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    Chapter 150: Worth of a heir (4)

    “What? Are you leaving too?”

    Jin Guuk’s eyes turned wide and he faced Ko Wanghur. He then realized that Ko Wanghur, who always spoke of his opinions, had been silent.

    “I’m not alone on that.”

    “Hehe. I’m going out too.”

    “Mun Ku?”

    “I’m going also,” Mun Ku spoke excitedly, and Bakgi also raised his hand to speak up.


    These were those who had passed the fifth test. Che Takim and Hou Sangwha then turned to Sama Chak who recently joined them, and Sama Chak nodded embarrassingly.

    “Yes. I still have more training to do, but I am going off to support Master.”

    They already had talked this through with Chun Yeowun. They already had passed the fifth test, and with the sixth test which was almost impossible, it was safe to say that they had finished the academy.

    “I’m sorry I have to say this after we all decided.”

    Ko Wanghur began to explain to the other members. There were two reasons why Chun Yeowun was leaving the academy. As mentioned earlier, one was to gain more approvals to become the heir, and another was because the Lord and eight elders were missing as they had gone to Wulin. And with the missing five leaders aside from the dead Baek Oh, this was the best time for Yeowun to leave the academy.

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    “Then we will go together!”

    “Yes, we’ll go together!”

    Hou Sangwha stated first that she too would leave the academy, followed by the other members. But Yeowun shook his head and told them to stay behind.

    “No, you should stay.”


    “I know you all want to support me anywhere I go, but if you really want to help me, then you must finish your training before you leave the academy.”


    Chun Yeowun thought they still had the potential to become more powerful. It wasn’t with everyone, but Ohjong, Jin Guuk, or Machil still had not completely acquired the top ranking martial arts that were given to them before.

    ‘So, we are not strong enough to be of help to Master yet.’

    ‘He’s telling us to gain more strength.’

    ‘…We have to become strong!’

    They spent a long time with Chun Yeowun already, so they all understood what Yeowun meant. All of them then decided that they would have to become more powerful for Chun Yeowun’s sake and the future that lied ahead of them.

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    ‘Hu Bong will be sad.’

    Jin Guk turned over to Hu Bong. He brought his down and spirits was shaking it. Hu Bong, the self-claimed best servant of Yeowun, was not allowed to leave with his master so Jin Guuk tried to comfort him for his disappointment.


    That’s when Hu Bong shot up from his seat and turned to the cadets who were going to be left in the academy in teary eyes and shouted.

    “I-I will support the Master, so don’t worry and come out soon!”


    Ko Wanghur then covered his eyes with his hand and shook his head. He told Hu Bong to stay quiet until they left the academy, and Hu Bong just had to spill it. In Hu Bong’s case, he had been insisting on leaving together ever since Chun Yeowun revealed his plan, so Hu Bong was only chosen as an exception. But if Hu Bong spilled it here, then it was likely that the other members would feel left out too.

    “What?! Master! How can you do this to us!”

    “You told us to stay back, but why are you taking Hu Bong!”

    “Didn’t you say we should get stronger?”

    Needless to say, all cadets burst in objection to Hu Bong. Hu Bong, who now realized his mistake, became dumbfounded.

    “…Hu Bong, you take care of this.”

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    Chun Yeowun shook his head and left the scene. Hu Bong had to spend hours trying to persuade others.

    At a late hour after dinner time, there was a large mansion on the southwest side of the Demonic Cult’s castle. It was a bit smaller than that of the mansion of the Poison Clan, and it had a more dark and gloomy atmosphere filled around it, unlike with the other clan’s mansions that were lavish and grand. On the large panel outside the gate, it said the Ghost Illusion Clan. There were two guards who stood outside the gate that had white-colored skin masks that only revealed their eyes and nostrils. If one didn’t know it was a mask, then it would have made them look like a ghost. Thanks to that, no cultist who lived around the area ever came close to this mansion. And the guards saw people coming in their direction, which wasn’t common. They were six young men and woman in their late teens, with one particular person that was the most striking.


    One bearded young man was muscular and was about two heads taller than any of the adults. He was the most noticeable one from the distance, but as they got up to the front of the gate, the young man at the front came to be most striking. He had long hair that reached down to his back and a pale white face. He didn’t seem like he had any internal energy, but he had sword and blade on his back and waist, proving that he was a martial artist.

    ‘Who is this guy?’

    As a guard, they knew most cultists that lived around the area, so these people were first ones they saw. Guards placed their hands over their swords and asked, “What brings you here?”

    The young man with long hair then took out a blue medal from his pocket. The medal was engraved with the number 12 on it.

    “T-this is…?!”

    Two men’s eyes grew large with shock and they quickly took their hands off from their swords and bowed.

    “12th Elder, welcome.”

    The medal was proof that one was an Elder, the highest ranking title within the Demonic Cult. The young man who showed the 12th Elder medal spoke to the guards.

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    “Please let 11th Elder Huan Yi know that Chun Yeowun the12th Elder is here to meet him.”

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