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    Chapter 149: Worth of a heir (3)

    Three days passed after members from four of six clans had died. Starting with the fight between the Poison Clan and Wise Clan, there had been many incidents between six clans that turned the atmosphere around the castle of Demonic Cult to be cold. With the Lord and elders missing from their seats for a long time, all these tensions were just growing further.

    There were also changes to the Demonic Academy. With Chun Muyeon and Mu Jinyun imprisoned in prison cave with their internal energy sealed, all members of Muyeon’s group were shocked. As they heard that Muyeon was imprisoned because he was being accused as killing members of other clans, they knew that there were no way to win the competition anymore. Those who entered the group to support Chun Muyeon on becoming the Lord left the group. Guk Shin, left hand man of Chun Muyeon tried to stop them from leaving, but he didn’t have any option.

    ‘How can you betray our prince!’

    ‘Betray? If Prince Chun Muyeon will not become the heir, how can he support our clans afterwards?’

    ‘Did you forget we are not members of clans affiliated with the Wise Clan?’

    ‘I warned not to fight against that monster, Chun Yeowun.’

    Those members supported Chun Muyeon, not the Wise Clan. With fifteen members leaving, Chun Muyeon’s group were left with only eleven cadets who were members of clans affiliated with the Wikse clan.

    ‘We have no choice.’

    ‘Chun Yeowun controls the entire academy now. There’s nothing we can do.’

    ‘Ugh… we’ll have to help the Prince once we get out.’

    If Chun Muyeon was to be expelled, then they didn’t need to stay within the academy. After realizing they were given no optin, they all volunteered to leave the academy. And out of those fifteen cadets who left Muyeon’s group, seven of them came to Yeowun to join him, but none of them were allowed.

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    ‘Why is that? Don’t you need members from high ranking clans to become a heir too?’

    ‘I don’t need it.’

    Chun Yeowun snapped coldly. For Yeowun who valued integrity above all else, he didn’t care for these cadets. And with Yeowun refusing them, these seven cadets were now left with no where to go.

    Yeowun’s members all gathered in one place. With two more being added to their group, there were now total of seventeen members. Two who joined were Sama Chak and Yi Sahum. They have volunteered to join Yeowun before Yeowun fought those four cadets so they were accepted.

    ‘I want to follow you who will become the future Lord.’

    ‘I know that you need members from high ranking clans. Please take us in.’

    ‘I refuse.’


    With Chun Muyeon being imprisoned, Chun Yeowun was now most likely to become the heir, and five cadets who sided with no one finally came to ask to join Yeowun but they were refused. He didn’t want to let those cadets who waited until the last to see who’s the right choice. With that said, Sama Chak and Yi Sahum’s quick decision was lucky on their part.

    “Master! You must take them in!”

    Che Takim spoke and a few cadets nodded in agreeance. They gathtered here to persuade Chun Yeowun. They were telling Yeowun to take those seven cadets who said they will side with Chun Yeowun.

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    “I understand your position, prince. But you need at least twelve clan leaders from high-ranked clans that agree with your coronation.”

    Chun Yeowun frowned. After defeating every other cadndiates, there were one barrier left for Chun Yeowun to become the heir. He needed approvals. This was real reason behind princes requiring to build their forces within the academy. In current group, Chun Yeowun had Ko Wanghur, Bakgi, Mun Ku, Hou Sangwha, Che Takim, Wu Sojung and Sama Chak but that was only total of seven members.

    “You just need five more.”

    This wasn’t a issue when only members from six clans competed against each other. They already had many high-ranked clans under them so they didn’t need further members but Yeowun did not have any. And it was only two days ago when Yeowun found out that he needed twelve approvals. And if it wasn’t for Lee Hameng who told him, he would not have learned it either.

    “Master, I agree with Che Takim also.”

    Hou Sangwha, who didn’t raise any objection usually agreed with Che Takim this time. All members who got out of Muyeon’s group were from high ranking clans, so no one imagined Yeowun will refuse all of them.

    “Master, you must take them in!”

    They knew Chun Yeowun was careful in taking in members, but it didn’t seem like smart to lose the chance to gain those approvals with such ease. But Chun Yeowun shook his head.

    “No. I will choose another method.”


    Yeowun claimed and his members became confused at unexpected declare.

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    “I am leaving the Demonic Academy today.”


    All cadets were shocked to hear something they didn’t expect. There were still five months left in the academy, so even if Yeowun had passed the sixth test, they thought he will stay for the remaining five months. They all knew that he will immediately stand against six clans moment he leaves the academy.

    “Master, don’t you think it’s dangerous to leave now?”

    Members from high ranking clans in Yeowun’s group still had tests to go through. It was safer for Yeowun to leave the academy with them.

    “And we don’t have all the approvals yet… isn’t it dangerous to…”

    “No. There’s another way to be accepted, without having need of 12 approvals.”

    Every member turned grim at Yeowun’s word. They all knew what that other way was.

    “But that’s…”

    That’s when Ko Wanghur smiled and talked to the other members.

    “Don’t worry. He’s not leaving alone.”

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