rest assured, my master will not be rude against elders of our cult. Hehe… why don’t we do this? I’ll let one person come. I can’t take any more or my master will be angry at me.”


    Hu Bong scoffed dumbfoundedly. It didn’t seem like having one would change anything, but it was better than nothing. As people were not sure of who to go in, Mun Ku volunteered.

    “I’ll go.”

    She was the only one who had seen Huan Yi, so everyone agreed.


    Nhu Yayen watched Mun Ku weirdly. Soon, Chun Yeowun and Mun Ku followed Nhu Yayen into the courtyard of the Ghost Illusion Clan’s mansion. As they walked past the giant door, they were greeted with the courtyard full of rocks and dolls made from haystacks that had red clothes. All of these dolls also had masks over them which gave a more creepy vibe to the place.

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    ‘What a taste.’

    Yeowun thought it was weird from the outside, but it looked much weirder on the inside. As they moved past the small building toward the rear, there was lavishly-decorated guesthouse.

    “Master, here’s the guest.”

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